Best Shotgun Cases Reviewed for 2020

Caring for your weapons while carrying them will ensure a long service life and compliance with gun safety laws. Shotgun cases are an effective and widely approved medium for carrying such firearms while going to the range or traveling with them in an airliner. Here we will review a wide … Read More

Best Walther PPK Holsters of 2020

The Walther PPK has been a symbol of class, style, and inconspicuousness for decades. Famously known as James Bond’s gun, the PPK is an inspirational idol for concealed carry handguns being manufactured today. Using the PPK to its fullest potential requires the right type of holster. So we decided to compile … Read More

Best Shotguns For Women: A 2020 Round-up

“Best Shotguns for Women” – Why should this even be a topic? Well, not because women are feeble. But because they have a different taste than men. They are more deliberate when buying anything, and that calls for a specialized list. Here we will review the best shotguns for women … Read More

Best Walther P99 Sights of 2020

Having been the official handgun for many law enforcement agencies in Europe, the P99 has earned its reputation as a reliable and effective firearm across the globe. It is still a very loved 9mm handgun on the civilian market and is carried by many people on a daily basis. Sights … Read More

Best 20 Gauge Shotguns: A 2020 Buyer’s Guide

The next of kin for a 12 gauge, and righteously called an ‘intermediate gauge’. The 20 gauge shotguns offer the perfect equilibrium of power and prowess in their respective applications. With the market already scattered with a plethora of different options. It can be difficult to find and choose a good … Read More

Best Semi Auto Shotgun – A 2020 Review

The legacy of semi-automatic shotguns dates back to 1898 when John Browning designed the first such shotgun, known as the Browning Auto-5. Semi-auto shotguns have since been used widely by civilians, law enforcement agencies and militaries.  The market has become more and more crowded with options. Finding a good pick can … Read More

Best Walther P99 Holsters for 2020

Designed to be the ultimate law-enforcement handgun. The P99 has been the most reliable and trustworthy tool of police forces around the world for two decades now. Even being an old design, the P99 still attracts buyers and is a popular handgun in the 9mm section. Being a popular handgun for … Read More

Best Over Under Shotguns in 2020

Classy, sporty, and elegant. An over/under is the quintessence of shotguns used for sports or leisure shooting.  These shotguns have been the go-to choice for clay sports and upland bird hunting for decades. Buying an over/under is more like an investment than a simple purchase. These shotguns have their own … Read More

Best Walther PPK Magazines of 2020

Better known as James Bond’s gun, the Walther PPK is now a 91-year-old handgun design and more of a collector’s item. A once very popular and the world’s first concealed carry handgun now remains a rare sight. But anyway, those who have them will need aftermarket parts at some point. … Read More

Best 410 Shotguns | A 2020 Review

Also known as the ‘baby-bore’, the 410 bore is the smallest caliber a shotgun can be chambered(in the US). Although that doesn’t make the round ineffective for ‘shotgun-uses’. These shotguns are very popular among young learners, vermin/pest eradicators, and clay shooters.Here we’ll learn more about shotguns chambered for this cute … Read More