Mesa Gun Safe Reviews – Which One Have You Been Eyeing?

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Mesa Gun Safes is a big name where commercial and residential safes and vaults are concerned. The company has been around for a while and is among the most prominent and trusted manufacturers of gun safes across America.

Here, we will talk about the origins of the Mesa Gun Safe Company and where it stands among its competitors. We’ll explore what makes these gun safes so unique and dependable.

We will also learn about the different product lines and models of Mesa safes available on the market, and review them, to help you in choosing one, when you are ready to buy.

Who Is Behind the Mesa Safe Company? 

Mesa safes are manufactured by the Mesa Safe Company, based out of Orange, California. The company was founded by George L. Vicente, who still heads it.

Mr. Vincente started working as a locksmith at the young age of sixteen and gained experience and courage to finally form the company in 1981. That very experience and dedication of the company’s founder towards locks and safes built Mesa into a trusted brand.

The company now manufactures office safes, residential safes, hotel safes, gun safes, and probably any other kind of safe you can think of. Mesa Safes is a trusted gun safe brand in the U.S. and it is popular internationally as well.

How Do Mesa Gun Safes Compare to the Competition?

Mesa’s safes are designed under the ideas and supervision of Mr. Vicente, a person who spent more than four decades of his life working with locks and opening stuck ones (legally). This makes Mesa gun safes a comprehensively better option than their competitors. Plus, they provide some other extra features which include:


Mesa safes are built from high-grade, thick stainless steel. Their safes are almost impenetrable to drilling and punching. These gun safes totally lack any polymer or composite materials, which is a somewhat unique feature in the gun safe industry. Mesa manufactures all of its gun safes from stainless steel and ensures that there are no soft points prone to prying or drilling attacks.

Guns are still safe after the fire (Source)


Almost every gun safe in Mesa Safe Company’s inventory is fire-resistant to some level. Ranging from low to high resistance, these safes can be entrusted to protect highly flammable ammunition and documents in case of a fire. Plus, the level of fire safety with these safes is also exceptional.

Anchoring and Customization

Mesa provides safe anchoring points with all its gun safes, so they can be bolted down to the ground or any other surface. Anchoring ensures that burglars won’t carry away your gun safe if they can’t open it. Plus, all the safes in their inventory are easily customizable and include features like internal power outlets for ease of use.

Tamper-Proof Locks

You can’t ignore the fact that this company is owned by a person who has been playing with locks all his life. This gives Mesa gun safes access to the best locks in the industry. Their locks are tamper-proof, secure, and have an extra drill-proof plate installed for additional security. Depending upon the exact model of the safe and lock, there might be further added security features in place, like a punch activated relocking system, etc.

Gun Safes From Mesa

Mesa has been in the gun safe business for a while, which is why the company has multiple product lines, with different gun safe models. The safes available under each of these models feature some specific qualities, which make them apt for a specific purpose. For example, different models differ in weight, fire resistance level, space, customizability, and more. However, all are exceptional gun safes worth banking your money on.

MBF Series






The MBF series is the toughest line of gun safes from Mesa. All safes in this line weigh more than 500 pounds and are good for storing an extensive assortment of weapons and ammunition.

The MBF series has three models, namely the MBF5922, the MBF7236E, and the MBF6032. The MBF series gun safes feature a 12-gauge, all-steel body and have a one-hour fire safety rating against a temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit. These safes are tested for durability using a two-story fall test.

Each safe has an electronic lock which can be programmed to accept two user access codes. Plus, the extra backup key will let you inside the safe in case of a lockout. The lock is protected by a drill-resistant hard plate and a punch activated relocking system, so the safe is practically impenetrable.

These safes have fully upholstered shelves to keep your weapons and belongings safe from scratches. The shelves are also adjustable so you can manage the storage space of the safe accordingly. A pocket door organizer also provides some extra storage space.

They also have an internal power outlet, so you don’t have to drill any holes for installing a dehumidifier or lights. If you have a large amount of stuff to store, go for the MBF series.

MGL Series






The MGL series is a lighter version gun safe from Mesa. These safes are comparatively smaller and good for the average Joe. The MGL series features three models, namely, the MGL14, the MGL24, and the MGL36, each of which has a storage capacity of 14, 24, and 36 rifles respectively.

The MGL series of safes feature a 12-gauge, all steel construction with a textured black paint finish. These safes have a 30-minute fire rating to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The safes have an electronic lock which can be programmed to accept the code of your choice. The lock is protected by a drill-resistant hard plate to successfully resist any drill attacks. The thick, heavy-duty steel door is held by strong steel hinges and has 3/4" diameter chrome-plated, live-locking bolts to resist pry attacks.

The safes have four anchor holes in their base to let you bolt them down to the surface. The interior of these gun safes is upholstered and the shelves are fully adjustable to let you make the most out of the space. You can entrust your weapons and ammunition with these safes, but storing magnetic tapes or paper is somewhat risky in the event of a fire.

MGS Series






The MGS series of Mesa gun safes features a thicker and more durable design with an advanced locking system. The MGS series has three models namely the MGnS22E, the MGS45E,  and the MGS39E, each of which has a capacity of 22, 45 and 39 long rifles respectively. These safes feature an 11-gauge steel body, which is thicker than the above-mentioned models.

These safes feature a U.L. listed electronic lock which accepts a single user code which can be easily changed and also a wrong code penalty to prevent unauthorized access. The lock is protected by a drill plate which also activates the secondary locking mechanism upon tampering.

The safe is ETL Certified for a 30-minute factory fire rating of 1400°F and has a heat-activated seal to prevent the fire from reaching the contents. The door has a three-way locking mechanism to provide better protection against pry attacks. It is operated by a tri-spoke chrome accent handle which also enhances the look of your gun safe.

The safe has four holes for anchoring to the ground and its interior is fully upholstered and adjustable. Its lock is powered by a 9v battery but it also has an emergency backup key in case the battery runs out. The safe also gives a low battery warning to prevent that. These safes have a U.L. Certified RSC Burglary Rating

MGH Series





The MGH series of Mesa gun safes can be seen as an upgraded version of the MGS series. These gun safes are even more sturdy from the former ones. The MGH series has two models, the MGH39E and MGH45E with a capacity of storing 39 and 45 rifles respectively. These safes have been made from 11-gauge stainless steel and feature a ¼” thick door.

The door has a three-way locking mechanism guarded by twelve 1 ½ inch thick locking bolts, which makes the safe immune to pry attacks. The safe is secured by a programmable electronic lock and is protected by a drill-resistant steel plate and a punch-activated re-locking system. It also has a wrong try penalty.

The safe is certified for a 60-minute fire rating at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit so it is safe to store weapons, jewelry, documents, magnetic tapes, and other valuables. The door has a tri-spoke handle with a chrome accent, which adds to the overall beauty of the safe.

The interior power outlet with three 110v outlets and one USB port lets you install lights and dehumidifiers without the need for drilling a hole in the safe. The interior of the safe is fully upholstered and adjustable to manage the storage space. If you have many items to secure and want an upgraded safe, go for the MGH series.


The Mesa Safe Company is an old and dependable brand of gun safes. Remember that the company is owned by a person who has been a locksmith for all of his life. Mesa safes are available in a wide range of variants, each of which has multiple models to suit each individual person’s needs.

These safes are not only good for storing weapons and ammunition, but they can also help you secure other valuables. Mesa safes are durable, fireproof, and can be anchored. Plus, there are a ton of other features which make it an ideal gun safe to choose. 

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