Best Glock Mods, Upgrades, & Accessories of 2019

The Glock is an awesome handgun. Its popularity makes it even more awesome, as it has given birth to one of the largest markets of aftermarket accessories for any gun. Getting the right accessory is important though, as the wealth of products on the market can make getting a good … Read More

2019 Guide: Best Glock Magazine Pouches & Holders

You already know your Glock is perfect for concealed carry, but if you want to have extra magazines on your person, you’ll want a magazine pouch. It’s an easy sell, but finding a pouch that’s comfortable and easy to conceal at the same time? Not so much. Read our guide … Read More

How to Convert an AR-15 to 9mm Caliber

Changes in the popularity of various ballistics types have been constant over the years. The modularity of guns like the AR-15 makes it possible to convert the rifle to a different caliber a rather simple process. Let’s have a look at how to go through the process and make some recommendations … Read More

The Best AR-15 Featureless Grips of 2019

featureless grips

From its inception in 1959 to the present day, the iconic silhouette of an AR-15 is widely recognizable. It carries with it a host of associations both good and bad, depending on the viewer’s perspective. Without a doubt, the AR-15/M16/M4 was initially designed as a weapon of war, a dedicated … Read More

The Best AR-15 Complete Uppers of 2019

complete upper receiver

There are many reasons why the semi-automatic AR-15 has remained the most popular of all civilian rifles. Applying the concept of modularity and modern lightweight materials to the AR-15, Eugene Stoner led the way for the development of all future sporting rifles. That’s made the AR-15 especially popular for those … Read More