Time to Group Your Shots: Best 6.8 SPC Scopes

Have you ever thought of upgrading your shooting skills and gaining experience with a round like the 6.8 SPC? What makes you want the best rifle scope for that round? Since you are here, you are definitely ready and willing to join us in this quest for the best 6.8 scope. … Read More

How to Clean and Properly Maintain an M1A

Cleaning and maintenance of your firearm is an important task, one that must be carried out regularly, as this affects accuracy and the overall life of the firearm. Some weapons are easy to disassemble and some aren’t. For this discussion, we will be talking about the disassembly, cleaning, maintenance, and reassembly … Read More

6.8 SPC – Is It Good for Hunting?

The beginning of the 21st century was marked with significant progress in the ammo industry, mainly boosted by the US Military and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). About the same time, several major and small ammunition producers have sought and independently developed cartridges with terminal knockdown surpassing .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO … Read More

Best 6.8 SPC Magazines | Buyer’s Guide for 2019

The 6.8 SPC round was developed by Remington and some military marksmanship gurus. They wanted a round that would kill better than NATO standard 5.56x45mm rounds. The design was based on experiences in Iraq. They optimized their design for shorter urban ranges and shorter barrels. They did this without compromising … Read More

Best M1A Accessories | Upgrades & Add-ons for 2019

The M1A is the civilian version of the M14, an American classic. All it lacks is the full-auto happy switch, which the military rarely used anyway. The military intended the M14 to be manufactured with the same tooling as the venerable M1 Garand. It was to offer a 20-round box mag … Read More