Eotech vs. Aimpoint: 2022 Comparison Review

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August 20, 2023

If you’re looking for a sight for your AR, you’re probably considering an Eotech or Aimpoint. Both make some of the best red dot scopes out there. But which is right for your rifle? Here, we’ll walk you through all you need to know about Eotech and Aimpoint and help you find the perfect red dot scope.

Eotech Overview

Eotech is the maker of high-performance, military-grade gear, and their parent company is one of the leading producers of a wide range of defense technology and gear. They bring this expertise to their scopes, offering some of the highest performance options you can find. Their holographic reticles are excellent for those that need a wide field of view in close quarters and they have fast target acquisition at varying distances. Their gear is so reliable that it is a favorite of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Aimpoint Overview

Aimpoint was founded in 1974 with the specific aim of making high-quality sighting equipment. Their products are designed to allow you to quickly sight a target at variable distances, no matter the weather or lighting conditions. They were the first company to produce a red dot sight that could be used in combat applications. Ever since, they have remained a leader in producing combat-ready sights. Like Eotech, the U.S. Armed Forces is one of their clients.

Eotech vs. Aimpoint - Similarities and Differences

The products produced by these two companies are all of a high-quality. However, they are not all the same. Here, we’ll compare and contrast the red dot scopes from Eotech and Aimpoint.

Eotech vs. Aimpoint Differences

Here are some of the most notable differences:

Battery Life

Although both companies make a wide range of scopes, those from Aimpoint almost always have a better battery life than those produced by Eotech. In fact, Aimpoint scopes have such a long battery life that many users don’t even bother to turn the scope off when they’re done using it. Eotech scopes, while they don’t have bad battery life, will give you significantly fewer hours than what you’ll get with Aimpoint scopes. 

Reticle Options

Eotech is known for producing scopes with a much greater variety of reticle options, making them a better choice if you are worried about customization. Aimpoint scopes will have reticle options, but not to the same extent.


The scopes produced by both companies are of a quality build with great durability. However, Aimpoint tends to produce scopes with slightly better waterproofing, which may make the company a better choice if you plan on spending a lot of time in wet conditions. 


The scopes offered by the two companies will give you great value for the money - although they are still an investment. However, you’ll usually get a more affordable price with Eotech scopes. This is not always the case and depends on the specific model. 

Lighting Source

The two companies use a different form of light to produce the reticle on their scopes. With Aimpoint, the reticle comes from a reflected LED, whereas with Eotech it is projected with a laser onto a holographic film in the glass. Because the Eotech uses a projection, there is no laser dot that can be seen by others. This makes it a better option for those who are concerned about stealth. 

Eotech vs. Aimpoint Similarities

Below are the most notable similarities:


No matter which company you choose, you can trust that you are going to get a scope with excellent build quality. These are serious scopes, meant for elite-level performance in combat situations. Both companies provide gear to branches of the Armed Forces, so you know the companies are trusted by those that need reliable, elite performance.  

Ease of Use

Pretty much every sight produced by these two companies is easy to use and adjust so that you can make quick adjustments in the field. They are all meant to be used in high-stress, combat situations, so they feature reliable, intuitive designs. Which is easier to use will often come down to personal preference and the specific model. 


Although one company might do some things better than the other, and vice versa, the overall performance of the two is both excellent. One company is not better than the other, although each does produce scopes with specific strengths. 

No Magnification

These sights are not designed to be used for long distance shooting. Instead, they are designed for quick sighting at short distances, giving you accuracy from fairly up close. If you want a scope with magnification, you should consider different brands. 

Comparison Between: Aimpoint Pro vs. Eotech 512

Aimpoint Pro (Source)


Eotech 512 (Source)

These are two of the most popular sights, offering high-end performance at a fairly affordable price. Although you can’t go wrong with either one, users looking for specific features may prefer one over the other. Here are how the two sights stack up against one another:

Optical Quality 

Both have great optics, but the Aimpoint may stand out a bit more than the Eotech for some users. With the display on the Aimpoint, you can keep both eyes open, making it a bit more versatile than the Eotech. It also has slightly better light transmission, so you may get better performance in low light conditions. The Eotech has a great reticle and quick sighting with a slightly wider field of view than the Aimpoint.

Battery Life

Here, there really isn’t much of a comparison. With the Aimpoint, you’ll get a battery life of around 30,000 hours, as opposed to the 1000 hours you’ll get with the Eotech. If battery life is a big issue for you, go with the Aimpoint.


The Aimpoint is fully waterproof, so it is the better option if you plan on shooting in wet conditions. The bodies of the two sights, however, have fairly similar durabilities, and both can take a beating in rough terrain.


Here, the Eotech outshines its competitor. It’s a more affordable option than the Aimpoint, costing you about 75% less. If the price is your biggest concern, you’ll want to choose the Eotech.

Ease of Use

Both of the sights are easy to use and adjust for quick performance. The Aimpoint can be left on indefinitely, so you won’t have to fumble around to turn the scope on. It can also be used with both eyes. This makes it just a bit more functional and easier to use than the Eotech.

Overall Winner

The Eotech is a quality sight that offers great, quick sighting for an affordable price. But the Aimpoint just gives you more functionality, as well as better durability. Unless you are focused primarily on price, the Aimpoint Pro will be the better sight for most users.

Comparison Between: Eotech Exps3 vs. Aimpoint T2 

Eotech Exps3 (Source)


Aimpoint T2 (Source)

These are two of the higher-end models offered by the companies, giving you excellent short distance performance with incredibly bright and clear lenses. Although both are excellent choices, they do have their unique strengths. Here are how the two sights compare to each other:

Optical Quality

The Aimpoint has a high-performance coating that makes the reticle clear and bright in just about any light conditions. It also has better light transmission than the Eotech. The Eotech is designed to be used with both eyes, so it’s versatile and allows for quick sighting. It also has a slightly wider window than the Aimpoint, so some users may prefer it in close-quarters.

Battery Life

Like all of its sights, you’ll get truly unbeatable battery life with the Aimpoint. You’ll get over 50,000 hours of battery life, so you can always keep it on. The Eotech will give you just 600 hours. If you don’t ever want to worry about your battery, then you should go with the Aimpoint.


Both of the sights have excellent builds that are meant to hold up in rough terrain. They truly are combat-ready sights meant to perform under duress. They’ll both absorb impacts and continue to perform. However, if you need full waterproofing, then you should go for the Aimpoint.


This is where the Eotech stands out. You’ll get great performance in a package that will cost you almost a hundred dollars less than the Aimpoint. This makes it a great choice for those that need top-of-the-line optics but want to save a little bit of money.

Ease of Use

Here, it’s hard to say one scope is much better than the other. The Eotech has great two-eye functionality that makes it versatile and easy to use in just about any situation. Both scopes feature easy setups, and adjustments can be made quickly. Ultimately, which is easier to use will likely come down to personal preference.

Overall Winner

These are both great optics and will give you some of the best performance you’ll find in a red dot sight. The Aimpoint narrowly edges out the Eotech when it comes to performance. However, the Eotech isn’t too far behind, and it will cost you less. Therefore, this one is a draw.

Comparison Between: Aimpoint Pro vs. Eotech Exps2

The Aimpoint Pro is one of the best red dot sights out there and is a favorite of those who need high-level performance in close quarters. But the Eotech Exps2 is a worthy challenger, offering excellent optics with an advanced holographic reticle. Here are how these two excellent sights compare to each other:

 Aimpoint Pro (Source)


Eotech Exps2 (Source)

Optical Quality

Both of the sights stand out here, giving you top-of-the-line clarity and brightness with great reticles. The Aimpoint can be used with two eyes, which makes it a bit more versatile. However, the Eotech’s reticle is holographic, meaning it can only be seen by the shooter. This makes it a better option for those that need a stealthy sight.

Battery Life

As always, the Aimpoint wins out here. You’ll get 30,000 hours of battery life, which means you don’t even have to worry about turning the sight off. The Eotech will still give you decent performance, clocking in at a few hundred hours, but it just can’t compare to what you’ll get with the Aimpoint.


These are combat scopes, designed to go into rough terrain and take a beating. That means both are extremely durable, and hold up well over time. However, if you are going to use the sight in wet conditions, you may want to consider going with the Aimpoint. It has full waterproofing, unlike the Eotech.


Normally, the Eotech will be the cheaper of the two models. Here, however, both sights are priced at around the same point, with the Eotech costing just a bit more.

Overall Winner 

These are two of the best, most affordable sights offered by Eotech and Aimpoint and both will give you elite optics in a durable build. If the Eotech were cheaper than the Aimpoint, it would be easy to recommend. However, since both sights are about the same price, the Aimpoint offers just a bit more performance for the money.


Eotech and Aimpoint make some of the best red dot sights you can find. No matter which company you choose, you’ll get elite short-distance performance. However, some users may prefer one company over the other. With our guide and reviews, you can find the perfect red dot sight for you. 

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