The Best Bipods for the AR-15 Rifle

Bipods are one of the most popular accessories for AR-15s for a reason – they provide excellent stability in almost any circumstance and vastly improve aiming. There are many situations that a bipod proves useful for, so it makes sense to invest in a good one. But what should one look … Read More

The Best AR-15 Flashlights

Tactical, practical, and completely attachable, the AR-15 is a gun modder’s dream. There is no situation an AR-15 can’t be made to fit. Sometimes those situations require a little extra illumination. This article will look at some of the best tactical lights and mountable flashlights for your AR-15. Quick Take: … Read More

The Best AR-15 Iron Sights

The invention of iron sights made rifles accurate and precise and transformed them from mere metal spraying sticks to an invincible weapon. Iron sights are still used and are important to teach shooters the basics of aiming. Technology has replaced them to a wide extent with increasingly powerful scopes, but … Read More

The Best Laser Lights for Your AR-15

Laser sights and flashlights can be an interesting addition to your AR-15 especially if you like to use it under low light conditions. But before choosing a laser and flashlight for your AR-15, you need to consider several important factors which affect your shooting performance.  Here we’ll be talking about … Read More

The Best Charging Handles for the AR-15

For most AR-15 enthusiasts, a charging handle is only one long piece of roughly T-shaped aluminum. However, that cocking handle, or bolt handle on bolt-action rifles, was an incredibly important invention that turned in the history of warfare and had a spectacular effect across entire Europe about the mid-19th century. … Read More

Mosin Nagant Ammo Buyers Guide

Even after being decommissioned from service by the Soviet Army decades ago, the Mosin Nagant M91/30 is still a very popular hunting and sporting rifle ‘round the globe. From firearm enthusiasts to old-school shooters, a lot of people use them even today. This calls for a need of good ammo … Read More

The Best AR-15 Build Kits

The AR-15 has been very popular with all kinds of shooters ever since its introduction. Partly thanks to the adoption of the M16 by the US military and partly due to the modular design which allows you to swap parts and customize your weapon to your heart’s desire. While the AR-15 … Read More

The Best Buffers for your AR-15

ar-15 buffers

The AR-15 platform guns are among the most popular today’s modern sporting rifles. One of the key components of the rifle is the buffer with its tube and spring, which as a unit serve a dual purpose. Let’s have a look at its function and how it can be improved … Read More