How to Maximize Space and Organize Your Gun Safe Properly

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October 18, 2023

When you have a variety of firearms and shooting gear, you know you need to properly take care of all of them so none of your investments turn into a lost cause. This is when proper storage and organization of your firing equipment in your gun safe, comes in very handy.

You don't want to lose any of your valuable items out of merely misplacing or overlooking them. So let us help you by offering ways and accessories to improve your safe organization, enabling you to store your shooting gear in a clean and aesthetically pleasing way.

Why is Gun Safe Organization Important? 

An organized gun safe is important so valuable items do not get scratched, damp, damaged in any way, or rusted. Although it may seem that leaning rifles next to each other is saving space, or piling your handguns one over another is useful and negligible, you can easily risk damaging your gear unintentionally with that kind of treatment and storage.

Proper organization of your gun safe will help eliminate the mess, give an easier straight line view, access, and monitoring of your equipment.

Rifle Shotgun Plastic Rods Kit Bundle Shelf Liner Rack Safe Accessory Organizer

An organized gun safe also means clearer mental knowledge and understanding of what equipment is where, when you need it. It will drastically alleviate the removal and replacement of the gear, help you prioritize what is more needed at a moment’s notice, use and save room efficiently, as well as ensure quicker deployment.

It is never too late to arrange the interior of your safe the way you’ve always wanted. So let’s get started with all the terminology used in gun safe organization.

Gun Safe Organizational Terminology

There are three basic notions that make and describe the flawless organization of a gun safe. Those are:

Proper Military Storage 

This type of storage separates all firearms in your safe so that they do not come in contact with each other and hence, cause possible damage, overflowing, or future malfunction. With the help of standoffs, all rifles can be stored with their optics facing in towards the back panel, or out.

Military equipment storage solutions ensures that gear is always ready and secure. (Source)

However, proper military storage allows rifles to be stored with their usual rig and to be aligned so everything has a bit of space on its own and is safely preserved.

Straight-Line Access 

Easy access and clear view of all your firearms (Source)

This method of storing is advantageous because it provides easy retrieval of the firearm and easy accumulation of new inventory. It is very aesthetic and practical because you are not going to have to remove one or more weapons in order to reach a third.

Straight-line access gives you direct reach for whatever weapon you may need. Therefore, it guarantees quicker and safer deployment at all times.

Three-Dimensional Storage 

Three-dimensional storage means there is storage space and applicable retrofit kits for every associated rifle. You can compartmentalize the chokes, sling, and all other respective gear and parts of your rifle into the variable bins, trays, cradles, and shelves attached above, at the back, or next to the firearm.

You can place name tags on their cases or remember what storage space corresponds to what weapon since three-dimensional storage consists of multiple kits for every firearm.

Accessories For Gun Safe Organization 

The main accessories of gun safe organization are rifle rods, gun hangers, pistol standoffs, an entire panel organizer, and magazine holders etc. They are comprised of little spaces and tools to maximize your gun storage, give you lots of spare room, and facilitate your access to and care of your overall equipment.

Rifle Rods 

Rifle rods are such an amazing tool for arranging your rifles and providing more space inside your safe or cabinet. The Velcro patch at the top sticks to the carpet material on the ceiling of the safe and keeps the rifles suspended to prevent the guns from falling over or scraping against each other.

Most rifle rods support shotguns, tactical rifles, and all similar long or short guns. They assist the arrangement of your weapons in a great way, without having to worry about damaging any substantial parts like the barrel or the muzzle.

Best Rifle Rod Organizer:
Gun Storage Solutions-Rifle Rod Organizer

No products found.

These plastic rifle rods have recently come available in orange or/and black and contain a minimum of four to a maximum of 40 rods and inevitably, different lengths of the shelf liners. It saves up to 50% of your gun safe space, cabinet, or vault room!

Some of its advantages are they fit and hold barrels very securely from as small as a .22 caliber and can arrange long guns in a vertical position, so you can store as many as you need. The installation requires a staple gun, which is not included in the package, but the set is very affordable, so we highly recommend it.

Pistol Stands 

Pistol stands are a lightweight addition to a safe that holds your pistols separately and firmly, arranged in a horizontal line so they don't bang or rub against each other. It also allows you to showcase your collection and can even be used outside at the field.

They create a "private room" for every handgun and protect them from all sorts of scratches or rust. You can easily take the guns out and place them back in, knowing exactly which stand safeguards which pistol.

Best Pistol Stand:
HYSKORE Six Gun Modular Pistol Rack

This pistol rack can hold six handguns in closed cells with moisture and lubricant-resistant foam. It is soft, but holds handguns very stiffly and supports single or double stack magazines. It is 7.5” deep, 11.2” wide, and 6” high, while also giving an additional opportunity to disassemble and reconfigure to accommodate all sizes of frames.

Positive qualities definitely out weigh the few negatives, so we highly recommend this six gun pistol packs.

Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer 

Gun safe door panel organizers are portable sets fastened to the back of safe doors to house and arrange handguns, ammunition, and the rest of your firing equipment, as well as provide more room in the interior of your safe.

With a large number of pockets and patches, some of which come with clear covers, you don't have to mix your valuable items anymore and it is easy to keep an eye on all of them at any time.

Best Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer:
SPIKA Small Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer

No products found.

This SPIKA gun safe organizer is definitely the optimum solution for your shooting accessories. It comes with 12 pockets and two different sizes of the mounting clips, one for a thicker carpet panel and another for a thinner steel panel on your safe-door.

The installation is easy as 1,2,3 and it provides so much additional space inside of the safe and gives easier access to the rest of your shooting gear and long guns.

On the downside, this specific model comes with only two pouches for two handguns. However, it is of great quality, very modern, and extremely useful, so we undoubtedly highly recommend it any time.

Gun Hangers  

With these bad boys, not only can you neatly organize your handguns and prevent whatever damage caused by piling or laying them down, but you also clear up so much room on your shelves.

Like the rest of the items mentioned in this article, these hangers will likely double the storage capacity of your safe and thus, save you lots of money too.

The gun hangers usually accept any model of a pistol and don't need lots of maneuvering to use. Just open the safe and pull the gun out. Completely safe and secure.

Best Gun Hanger:
AmeriGun Club Easy Use Gun Hanger

No products found.

This AmeriGun Club pack of 12 hangers supports handguns up to a maximum of ten inches long and suspends them on a 5/8 to 1-inch thick shelf, wherever you desire.

One hanger fits a barrel as small as a .22 caliber. In addition, with its vinyl coating and quality construction, they certainly protect the barrel and hold the firearms with ease, making sure each one remains intact and safe until the next use.

Nonetheless, as a side note, we would say that considering the weight of the gun you plan to suspend is very advantageous, because heavier firearms might put a slight strain on these hangers.

Magnetic Magazine Holder

As an experienced shooter, you know how relevant magazine holders are to your numerous detachable ammunition clips. A magazine holder in your safe protects and stores the mags for your firearms you. Premium magazine gear is essential to the meticulous organization of your gun safe.

Best Magazine Holder:
Gun Storage Solutions Magazine Holder

No products found.

This magazine holder features an adhesive backing that stays firmly glued with both loaded or unloaded magazines in the holder (although Gun Solutions Storage claims they only hold empty magazines) or one can use the provided nails to anchor it to wooden or fabric surfaces, inside or outside their safe.

It is 100% nylon and doesn't hold plastic (coated) magazines, only metal ones. It doesn't have magnetic power to hold more than a three-pound magazine, but once mounted, it totally feels as if it was "factory installed". That is why we recommend that you get yourself the proper amount of these holders with no second thought whatsoever.


Neat organization of your gun safe and weapon accessories will save you so much trouble and future potential deterioration of your firearms and expensive equipment. It looks good, feels good, and saves so much space for the rest of your envisioned tools, equipment, and endeavors.

We hope that we have provided enough information for you to consider and put into practice all the methods to help you become a capable caretaker and organizer of your gun safe. Good luck with tidying up and impressing your hunting and shooting mates! 


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