Buyer’s Guide for 2018: The Best SKS Magazines

The SKS is a powerful and accurate rifle, especially popular with old-school rifle enthusiasts. All weapon systems are prone to customization in the right hands, and the SKS is no exception to this. With emerging aftermarkets and the versatility in its use, a ton of different magazine options are available for … Read More

[2018] Buyer’s Guide: The Best Accessories for the SKS

As every SKS owner knows, the SKS rifle is versatile and suitable for both hunting and plinking. However, there are many ways to improve on this weapon, and some of them include upgrading parts and installing accessories for better functionality. In this article, we’ll explore the wide variety of accessories that are … Read More

Accuracy’s Always Key: The Best SKS Scopes of 2018

Owning an SKS means you’re holding a piece of history in your hands. Being very popular with shooters and collectors, these Soviet-era military rifles are also great fun. If you want to mount a scope on your SKS, either for target practice or hunting, you’ll find out the details you need … Read More

Learning the Ins and Outs: AR-10 vs AR-15

The AR-15 is one of the most popular and talked-about semi-auto rifles, but not many people know that it was originally derived from the AR-10. These two guns have many fans and adherents, so today we’ll talk about the history of these rifles, their features, and variants, and then compare them … Read More

Buyer’s Guide for 2018 – The Best SKS Scope Mounts

The SKS is a fairly renowned and loved rifle and its origins date back to 1943. The SKS has been through many wars and conflicts and is still used today. The rifle is quite popular among huntsmen and precision shooters because of its exceptional reliability and inexpensive ammo. Here, we’ll be talking … Read More

Personal Guide: How to Clean Your SKS

The SKS, short for the Samozaryadniy Karabin sistemi Simonova, is a 7.62×39 service rifle built in 1945 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. The SKS requires periodic cleaning and maintenance. To help you take the best possible care of your firearm, this article aims to serve as a guide for cleaning the SKS, … Read More

Complete Buyer’s Guide: Best AR-10 Charging Handles of 2018

The AR is one of America’s favorite sporting guns and though the AR means “ArmaLite” (a weapon manufacturer), the AR might as well stand for “America’s Rifle”. Unlike their counterparts, AR-10 began its second life as an extremely successful .308 sporting rifle, specifically intended for those AR-platform enthusiasts wanting that long … Read More

Complete Buyer’s Guide: Best AR-10 Stocks of 2018

A rifle stock houses all the important components of a rifle and provides the shooter with a firm holding platform. With advancing technology and the influx of innovation in the firearm industry, manufacturers have come up with a variety of different designs. The AR-10 is no exception to this susceptibility of … Read More

Best AR-10 Uppers: Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2018

The upper receiver of the AR-10 houses the bolt carrier group, the ejection, and the firing mechanism. Regarding the history and popularity of the AR platform, there are different types of upper receivers available for the AR-10 rifle. Today, we’ll be talking about the different types and characteristics of AR-10 uppers, as … Read More