Rated & Reviewed: The Best Glock 36 Holsters of 2018

With an explosion in the number of concealed-carry permit holders in the United States, potential gun owners are faced with a multitude of choices for a concealed carry firearm. Considering carrying, shooting, and comfort, most people hesitate to wear powerful handguns, so they lean toward smaller, more easily handled semi-automatics … Read More

Stay Dry! – The Best Waterproof Gun Safes of 2018

A gun safe protects your firearms and other valuables from being stolen or misused. However, criminals, inquisitive guests, or kids are not the only concern. Natural factors like fire and water can also cause damage to the safe and its contents. To tackle these factors, this article delves into the need … Read More

The Best AR-15 Muzzle Brakes – 2018 Guide

muzzle brakes

Once you’ve made some progress in building your perfect AR-15, there comes a point when you need to decide what kind of muzzle device you’ll be attaching to the business end of the rifle. You may even be asking yourself whether you need a muzzle device at all and whether you … Read More

Hide Your Valuables With The Best Gun Safe Covers

A gun safe helps protect your weapons and valuables. However, a gun safe itself needs protection sometimes. Protection from dust, sunlight, moisture, or even from curious eyes. To solve that, gun safe covers are also available on the market. Here we’ll discuss the benefits of using a gun safe cover, and … Read More

Best Under the Bed Gun Safes of 2018

If you own a gun, it’s your moral and logical responsibility to have a gun safe. With different storage needs come different types of gun safes on the market. One of them is the under bed gun safe, which allows you to store a gun under your bed or a … Read More

Leather vs. Kydex Holsters: Which is Best?

Leather and Kydex are opposite ends of the spectrum in holster material development over time. Both these materials have their own specialties and drawbacks. In this article, we’ll be comparing these two materials and will try to infer which works best. We will also learn about the pros and cons of … Read More

How to Wear a Belly Band Holster | Informational Guide 2018

Belly band holsters are an innovative and highly-concealable method of carrying a firearm. Belly band holsters are comfortable and let you carry your weapon in situations where other holsters become redundant or useless. A lot of people use these belly band holsters, so here we’ll discuss about the proper way to … Read More