Best Beretta Pistols of 2024 – Complete Round-up

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September 27, 2023

Beretta pistols are famous firearms largely enjoyed by the US military, although civilians are starting to experiment with owning them in greater numbers.

If you want to find the perfect Beretta for your needs, start with our comprehensive guide.

This will teach you everything you need to know along with the best Beretta pistols on the market. Let’s get started.

Comparison of the Best Beretta Pistols

  • 7+1 capacity
  • 1.2 lb weight
  • 3-inch barrel length
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How Accurate is a Beretta Pistol?

Overall, the Beretta is a very accurate pistol, which is part of why the US military uses the pistol so often. It exceeds the US military’s accuracy requirement, which requires 10-shot 4-inch groups or less up to 50 meters. Another way to think of this is that the Beretta is a very accurate pistol up to 50 meters and still reasonably accurate beyond this distance.

One of the biggest factors in the Beretta’s accuracy is its fixed barrel design. This eliminates the chance of a failure to feed or FTF. Most Berettas use 9mm ammo, which is known to be a fairly accurate round.

Why Did These Pistols Make Our List?

These aspects can be found in all of the Beretta pistols below, which cements them as fantastic handguns for all users.

Durable Construction

You’ll always want to find a Beretta that’s built to last. These guns can be a little pricey, so you want something that’s worth every dollar you spend. Durable weapons are more accurate and will be reliable even after a lot of use, too.

Good Grip Design

You should also try to find Berettas that have comfortable and anti-slip grips. These ensure you can stay accurate or have a hold on your pistol even if you tend to sweat a lot.

Good Capacity

You’ll also want a Beretta that has a good capacity for your purposes. Keep in mind that larger capacities weigh the gun down and can affect accuracy, but you also don’t want your pistol to only have a few rounds. Try to pick from our firearms one that has a capacity that works for you.

Great Sights

All of our Beretta pistols have decent sights, but some may prefer one type of sight to another. Consider your favorite sights, as these can impact your enjoyment of the weapon and its accuracy.

Review of the Best Beretta Pistols

Let’s take a look at the top Beretta pistols on the market. Below, you’ll find all-around top choices or more specialized pistols that are better for more niche users. Regardless, you should be able to find something for your needs among these choices.

Best Overall:
Beretta USA 92FS INOX Stainless Pistol


  • Has an open-top slide
  • Has a short recoil system
  • Made with stainless steel
  • Higher than average capacity
  • Accuracy is improved relative to other models


  • A little heavy for some
  • Safety is oddly positioned
  • Grip is not particularly anti-slip

What Recent Buyers Report

The most recent users of this firearm report that it’s a phenomenal and durable piece that can place rounds accurately downrange in rapid succession. The short recoil system utilized in its construction operates with a delayed locking block mechanism to slide the cycles faster and improve its overall accuracy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Beretta pistol stands out to us because of the aforementioned short recoil system, plus its open-top slide. This gets rid of lots of maintenance issues that other Beretta pistols can suffer from and makes maintaining this weapon a lot easier. As a result, it'll likely lasts a lot longer than other Beretta pistols on the market.

Who Will Use This Most 

We think Beretta users who want a reliable handgun that will last for a long time to come should seriously consider this firearm. It delivers consistent accuracy and, with the right maintenance, will continue functioning for many years. The stainless steel frame certainly helps with this aspect.

Bottom Line

The Beretta 92FS is a phenomenal pistol that deserves a place in the cabinet of any serious pistol enthusiast. While it is a little pricey, its long service life and fantastic accuracy more than warrant it. It’s clear that significant care and attention went into the construction of each of these pistols.

Beretta USA PX4 Storm


  • Trigger pulls smoothly
  • Is very corrosive resistant
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Safety is easy to engage or disengage


  • Grip isn’t very anti-slip
  • Trigger hole is a little small
  • A little pricey relatively speaking

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who’ve experienced this pistol firsthand report that it is a very reliable piece of equipment. You can take this into virtually any climate or environment and it’ll continue to function and accurately deliver its rounds downrange. The result is a pleasing Beretta pistol that can be depended upon when you need assistance most.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This Beretta pistol caught our eye because of its unique aesthetic and excellent long-term durability. It has a stainless steel slide and partial frame; the rest of the frame is made from a techno-polymer that's reinforced with fiberglass. This ensures that the pistol will continue to work in most environments. However, we still think this is a slightly pricey Beretta pistol since it isn’t quite as durable or long-lasting as our top choice.

Who Will Use This Most

Those who want a consistent and reliable Beretta pistol should definitely consider the PX4. In addition, the PX4 storm is unique in that it can take .45 caliber rounds if you’d like to change things up or switch your shooting style. While these will change the behavior of the pistol somewhat, it’ll still be an overall excellent firearm.

Bottom Line

This versatile and dependable Beretta pistol is a great choice if you won’t spend most of your time on the shooting range but will instead be out in the wilderness in variable weather and humidity conditions. No matter what you throw at it, this Beretta pistol should be able to continue functioning.

Best for the Money:
 Beretta USA M9A3 Type G


  • Comes with 3 magazines
  • Has front and rear night sights
  • Capacity is higher than average
  • Finish grants it corrosion resistance
  • Threaded barrel


  • No manual safety
  • Quite a recoil/kick

What Recent Buyers Report

The most recent users of this firearm say that they appreciate it as a serious duty weapon or something you use at the range. The lack of a manual safety is a concern for some, though this feature cements this as a firearm only to be used by professionals or those who have lots of firearm experience. Still, most are satisfied with this Beretta’s performance and accuracy at range.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out mostly due to its excellent night sights, both of which offer excellent accuracy in low light conditions and at ranges approaching or even exceeding 50 m. This Beretta also has a great grip, which helps to offset its serious recoil that can mess up your aim at times. Its high-capacity magazine is another good bonus, as it affords you more shots before you need to reload.

Who Will Use This Most

Those who are serious about getting good with Beretta-style pistols will really love this firearm, especially since it has a high capacity magazine. It’ll also be a favorite of those who want a good duty weapon, although various departments may not allow it due to the lack of a manual safety function.

Bottom Line

Overall, this Beretta is a serious weapon for serious firearm enthusiasts. It has plenty of excellent features and its only flaws are a problem if you’re inexperienced enough to let them deter you from its advantages. All in all, it’s a great piece that we’d recommend to anyone who enjoys these weapons and wants to get better with them over time.

4. Beretta BU9 Nano


  • Sights are adjustable
  • Has a snag-free profile
  • Polymer material is durable
  • Has a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Has a modular design for customization


  • Grip isn’t very anti-slip
  • Accuracy suffers slightly below 50m
  • Isn’t as durable as non-modifiable Berettas

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent users of this Beretta report that it’s a phenomenal choice as a personal defense handgun. That’s largely because of its small size and sleek frame, both of which minimize the opportunity for it to snag on your holster on its way out. This allows it to be drawn quickly in a potentially tense or critical situation.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This pistol stands out both for the aforementioned aspects that make it easy to use, plus its modular design. This allows it to be customized somewhat, cementing its position as a great self-defense weapon. This does slightly impact its durability, but it's still a fairly tough weapon that shouldn't fall apart even if you drop it a few times.

Who Will Use This Most

We think self-defense specialists or those looking for a small concealed carry weapon will get the most mileage out of this Beretta. It affords a quick and clean draw no matter which kind of holster you choose to pair with it, and its ease of use makes it a great pick even if you don't spend lots of time at the shooting range.

Who Will Use This Most

This affordable and utilitarian Beretta is perfect for giving yourself the tools you need in a self-defense scenario. It's perfectly accurate at the ranges you'd be expected to defend yourself and it offers a decent construction that'll provide consistent performance and accuracy when you need it to most.

5. Beretta APX Striker-Fired Pistol


  • Unique aesthetic
  • Has an ambidextrous slide stop
  • Has interchangeable back straps
  • Features a Picatinny rail for accessories
  • Higher than average magazine capacity


  • Safety is oddly-shaped
  • Grip is only partially anti-slip
  • Trigger pull is very short, possibly off-putting

What Recent Buyers Report

The recent users of this Beretta pistol say that it’s a great example of a duty Beretta pistol that you can use for frequent shooting range practice or self-defense. It features a very high capacity magazine and it still works as a balanced weapon even with the added weight. In addition, many users appreciate the unique, military-esque aesthetic that the firearm has.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It’s a great pistol to us thanks to its high-capacity magazine and its versatility. Its ambidextrous components (of which there are many) and its back straps make this a great pick for a wide variety of users. It’s a Beretta pistol that’ll work for most folks, and it can be purchased for an affordable asking price.

Who Will Use This Most

Those looking for an affordable Beretta that will work for most shooters will want to consider the APX Striker. It’s perhaps a good choice if you’d like to purchase a family firearm that everyone can become proficient with, especially since it offers ambidextrous functionality for most of its components.

Bottom Line

This Beretta pistol affords you a lot of utility and the same consistent performance and accuracy as most other Beretta weapons while still being usable by those of either hand orientation. It also has an excellent aesthetic that former or current service members will appreciate for its seriousness and inspirational appearance.

Pros and Cons of Beretta Pistols

Here are the pros and cons of Beretta pistols.


The Beretta pistol has lots of advantages that warrant your attention. First and foremost of these is its accuracy, which is known to be quite good up to 50 meters. This gives you lots of room to hit your targets or defend yourself.

Many Berettas also have excellent magazine capacities, averaging around 15 rounds. This affords you plenty of wiggle room if you’re ever in a tense situation and need to take a few extra shots to hit your targets. The high-capacity magazines are usually due to the wide grip design of each Beretta’s frame.

Because of their large size, many Berettas also soak up recoil, making them easier to handle even with their stopping power and accuracy. This can be great for both beginners or experienced marksmen alike.

Finally, most Berettas don’t need tools to disassemble. Therefore, maintaining the gun over a long span of time is easy, which will improve its value for money even further.


However, Berettas have a few flaws. The biggest of these is the slide-mounted safety, which many Berettas have as a part of their frames. This can make engaging the safety accidentally a real possibility, and it’s something you always have to be aware of.

In addition, many Berettas feature double-action trigger pulls. This can affect your accuracy if you’re not used to it. But it is something you can learn to accommodate over time.


The right Beretta pistol for your needs might be different from the above options, but we’re confident that we’ve given you the tools you need to locate the ideal pistol for your purposes. Whatever they are, a Beretta is a great firearm you can appreciate for a long time if you treat it right. Thanks for reading!

People Also Ask

The Beretta is something of a legendary firearm, so there’s a fair amount of miscommunication or confusion regarding its capabilities. We’ll clear up some frequently asked questions below so you can enjoy your new Beretta pistol to its fullest extent.

Is a Beretta Better than a Glock?

Both guns are significantly different so that neither is totally better in all circumstances. Glocks misfire more on average, but Glocks also have a better safety integration. Berettas are a little easier to handle and control in terms of recoil, but they’re also a little harder to handle caliber for caliber. Overall, Glocks are better for those who like lighter, more agile guns, while Berettas are superior for heavy-hitter fans.

Can You Conceal Carry a Beretta 92fs?

You can conceal carry a Beretta 92fs, but you’ll require a larger and more durable concealed carry holster since this firearm weighs more. It’ll also likely need to cover the entire length of the Beretta, limiting your concealed carry holsters even further. Still, these holsters are definitely around; you just have to look for them. 

What Type of Gun is a Beretta?

Beretta, simply put, is a gun manufacturer - not a 'type of gun'. They make many variations of firearms including semi-auto pistols like these in the article, revolvers, rifles, etc.

Does Beretta Make a 45 Caliber Handgun?

Beretta does make a .45 cal handgun called the PX4 Storm (see above). This offers excellent ergonomics and a rotating barrel, keeping several of the advantages of most other Beretta sidearms. It employs a light frame and three sizes of grips, making it a versatile handgun for a variety of users. It can also be improved with several tactical lights or laser aiming devices.

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