Best Shotgun Cases Reviewed for 2022

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October 25, 2023

Caring for your weapons while carrying them will ensure a long service life and compliance with gun safety laws. Shotgun cases are an effective and widely approved medium for carrying such firearms while going to the range or traveling with them in an airliner. Here we will review a wide range of the best shotgun cases on the market to help you choose one for yourself. 

Comparison of the Best Shotgun Cases

  • Long hardened case with pluck foam for customization
  • Air and water tight seal with pressure release valve
  • Dual-stage lockable latches and glide wheels for transport
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  • Water resistant ballistic nylon outer shell for durability
  • Scratch resistant inner lining and close cell padding
  • Full length zipper with ergonomic loop handles. Foldable design
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  • Includes two removable accessory boxes for adding/removing space
  • Easily convertible from O/U case to semi/pump shotgun case
  • Rugged ABS double wall construction & air travel certified
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  • Custom designed for takedown shotguns for barrels upto 33.75"
  • Water resistant ballistic nylon design with zipper & padlock loops
  • Two accessory pouches & adjustable padded shoulder strap
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  • Durable case suitable for pistol grip & tactical shotguns
  • Thick soft padding with scratch resistant inner lining
  • 2 extenal pockets with 12 elastic shell loops. Heavy duty zipper
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  • Durable handmade sheep skin leather gun case
  • Rust resistant brass hardware and fits guns upto 51 inches
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and scalloped opening for easy access
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  • Welded waterproof floating shotgun/long rifle case
  • Thick foam padding provides protection and buoyancy. Suitable for most guns
  • Space saving flexible design with buckles for rolling
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Are All Shotgun Cases The Same

Shotgun cases can be found in different designs, shapes, and sizes. While some can have a hard polymer case, others can have nylon, leather, or canvas design. Some hard cases can be waterproof and resistant to fire, whereas others can have a pretty basic design. 

Shotgun cases can also differ in their locking mechanism and carrying capacity. Some are compact and designed for takedown shotguns like over/under and single barrel. Whereas some allow you to carry multiple firearms along with other contents at once. 

But ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and needs.

Can You Really Find a Quality Shotgun Case That’s Affordable

Absolutely, yes. But this question is quite subjective and depends upon your individual definition of affordable. There are basic nylon shotgun cases that can be bought for prices below 50 dollars. Whereas, more advanced designs can cost even more than a shotgun itself. 

If your intended purpose is to just carry your shotgun to the range while keeping ammunition and other stuff in a range bag. An inexpensive shotgun case will be good for you. However, more deliberate purposes like traveling via an airliner or carrying the shotgun for competitions or tactical exercises will require a high-quality case. 

The list below features shotgun cases in a lot of different price ranges. So you can easily find a suitable piece for yourself. 

How Do I Choose a Shotgun Case

Choosing a shotgun case will depend entirely upon your requirements. Below are a few factors that can be taken into consideration:

Lock Type 

Locks are essential while you carry your firearm to the range or to an airport. People who don’t have a gun safe at home will also need a shotgun case with a lock to prevent kids or unwanted users from accessing the weapon. Lock mechanisms can range from basic padlocks to advanced biometric locks.


Shotgun cases can be hard or soft, depending upon the material they are made from. While soft cases are more suitable for basic use, hard cases offer a more secure and tough solution for traveling and protecting expensive shotguns. Additionally, some can be waterproof for extra protection.


A case can be long enough to accommodate a full-length shotgun in its normal assembly. Whereas others are more compact and suit takedown shotguns. You should assess the length of your shotgun and the item in advance to ensure compatibility. Additionally, some are large enough to accommodate multiple weapons and accessories at once. 


Bigger and hard cases tend to be heavier. While this provides extra protection to the contents, carrying them can be tedious. On the contrary, soft cases are very lightweight and facilitate easy movement, but offer limited protection. 

Review of the Best Shotgun Cases 

We have compiled a wide and comprehensive list of the best shotgun cases available on the market today. These include soft and hard cases in different designs and capacities. These also include TSA approved shotgun cases to help airline travelers.


  • Glide wheels help with movement
  • Watertight and airtight hard shotgun case
  • Suitable for the longest shotguns and rifles
  • Dual-stage lockable latches. TSA compliant design
  • Pluck foam for stability. Can hold two long guns at a time


  • Very tight fit for two scoped guns

What Recent Buyers Report

Users love this item due to its price and feature-packed design. The product is very durable and spacious. Plus the pluck foam allows the user to customize the storage space. The airtight seal protects the firearms from any indirect damage. Plus the case is very easy to move around. However, users reported this item to be very narrow for storing two scoped rifles together. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Plano Molding All Weather shotgun case is the best you can ask for at its price. The carrier can accommodate the longest shotguns and rifles due to its spacious interior and pluck foam. The seals isolate the contents from the outer atmosphere which can come in handy for people living around the coastlines. 

The two carry handles and stroller wheels make the product very easy to move around. Plus the double latch locks are very secure and make this item appropriate for airline travel. The overall design is pretty tough and will withstand a considerable amount of pressure and mishandling. 

Bottom Line

The Plano Molding shotgun case is an all-weather storage solution to carry your firearms to the range or via an airport. The product can fit two full-sized scoped rifles and is very convenient to carry around. Overall, it is an amazing feature-packed shotgun case at a very attractive price. 

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull Shotgun Case 


  • Closed-cell soft padding on both sides 
  • Suitable for scoped and unscoped shotguns
  • Brushed Tricot, soft scratch-resistant inner lining
  • Soft case with full-length zipper and convenient carry handle
  • Durable ballistic nylon construction with a water-resistant outer shell


  • Not suitable for rugged or airline travel
  • Basic design with no extra pockets or features

What Recent Buyers Report

Users were reported using this item with shotguns as well as rifles. The finish and quality of this product were reported to be perfect. Plus the convenient carry handles and foam linings make the bag very suitable for range use. The item is very long and can accommodate shotguns with scopes. A very basic but useful accessory for pump and semi-auto shotguns

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bulldog case is a simple and basic range-bag kind of solution for your shotgun. The water-resistant nylon shells protect your shotgun from the wrath of moisture and rain. Whereas the big and wide carry handle makes transportation too easy. The item is flexible and can be folded down when not in use. This makes it useful when carrying many long guns together. 

This product fits the bill and will protect the finish of your shotgun while you take it outside to the range or woods. It also allows you to mount a shoulder strap for improved convenience. 

Bottom Line

The Bulldog case is an amazingly affordable, space-saving, and simple solution for carrying your shotgun to the range or hunting trips. It can be folded to save space and will protect your shotgun from scratches. 

Best for the Money:


  • Can carry two shotguns at once
  • Includes two accessory boxes for extra items
  • Strong ABS hard case and interior velvet lining
  • Convertible from O/U to semi-auto and pump shotgun case
  • Code combination lock and recessed hinges to prevent damage
  • International air travel certified and covered by a lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for high rib barrels
  • Shotgun should be stored in takedown position

What Recent Buyers Report

The fit and finish of this item are amazing along with the quality. The extra accessory boxes included are a plus. The interior lining is very protective for the finish of a shotgun, plus the separation of two compartments is also a nice feature. This is a premium case for a premium shotgun.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Coming directly from Beretta’s line of shotgun cases, the Negrini unicase is a two-in-one storage solution. It can be converted from an o/u case to a semi-auto and pump-action case.

The product protects the shotgun from outside elements, whereas the velvet lining takes care of the finish. The item can hold two shotguns at a time and is very convenient and lightweight to carry.

The combination based lock is very secure and eliminates the slightest chance of tampering. It has been rated for airline travel and ensures complete protection of the shotgun. No matter how harsh the transit.

Bottom Line

The Negrini Unicase is a premium shotgun hard case for expensive shotguns. We say that because of its price. Which only justifies it for high-end shotguns. The case can hold two of them at once and partitions each gun for unhindered access.

Best Takedown Shotgun Case:
SKB Cases iSeries 3614


  • Sturdy zipper closure and padlock loops
  • Two comprehensively designed pouches
  • Rugged and weather-resistant nylon outer
  • Specially designed for breakdown shotguns
  • Plush lined EPS interior with pre-cut compartment


  • Only for breakdown shotguns

What Recent Buyers Report

Users love the compact size, weight, and internal padding of this case. It holds the chokes and other tools perfectly with room to spare. The two zippered front pockets have shell holders and smaller internal pockets, which help with comprehensive storage. The interior is very plush and protective for the shotgun. Plus the case itself is very easy to carry.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The SKB case has been custom designed for breakdown shotguns. It has pre-cut deep compartments made from plush foam, which holds the shotgun and other parts securely. The front zippered pockets allow you to store a lot of extra items along with ammunition. The inner hard case is covered by a nylon cover with comfortable carry handles and shoulder strap.

The price of this shotgun case is unbelievable and is backed by a one year warranty that makes your purchase even safer.

Bottom Line

The hybrid case is the perfect solution to locally carry your breakdown shotguns. It is a compact, secure, and inexpensive shotgun case which allows you to carry extra tools and ammunition in one place.

Best Tactical Shotgun Case:
Bulldog Cases 29” Tactical Shotgun Case


  • Made from strong and durable ballistic nylon
  • Full-length heavy-duty zipper for prompt access
  • 2 external pockets with hidden elastic shell loops
  • Total soft padding with scratch-resistant inner lining


  • Only for short shotguns

What Recent Buyers Report

Users report this shotgun to be perfect for shotguns with folding stock or pistol grip. The case itself is very well made and serves its purpose. The pouches outside are very handy, and the case can hold a lot of ammo and some accessories at a time. The zipper opens and closes perfectly and feels very safe. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This shotgun case is perfect for its price. A simple design with inner foam lining to keep the shotgun in place. Ample space on the front pouches to carry ammo, bandoliers, slings, or any other accessory. The shell loops inside the velcro pockets help with organizing shells for easy and quick access. 

The case is perfect for short shotguns, generally tactical ones with a 20-inch barrel. Additionally, it can also be used to carry carbines and rifles close in dimensions to the AR-15. The case can be folded when not in use, and lets you carry a whole lot of items in one package. 

Bottom Line

The Bulldog tactical shotgun case has been designed to offer a convenient solution for carrying tactical weapons. The case is large enough to accommodate multiple items at once and bears a very impressive and irresistible price tag. 

Best Leather Shotgun Case:
Equinez Tools New SheepSkin Leather Gun Case/Slip


  • Fits the longest shotguns with ease
  • Non-rusting brass buckle hardware
  • Durable and soft hand made high-quality case
  • Beautiful design with extra straps for a tighter fit
  • Soft and comfortable for the shotgun and the bearer


  • No locking mechanism (if that bothers you at all)

What Recent Buyers Report

Quality construction and high-end craftsmanship. These two words resonate the most in the customer reviews for this leather case. The case is very well made and the soft interior wool lining is very protective on the firearm. It is very soft and quite fluffy to be carried with ease and also compliments the style statement. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This leather case from Equinez is by far the most value for money leather shotgun case on the market. The craftsmanship is impeccable and the case is super comfortable for the bearer. The hardware is all brass to prevent rust and corrosion. Plus the adjustable straps on the top and sides allow you to secure the firearm with ease. 

The 51-inch length is ample to accommodate the longest shotguns, and the soft inner will ensure protection for even the most expensive shotguns. It can be used to carry a shotgun or a rifle and has an adjustable shoulder strap to suit individual users. 

Bottom Line

This sheepskin leather gun case is a handmade masterpiece with impressive aesthetics and a promising design to protect your shotgun. The fully adjustable design offers a nice and snug fit for the shotgun, and the price is a complete no-brainer. 

Best Waterproof Shotgun Case:
IRON JIA'S Waterproof Long Rifle Case


  • Large size is suitable for most long guns
  • Durable tarpaulin exterior shell keeps contents waterproof
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing and other water-related activities
  • Thick foam padding protects firearm and provides buoyancy
  • Can be rolled up and fastened using the buckle for compact storage


  • Limited applications
  • Keep away from sharp objects

What Recent Buyers Report

Users were impressed by the convenient folding design of this case, which makes it very easy to carry and store. The case does float very well when thrown in water and keeps the firearm and other contents dry. However, forcing it to submerge underwater is not recommended. The quality of stitching is very good and the case itself feels almost weightless. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This waterproof long gun case is a simple but effective solution for protecting your shotguns from water or soggy conditions. Unlike most other water-resistant cases, it can be folded down to the size of a book. The inner foam lining is protective of the firearm and acts as a buoyant apparatus to keep the case floating in water. 

This case is different from other waterproof hard cases that take up space and can be clumsy to handle. Rather this case has been designed to be used on-the-go. For applications like hunting, rafting or other adventure sports. It is long enough to hold a full-sized shotgun or rifle with a scope. 

Bottom Line

This waterproof case is an amazing and cheap alternative to heavy waterproof hard cases for outdoor and coursing applications. It can float on water and has ample space to fit the longest shotguns. Additionally, it can be folded down to compact storage and easy handling. 

Best Over Under Shotgun Case:
Browning Over/Under Fitted Shotgun


  • Two key locks for extra security
  • Classy and rugged wood case with vinyl cover
  • Durable and rust-proof brass hardware and accents
  • Deep pile fleece with fabric-covered positioning blocks


  • Only for O/U shotguns 
  • Forend may fit very tight for some shotguns

What Recent Buyers Report

Users tag it as an affordable hard case with amazing aesthetics and protective features. The case fits over/under’s especially Browning shotguns perfectly and allows the user to carry extra tools and chokes. The case is relatively inexpensive than many other high-quality models and looks fantastic. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

First of all, this case is from Browning. So there’s not much that can go wrong here. Plus this is a wooden case with amazing looks and a classy feel. Which righteously compliments the experience and pride of carrying an over/under shotgun. The box is built from wood and coated with vinyl. So it’s quite durable and feels more like good furniture. 

The interior fleece lining is super-protective for the shotgun, and the included positioning blocks help with organizing things for quick and easy access. The case fits, feels, and looks like an expensive item, but is very affordable. Especially when compared with the price of a premium over/under. 

Bottom Line

The Browning’s hard case has been made using wood and has a protective inner finish with organizing blocks. It fits breakdown O/U’s and has double key locks for extra security. It has ample space for a few extra accessories and will last for decades if maintained properly. 

Best Shotgun Soft Case:
VISM Soft Rifle/Shotgun Case


  • Extra side pocket with ample space
  • Durable and lightweight PVC material 
  • Strong double zippers can be secured using a padlock
  • Comfortable carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Inner foam padding offers protection and prevents wiggle


  • Doesn’t fit long shotguns (40”+)

What Recent Buyers Report

This case from VISM is one of the best-rated shotgun soft cases on the market. Which eventually reflects how much users like it. Buyers have been using it as a common case for short rifles and shotguns. The extra pouch on the front makes it more like a range bag, and the super low price is an irresistibly enticing feature for buyers. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The VISM case has been made using PVC, which is a very durable, long-lasting, and reliable material. The interior has been padded to protect the firearm and prevent wiggling to the maximum extent possible. Carrying the case is very ergonomic and easy, thanks to the adjustable and wide shoulder strap and flexible carry handle. 

The zippered side pocket is wide enough to carry shells, tools, chokes, manuals, and almost any other accessory you can think of. This case can be folded when not in use and is perfect for youth or tactical shotguns which are more compact in length. 

Bottom Line

The VISM case in an inexpensive, protective, and multi-use soft case for your shotguns and rifles. It helps you with carrying extra items along with your shotgun and the durable double zippers can be secured with a padlock for extra safety. 

Best Shotgun Hard Case:
Case Club 3 Gun Competition Pre-Cut Waterproof Case


  • Airline approved design
  • Perfect for 3 gun competitions
  • Pre-cut closed cell foam inserts can be wiped clean
  • Extremely spacious design to carry weapons and accessories
  • Waterproof case includes a waterproof accessory box and silica gel


  • High but justifiable price
  • Not very suitable for normal/daily use

What Recent Buyers Report

The case is excellent and very rugged in design. The pre-cut foam saves a lot of time and effort for the buyers. Plus the inclusive extras like the silica gel, waterproof box, and cutters add to the price value. The layout is very nice and can be changed easily if needed. Some users extensively appreciated the prompt customer service as well. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

What more can you ask from a comprehensive hard case? This rugged hard case is waterproof, carries 3 guns, includes a waterproof accessory box, has wheels, and can be secured with a TSA approved padlock. This gun case is perfect for 3 gun competitions where a person needs to carry three different firearms. The foam has been pre-cut for preemptive help and can be cut as needed. 

The case can accommodate shotguns up to 49 inches in length and rifles up to 41.75 inches in length. You can use it for airline travel, or for simply storing your firearms in one place if you don’t have/want a gun safe. 

Bottom Line

This is a comprehensive, high quality, rugged and reliable safe that allows you to safely store 3 firearms along with their optics, accessories, and other tools. The case is waterproof, airline approved, and can be carried conveniently on long trips. 

Perks of Getting a New Shotgun Case


Investing in a good shotgun case will help you with carrying the gun. A shotgun, when carried to a range or elsewhere, should be properly concealed and stored to comply with local laws and abide by ideal handling practices. A case will also protect your shotgun from damage due to mishandling and bad storage conditions.

Airline Friendly

Perhaps you’d want to carry your gun to a distant location via an airplane. Carrying a firearm on an airplane is strictly regulated and requires the owner of the weapon to properly contain it in a secure and appropriate case. Only TSA compliant shotgun cases can be used to transport a shotgun via flights.


Extra Items

A good case will allow you to carry extra items along with your shotgun. These items can include optics, cleaning kits, sling, disassembly tools, and even ammunition. Some larger cases even allow you to carry multiple firearms along with other items at once. 

Protecting Expensive Shotguns

While shotguns generally have the perception of being cheap, those used for advanced or novel applications can bear a price tag in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Getting a durable and reliable safe for your expensive shotgun will protect your investment. Cases with waterproof capability and enigmatic locks are the best for such applications. 


A shotgun case is a necessity for a shotgun owner, no matter if the gun has to be carried to the range or to another state via a flight. Shotgun cases can be hard or soft. Plus, those approved to be transported through airplanes have their own legal requirements. Having a good shotgun case helps with protecting the shotgun during transit and storing it safely. 

People Also Ask

Before you buy a shotgun case, find out the answers to some common and important queries. So you may make an informed and apt decision. 

What is a Soft Case?

As the name itself suggests, a soft case is made using nylon or leather and often can be folded down when needed. These soft cases are cheaper compared to the hard cases and are used widely by gun owners for carrying firearms, except for airline travel. 

Are Plano Gun Cases TSA Approved?

The right word will be TSA compliant. Such a gun case should be hard-sided and able to be locked. Plano gun cases are among the most renowned cases on the market and they are generally TSA approved if they abide by the above two prerequisites. 

Do Gun Cases Require TSA Locks?

Not necessarily. You can use any lock to secure your gun case. However, the problem here is that if the TSA authorities find the need to open your bag without your presence. They can simply cut or break it off. TSA officers are equipped with a master key to open any TSA locks when needed. So it is better to get an approved one. 

What is the Best Gun Case For Airline Travel?

A durable hard-sided case that can be locked securely is what’s needed for airline travel. Our ‘best overall’ and ‘best shotgun hard case’ picks reviewed above are perfect for airline travel. Since they comply with all necessary regulations and are widely used by airline travelers for carrying guns.


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