Best AR-15 Featureless Grips

featureless grips

From its inception in 1959 to the present day, the iconic silhouette of an AR-15 is widely recognizable. It carries with it a host of associations both good and bad, depending on the viewer’s perspective.Without a doubt, the AR-15/M16/M4 was initially designed as a weapon of war, a dedicated battle … Read More

Best Sling Mounts for an AR-15

sling mounts

Slings are an important accessory for your AR-15 and to use one with your rifle, you need a sling mount. A sling mount must be chosen wisely so your slings remain intact and your rifle doesn’t wobble and swing unnecessarily. Here we’ll be talking about the importance of a swivel … Read More

Best AR-15 Slings

ar-15 sling

A gun sling is often associated with the aesthetics and comfort of carrying a gun. A good gun sling can also act as a life-saving tool in extreme situations. Opinions about using slings are quite diverse among shooters, but having a sling helps for sure. Here we’ll be talking about … Read More

Best AR-15 Magazine Grips

Magazine grips stand among the most debated topics when it comes to AR-15 aftermarket accessories and upgrades. Here we’ll be talking about the pros and cons of using a magazine grip and how it affects shooting. We’ll also outline and review some of the best magazine grips available on the … Read More

Best AR-15 Pistol Grips

A pistol grip is often overlooked as an aesthetic component of a rifle. However, a good grip could mean the difference between a miss or a hit, especially in stressful situations. Here we’ll be talking about the importance of pistol grips and what to look for when choosing one. We’ll … Read More

Best Foregrips for the AR-15

ar15 foregrips

While the world marched toward World War I, major armies were in desperate need of a rapid-fire rifle for light infantrymen. Rifle technology had remained unchanged for the most part over the past 50 or 60 years. But in those days of the Great War, a number of innovations were … Read More

How to Choose the Best Grip for your AR-15

Unlike handguns, the shoulder weapon has much higher accuracy potential due to the rifle’s three-point lockup. That means the rifle is held at three points: by the forend, by the grip, and at the cheek.  By using proper grips that allow you to hold the rifle in a pistol fashion, … Read More

Best Scope Mounts for the AR-15 – 2018 Buyers Guide

The AR-15 was considered by the New York Times to be “the most wanted gun in America,” and with good reason. It’s incredibly popular for its light recoil, comfortable ergonomic design, and availability. But for many AR-15 owners, the biggest draw is the AR-15’s modular design.The wide range of customizable … Read More

Best Quick Detach AR15 Scope Mounts

quick detachable mounts

There are times you might want to quickly and easily remove or attach your scope. Perhaps it’s just for storage and you don’t want to be bothered with all the hassle. Maybe there are circumstances where you want to switch out for another accessory. Or maybe you hunt with the … Read More

The Best AR-15 Carry Handle Scopes

scopes for carry handles

In the late 1960’s, the US military began using an AR-15 variant known as the M16 rifle. The US service rifle has gone through several generations of developing and enhancements since the original model, and the result has been an improved “Black Rifle” for both military and civilian use.Recently re-adopted … Read More