Precision is Key: Best Scopes for the M1A

Scopes are an expensive, but very significant, addition to a firearm. Regardless of whether you are a competitive shooter, a law enforcement officer, hunter, or a field-shooting practitioner and enthusiast, a scope will dramatically improve your accuracy and performance, as well as help you perfect yourself in the discipline. We will … Read More

Focus Your Aim: The Best Lasers for the M&P Shield

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Best M&P Triggers – Rated & Reviewed

Statistics claim the number of concealed handgun permits in the USA has increased dramatically in the past few years. Generally, most first time concealed carry permit holders decide to purchase small, reliable, and easy to use weapons and the Smith and Wesson M&P Shield semi-auto pistol checks off all of … Read More

Best Ways to Upgrade Your M&P Shield – 2018 Guide

If you concealed carry a weapon, there’s only a slight chance that you don’t own the M&P Shield. It is by far the most popular and widely used sub-compact weapon on the market, especially for everyday carry. However, people like to modify weapons to suit them and that is why … Read More

Reload With The Best M&P Magazine Extensions

The M&P Shield is a widely used sub-compact weapon, especially for concealed everyday carry. One of the most popular upgrades to the M&P Shield is a magazine extension. But people often seem confused about the benefits and drawbacks of using it. To help clear this confusion, we will discuss the pros … Read More

6.5 Grendel Magazines | Best of the Year, Rated & Reviewed

A magazine (a.k.a mag) is often the most disregarded component of a rifle, where proper functionality is concerned. Many people seem too ignorant about the quality and maintenance of magazines. But a magazine is still a very important part of the rifle. Especially where a not-so-common caliber like the 6.5 … Read More

Boost Accuracy: The Best Sights for the M&P Shield

This article is meant to present and assist you in choosing the best sights for your Smith & Wesson M&P Shield. Night sights are a significant additional gear for your handgun because they promote improved aim and precision in the field, for personal home-defense or tactical uses. So, it was … Read More

Stay on Target with the Best 6.5 Grendel Scopes

The 6.5 Grendel is an accurate, low-recoil, and deadly cartridge designed to extend the range of an AR-15 beyond 1000 yards. Since it is mostly used for long distance hunting and precision shooting competitions, it requires a worthy scope to complement its performance.  For that matter, we will evaluate and … Read More

Best Muzzle Brakes for Your 6.5 Grendel | Full Review

A muzzle brake is an important aftermarket accessory which has grown into popularity in recent years. Cornered just to precision shooters in the past, muzzle brakes have now found their use even with varmint hunters. The 6.5 Grendel is more of a long-range, precision shooting cartridge, and does require some … Read More