Best .450 Bushmaster Magazines [2019 Complete Overview]

The .450 Bushmaster magazines provide extra power to take down larger game and in some states may be the only way to legally hunt with a rifle. In an effort to achieve this capability, be sure to understand the basics behind these magazines and make sure you’re purchasing only the very best.

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​ASC .450 Bushmaster 7 Round AR-15 Magazine

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Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Magazine 3rd

Best .450 Bushmaster
3 Round Magazine

Magazine Follower for 450 Bushmaster Caliber

Best Magazine Follower for .450 Bushmaster

Perks of Carrying Extra .450 Bushmaster Magazines

Spare magazines are always an excellent idea. In the case of the .450 Bushmaster, it’s even smarter to carry extra mags. Here’s why:

More Versatility

You don’t need to carry the same magazines. The .450 Bushmaster can be a bit unwieldy and so, having mags that perform differently is a great way to adapt to your situation.

More Rounds

Many states don’t allow it, but anytime you have an opportunity to increase your magazine size, you should seriously consider it. More shots with less reloading just make sense.

Ruger 450 Bushmaster Scout (Source)


If something goes wrong with your existing magazine, you’ll lose the target if you can’t simply swap out the magazine.

Learning Curve

If like many hunters you’ve just recently upgraded to the .450 Bushmaster, you’ll have a bit of a learning curve. In other words, you’ll probably need extra shots at first, especially if you’re practicing. Save yourself the time with extra magazines.

They’re Cheap

When it comes to guns, having magazines is one of the most affordable ways to make your life easier. Take advantage of cheap upgrades whenever you can!

How to Choose .450 Bushmaster Magazines

Don’t purchase just any magazines. Get the product that’s right for you! In particular, you should pay attention to the following considerations:

Feed Performance

This is one type of magazine where reliability really matters. Far too many .450 Bushmaster magazines do not feed properly. Of course, we’ve gathered magazines that you can count on, but you should be aware that this is a major problem with this magazine type!


This ties in directly with feed performance. The geometry of most ammo brands features a taper that does not feed well in certain rifles such as the AR. That’s not to say that those are bad brands, but the design must be compatible with your gun’s design for reliable performance. You’ll encounter no problems with a bolt action magazine or single-shot rifles but semiautomatics are another story altogether.


Whenever discussing magazines, capacity always enters into the equation. Be sure you’re getting the number of rounds in a magazine that you want.


Magazines are thankfully not very expensive, so be sure you’re not spending an arm and a leg for what should be a good value.

Quick Take - The Best 450 Bushmaster Magazines

Review of the Best 450 Bushmaster Magazines

Now that you understand the benefits of having spare magazines, and what to look for when it comes to the .450 Bushmaster, let’s delve into the best products on the market today. Of course, we’ve singled each out as the best for a particular use case, so be sure to pay attention to each to get the magazine that’s right for you.


  • Study and Reliable Metal Body
  • Anti-Tilt Follower
  • Corrosion Resistant and Self Lubricating Marlube Finish


  • Follower is Made From Polymer

The .450 bushmaster is a pretty large bullet to fit into small maneuverable magazines. That’s the reason you don’t find high capacity magazines for the caliber. However, some manufacturers came with mid-sized magazine for the round.

This here is a 7 round magazine for holding .450 bushmaster magazines. The magazine has been made using .020 gauge 410 Stainless Steel alloy, which is heat treated to provide a more sturdy, durable and reliable body. The magazine has been chemically treated to resist corrosion which is a very common problem with metal magazines.

Additionally, the magazine features a proprietary marlube finish, which has self-lubricating properties. Thus ensuring that the finish won’t chip-off and all dents and scratches will be self repairable. So the finish of these magazines is not marred. The magazine is powered by sturdy and reliable chrome silicon springs, and an anti-tilt follower to ensure reliable and flawless feeding of ammunition in the chamber.

The floor plate is 300 stainless steel, which endures shocks and pressure and keeps the magazine intact. The magazine has a slightly curved structure along with longitudinal grooves on the surface, just like retro magazines. This provides you with a good grip over the magazine under all conditions. 

Bottom Line

The .450 bushmaster is a large caliber and requires a sturdy magazine to withstand its weight and pressure. This 7 round magazine is a good piece for mounting on a rifle because of its capacity, anti-tilt mechanism and good finish. 7 round capacity is enough to prevent you from reloading your magazines every now and then.

Best .450 Bushmaster 3 Round Magazine:
Ruger American 450 Bushmaster Magazine 3rd


  • Durable Polymer Body Will Last a Long Time
  • Excellent Standard in Performance and Reliability
  • Non-Reflective Black Matte Finish Blends With Your Rifle Finish
  • Normally Very Affordable, These are Offered at an Even Further Discount


  • May Not be Available for Long

Sometimes having three rounds is ample if you’re looking to have spare magazines at a low cost. Often, stocking up on three-round magazines is a great way to increase your ability to quickly fire off rounds once you’re accustomed to the .450 Bushmaster setup that you’ve built. It’s a perfect solution to those who are just getting used to it, too, as having spare magazines to load after every third shot will quickly get you moving efficiently.

When searching for a value solution, however, it’s important to stick to factory standards like a hard polymer-molded construction and a black finish that blends with your build. The ability to get a firm hold on the extra girth provided at the bottom to extract the mag from the magwell is another feature you may not get with low-cost products.

Additionally, sticking to a factory standard is the baseline for ensuring you don’t have to be concerned about potential feeding problems, and the hard polymer body will last a long time for a budget solution. We’ve already recommended that you purchase as many as makes sense for your budget from Brownells, but on occasion, it is possible to get them at a great price elsewhere.

In this case, Nimrod’s Wares has acquired brand new Ruger American .450 Bushmaster Magazine 3rd models and is offering them at a great discount. It’s unclear exactly how many are available or for how long they’ll be on offer, however, so be sure to stock up while you can!

Bottom Line

Stocking up on the Ruger American .450 Bushmaster Magazine 3rd makes a lot of sense, so take advantage of this great offer for quality factory mags while you can!


  • Very Affordable Solution
  • Works With Aluminum or Steel Magazines
  • Well-Made From Injection-Molded Delrin Plastic
  • A Hard-to-Find, Custom-Fit Follower for .450 Bushmaster
  • Easy, Super-Fast Installation and Uninstallation That Takes Seconds


  • Not Compatible With Some Steel Magazines, Although That’s by the Design of the Magazine Itself

Let’s not gloss over the importance of having a great magazine follower for .450 Bushmaster. These are designed to match the original magazine followers included with the .450 caliber rifle when they first took hold, prior to the modern craze.

Sometimes, you need a smart, independent gunsmith to produce high-quality parts, and Mouse Gun has filled that important niche here. Finding a dearth of acceptable single-shot followers on the market, this follower was designed for slow fire stages of the NRA high-power matches and adopted for the .450 caliber follower. It functions just fine whether it’s used for a multi-round .450 magazine or single-shot magazines in a .223. Just like a standard magazine, it locks back the bolt.

Expect the durable design to last for many years. Construction is excellent, made to an exacting gun owner’s standard. You’ll get an injection-molded design created from Delrin plastic, which meshes beautifully with aluminum or steel magazines. As you might know by now, however, it is not compatible with plastic magazines like the Magpul.

You should also note that even some steel magazines feature feed lips spaced too widely for the .450 to be able to properly hold the magazine. Of course, you shouldn’t have this issue if you’ve picked a magazine from our list but do be careful if you’re using other magazines that we haven’t recommended.

While it might seem unimportant to some readers, having a great magazine follower is a simple investment, and this product is very well-priced. Ensuring a great feed is important and in the grand scheme of things this custom-made solution is peanuts compared to what so many components cost.

Bottom Line

Producing an efficient and flawless feed is worth the minimal investment that comes with this custom-made solution for the .450 Bushmaster and is a wise choice.


Choosing the right magazine for .450 Bushmaster ensures a smooth transition and efficient performance on the range or in the field. However, far too many will produce feeding problems. Use our guide and list to avoid headaches and frustration and ensure you get a powerful shot without common problems!

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