Buyer’s Guide for 2020 – Best Glock 42 Holsters


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The purpose of this article is to help you decide two things: is the Glock 42 a compelling choice for concealed carry, and if so, what is the best holster for it?

This article is also to help you determine how a good holster can impact a good concealed carry gun positively. If you were a Glock fan when the Glock 42 was released, you wanted it. 

What has evolved for the 42 has been nothing short of a mass movement by a large percentage of subcompact firearm enthusiasts to the Glock .380 Auto.

This article is intended to help you find the right way to utilize the features of the Glock 42 and to find a suitable holster for this pistol.

Comparison of the Best Glock 42 Holsters 

  • Best Glock 42 holster on our list
  • Durable construction and fits snugly on the waist for secure draw
  • Adjustable retention, and great for range, competition, or duty use
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  • Glock 42 holster runner-up
  • Automatic locking with an index finger actuated release for extra security
  • 360-degree cant adjustable paddle made from nylon for comfort
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  • Glock 42 holster second runner-up
  • Minimalist design for easy handling, light weight, and concealment
  • Ambidextrous design with positive retention on the gun and waistline
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  • Best Glock 42 pocket holster on our list
  • Ambidextrous design and grippy nylon fabric ensures comfort and stability
  • Breaks up the outline of the weapon for perfect concealment
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  • Best Glock 42 ankle holster for CCW and EDC
  • Double anti-slip bands for extra stability and full-day donning comfort
  • Universal fit holster and ambidextrous design for versatile use
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  • Best Glock 42 IWB holster for CCW
  • Adjustable cant and retention for comfortable fit
  • Full-length sweat guard and Kydex ensure all time flaring for quick re-holstering
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  • Best-selling Glock 42 OWB Holster
  • Patented SERPA lock engages the weapon upon placement
  • Full grip access for fumble-free draw and versatile mounting options
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  • Best Glock 42 shoulder holster
  • Comfortable padded design works with Glock 26, 27, 42, and 43
  • Adjustable straps for perfect fit and comes with a free folding knife
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What Makes the Glock 42 a Great Concealed Carry?

Glock 42 (Source)

The Glock 42 has some unique benefits over other subcompacts, especially those in .380ACP. Not that it’s perfect, no gun is. But some of the “concerns’ with the 42 that are voiced in public spaces seem to be politically motivated.

It’s not Glock’s fault that they have rabid loyalists as customers. Who cares if it’s made in .380 Auto instead of 9mm? You either accept that fact or you look elsewhere for a carry weapon.

Furthermore, if you think the Glock 42 is the only gun that has ever had a few break-in concerns with the .380 caliber, you would be sorely mistaken.

But this isn’t about the concerns people have with the pistol, it’s about the positive characteristics and how the Glock 42 has become an excellent choice for a carry gun.

If you have bought into the idea of a .380, then the Glock 42 has some values that could tip the scale in its favor over other guns.

Yes, the Glock sights aren't built as well as they could be, but they are excellent for the subcompact .380 field of pistols.

Nothing even comes close on other guns of the same size with a .380 ACP chambering. It doesn't matter if you think Glock sights are subpar even – the sights on the 42 are better than the sights on other subcompact .380's. Period.

Glock 42 .380 ACP (Source)

The gun is a slim, single stack but has a grip size that gives you the ability to hang onto it better than just about any other gun in the same class. That counts for a lot when you need to be confident in a life or death situation.

The Glock 42 has a quick reset trigger, for faster follow up. It’s part of a proven family of firearms and it gets great marks for reliability using the vast majority of consumer loads.

What is the Best Type of Holster for the Glock 42?

The best holsters for the Glock will account for the unique profile of the Glock (who championed, though didn’t pioneer, the striker fired pistol design), which is slim, utilizes a trigger safety, and allows for condition one carry (or a variation thereof), meaning it’s ready to go at any moment.

Having a slim holster to complement the slim design *(which is not the thinnest on the market but is more durable and seemingly more easily controlled as a result of the specific profile) is a priority.

Getting a holster that can accommodate the legitimate fixed sights, which are the only sights  built for legitimate aiming in the entire subcompact .380 Auto spectrum, is an important factor too.

To see the Glock 42 in action, watch the video below:

The gun is lightweight; it just makes sense to have a holster that is similarly spartan, minimalist, and lightweight, to ensure you are getting the value from the build characteristic priorities.

Finally, you’ll want something that’s as durable as a Glock. Their reputation for being able to fire in a ton of crazy conditions and withstand a lot of really bad situations makes this gun no different than the others in the proven Glock lineup.

When you are looking for the best Glock 42 holster, look for a combination of these characteristics, so you can confidently carry your .380 Auto Glock 42 in a holster that aligns with the inherent benefits of the firearm.

Quick Take - The Best Glock 42 Holsters

Review of the Best Glock 42 Holsters

Now that we've highlights why the Glock 42 makes a great concealed carry and discussed some of the ideal holsters for this gun, we're going to move onto the review portion of our article. If you've been on the hunt for a new G42 holster, this one's for you. 

Best Glock 42 Holster: Fobus Evolution Paddle Holster

Fobus GL42ND Evolution Holster for Glock 42, Right Hand Paddle

A robust build quality, which made Fobus famous, has continued on this holster that is about the perfect OWB style holster (a paddle fitment) for the slightly larger sub-compact Glock 42.

The dedicated sight channel makes snags a thing of the past and helps you get a clean, slippery slide out of the holster for one of the fastest shots on target positions from any holster on the list.


  • Durable
  • Great Retention
  • Simple but Adjustable


  • It's OWB with a Paddle and Might Print

Bottom Line

There are reasons to buy a Glock 42, just like there are reasons to purchase an OWB with a paddle on it.

You buy this because you want to be fast on the draw, fast on the target, and you realize that the extra size of the Glock frame and the real world Glock sights are important features in that equation.

Best Glock 42 Holster Runner-up: Sumtop Glock Paddle Holster with Trigger Release Adjustable Cant

Polymer OWB Holster Fit Glock 43 43X 48 | UNFIT Polymer80 Glock 43 / Glock 43 Laser - Index Finger Released | 360°Adjustable Cant | Autolock | Outside Waistband -Right Handed

Durable polymer, an adjustable cant and retention system, and a dedicated sight channel accentuate the best features of the Glock and the reasons you either love it or hate it as a concealed carry subcompact option.

This OWB holster gives you fast draw time to target, while not having too many drawbacks. You won’t find a tougher polymer OWB. 


  • Inexpensive
  • Excellent Retention
  • Very Tough/Durable


  • A Bit Bulky
  • Con 2

Bottom Line 

You knew you were carrying a little more thickness in the Glock 42 over some other .380's and you knew that you wanted the easier-to-handle frame size.

This holster carries that concept through to the concealment phase, where you get legitimate positioning, excellent retention, and while it is a bit bulky, you are getting a holster that can handle all the bumps and bruises of carrying OWB.

In the end, it's comfortable and fast on the draw, two factors that every holster should aspire to.

Best Glock 42 Holster Second Runner-up: Q-Series IWB Minimalist Concealed Carry Stealth Holster

Q-Series Stealth Gun Holsters - Minimalist Concealed Carry Holster for Pistols

Sleek and tiny, this is the holster you buy if you want to be as lean as possible or for carrying in multiple carry positions, including in a pocket or bag.

This is a great way to hold your Glock 42 if you are aware of the retention aspects inherent in a half holster.

The adjustable tension and rigid belt clip help to stabilize this great piece of gear.


  • Versatile
  • Minimalist, but Still has Significant Features for all Types of Carry


  • Doesn’t Hold the Entire Gun, so Requires a Learning Curve on Re-Holstering

Bottom Line

If you buy into the safety aspects of a Glock and are careful upon holstering/re-holstering, this may be one of the best-designed holsters in the history of the holster.

It’s simple, clean, lightweight, and offers full trigger guard protection, while still making it easy and fast to get your gun up and on target, once you learn how to de-holster in a half holster.

Best Glock 42 Pocket Holster: Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster

Desantis Nemesis Pocket Holster fits Glock 42, Ambidextrous Black

The Glock 42 may not be everyone's idea of a pocket gun, but with this holster, some shooters can make that a reality and will find that this is a perfect accessory for their still small  Glock 42.

The texture helps with de-holstering, the fit is tight, and the outline helps to avoid printing of the gun.

If you can fit it in your pocket, you should consider this holster, at least as a conditional use piece.


  • Proven Brand Quality
  • A Sticky Surface for Pocket De-Holstering


  • The G42 May Not be the Perfect Fit in Some Pockets

Bottom Line

Durable and utilitarian, the DeSantis brand has made a name on building tough, multi-use holsters. This is no exception.

The Glock 42 isn’t the smallest .380 auto on the market, but if you can manage to squeeze it into a pocket or a concealed carry purse, then the Glock 42 will find a good home in a DeSantis Nemesis holster. The tight fit and sufficient padding make it hard to tell what’s in your pocket.

Best Glock 42 Ankle Holster: Concealed Carrier Ankle Holster For Concealed Carry Pistol

Concealed Carrier (TM Ankle Holster for Concealed Carry Pistol | Universal Leg Carry Gun Holster with Magazine Pouch for Glock 42, 43, 36, 26, S&W Bodyguard .380.38, Ruger LCP, LC9, Sig Sauer

This is a heavy duty ankle holster for a gun that happens to be a bit bulkier and larger than the standard fare in .380 autos in the sub-compact range.

This is a perfect companion for your backup gun, or for when you know you will need to carry but cannot conceal in certain clothing with a more traditional holster position. This has the heft and strength to stay in place and carry the bigger Glock 42.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong Velcro
  • Excellent Retention


  • Elastic, Neoprene, and Velcro Don’t Last Forever

Bottom Line

For those who need to carry a second gun and must ensure the concealability of that gun, this is a rock-solid ankle holster that fits the slightly larger Glock 42 while not dropping any of the concealability. The extra accessory/magazine pouch is icing on the cake.

Best Glock 42 IWB Holster: Concealment Express IWB Kydex Holster

Super adjustable and built like a brick house, this is a holster that has very few detractors.

The quality build and the unconditional warranty make this a solid choice on the strength of the design alone.

The super adjustability makes this an ideal IWB holster, where the right positioning can be the difference between all-day comfort and not wanting to carry.

This holster doesn't compromise on adjustability, durability, or the capability for a smooth draw.


  • Well-Built
  • Good Looking
  • Minimal Footprint


  • An IWB May Not be a Great Fit for the Glock 42

Bottom Line

It’s minimal and well made, but is also very adjustable. For a dedicated IWB holster, this is very important, because you don’t want to leave your firearm at home because it’s uncomfortable when worn all day. 

This holster eliminates concerns for larger folks who want to IWB carry. It has a lot of potential for different positions and for different draw angles.

Best Glock 42 OWB Holster: BLACKHAWK!! SERPA CQC Concealment Holster - Matte Finish

BLACKHAWK Serpa CQC Holster fits Glock 42, Right Hand, Black

One of the best-selling holsters of all time with very few complaints. If you are carrying OWB, this is an option you cannot afford to pass up for evaluation.

The superior trigger guard retention system is second to none. The lightweight durability and serious adjustment potential all make for a little bit of bulk on the hip.

It’s a great fit for the G42 because you can get the draw you prefer on a gun that can handle very well, while still maintaining a sub-compact footprint.


  • Adjustable Angles
  • Proven Superior Retention
  • Good Adjustability for Tension
  • Well-Known as a Premium Option for CCW and Comfortable All-Day Wear


  • Pricier than Some on This List

Bottom Line

If you buy it for no other reason than that it is a Serpa by BLACKHAWK!, you’ve done well. But if you know that it will give you unparalleled retention and adjustability, as well as being faster than most competition holsters, except that it’s a concealable holster, then you realize what this offering is all about. Just about a perfect pairing with the G42 .380.

Best Glock 42 Shoulder Holster: Glock Shoulder Holster 

Glock Shoulder Gun Holster, 26,27,42,43, Hi Point 380, Compact 9, Walther P22 Taurus MilleniumPistol, 202R with a Free Folding Knife

The most comfortable all-day seated holster for the Glock 42 or any other universally sized firearm.

This is a perfect trial run for those looking at a shoulder carry concept.

The lightweight, easy adjustment, and secure “behind the frame” retention mean you are getting all-day comfort out of a rig that costs less than most pistol sleeves.


  • Comfortable for All-Day Wear, Especially While Seated
  • Great Distribution of Weight and Creature Comforts


  • You May Want to Upgrade to a Leather Holster for Better Shoulder Carry

Bottom Line

If you bought the Glock 42 for seated carry, and you can hide the holster under a jacket, you will find this is among the best realistic carry positions for your new subcompact.

For the money, it's a genuine bargain and offers huge adjustability to accommodate all body types. The universal holster gives you solid retention and great value.


Maybe you bought the 42 because you liked Glocks and prefer to remain in their ecosystem. Perhaps you bought it because you can actually hold the thing and shoot it, with the included sights (many .380’s don’t have sights).

Maybe you waited and bought the Glock after you realized a lot of the huffing and puffing about the inadequacies of the newest Glock were nothing but anti-Glock rhetoric.

Regardless of why you bought the Glock 42 or why you are considering the purchase, one thing remains: the second most important decision you will make about a concealed carry firearm is the holster you pair with it.

The above holsters are excellent in their own right, unattached to a specific gun model, but when paired with a Glock 42 they elevate the gun to a significant carry package. A true, all-in solution to a concealed carry problem that you may have never know that you’ve always had.

The Glock 42 and the associated holsters that accentuate the big benefits of the gun ensure that you have a substantial way to defend yourself, without the drawbacks that usually come with sub-compact gun compromises.

To borrow the famous Glock competitor’s former slogan (and it fits well for the 42) “In a world of compromise, some don’t.” Truer words were never spoken about a subcompact gun that the masses can easily count on.

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