Best AR-15 Scopes – 2019 Complete Overview

intro to ar 15 scopes

In order to maximize the platform’s accuracy, most firearm enthusiasts use some optical sighting device. The options for AR-15 rifle platform can be a little overwhelming and confusing, so we compose this guide to help you to select the ideal scope for your particular needs.Comparison Chart of the Best AR-15 … Read More

Best Mosin Nagant Bipods – 2019 Round-up Review

mosin nagant bipods

Bipods are an important and widely-used accessory for rifles. But not everyone agrees on whether they should be used with a Mosin Nagant. Here we’ll help you decide whether a bipod on a Mosin is worth it or not. If you decide you want to use one, we’ll also present … Read More

Reviews of the Best Mosin Nagant Recoil Pads – 2019 Guide

mosin nagant recoil pads

A Mosin Nagant rifle uses a heavy 7.62 x54R round, which has a jerky recoil. Apart from this, there are several other factors which entice people to buy recoil pads.Here we’ll learn about recoil pads and if your Mosin Nagant needs one. We have also reviewed some of the best … Read More

The Best Scopes for the Mosin Nagant Rifle – 2019 Guide

mosin nagant scopes

Mosin Nagant – a renowned rifle that reminds people of the Soviet Era. The rifle that marked the defeat and destruction of the Wehrmacht SS during WWII. Mosin Nagant rifles are still popular and are loved by hunters and competitive shooters. Here we’ll learn about the best scopes available in … Read More

Best Ruger SR9 Holsters – 2019 Buyer’s Guide Review

Holsters are a great firearm accessory to conceal carry, mostly because there are so many options. You have likely picked the Ruger SR9 for its sleek, stylish appearance, its comfortable size, and its ergonomic design. This pistol is also fantastic as with its ambidextrous magazine release and magazine disconnect, it … Read More

Best 357 Revolvers – 2019 Complete Review

Are you in search of the best .357 revolver? If so, then you’re in the right place. This handgun is probably the most powerful when it comes to delivering some serious damage with each shot. Not to mention, it can be one of the most accurate and powerful handguns available … Read More

Best 22 Caliber Revolvers – 2019 Ultimate Round-up

Finding the best .22 revolver can be a real challenge. But if you have a basic understanding of how these types of pistols work, the search process may not be so difficult. The best quality revolver should be your goal if you want something that will be great for not … Read More

Best 9mm Revolvers of 2019 – Ultimate Review

Finding the best 9mm revolver can be a challenge. However, the search might be less difficult if you have a good understanding of how a revolver works regardless of caliber. If you’re looking for a great handgun for your arsenal, you should consider a revolver. A 9mm caliber is one … Read More

USCCA Reviews – 2019 Informational Guide

The USCCA is considered to be one of the best organizations for concealed carry permit holders across America. The organization also provides concealed carry insurance that is available in three different levels. Each level provides an amount for legal aid, educational materials, and other perks for its members. We will … Read More

USCCA vs. NRA – Ultimate Comparison Review [2019]

The USCCA and the NRA are two organizations that have long served those who practice concealed carry. Both organizations are not only known for having a large number of members in their respected organizations, but they both also have insurance plans that will give you peace of mind in case … Read More