Bx-25 Trigger Review – 2022 Buyer’s Guide

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June 4, 2021

If you’re looking for a BX-25 trigger, chances are that you’re not alone. You’ll want a trigger that can function properly and give you the ability to quickly get a shot off your rifle. You might be disappointed with your current factory trigger for a few good reasons.

One, the pull weight might not be the best. Plus, the trigger pull itself might be not as crisp. Of course, you might have a little bit of creep to add along with the myriad of issues that you might be dealing with due to a cheap, crappy stock trigger.

  • Crisp and lightweight trigger pull between 2.5 to 3 pounds
  • Positive reset and minimal overtravel for quick follow-up shots
  • Simple drop-in installation doesn't require gunsmithing or extra tools
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With that said, let’s unveil the trigger that we chose so you can get it as soon as you give it a deeper look and determine whether or not if it’s a good investment for you or not.

This is the Ruger BX Drop-In Replacement Trigger For 10/22 Rifles. This trigger was created by the Ruger brand beginning in 2014. It was designed to be a replacement trigger that would perform better compared to the likes of stock factory triggers that have heavier pull weights and some trigger creep.

If you’re looking for a trigger that won’t take a long time for you to install, pay close attention to the main features. Also, be on the lookout for one of them that will allow you the luxury of installing it with ease with no gunsmithing skills. 

Main Features

Below are the most notable standout qualities:

Trigger Pull

Let's pit this Ruger BX Drop-In Trigger with a stock factory trigger for a moment. On average, a stock trigger will have a pull weight of approximately six to seven pounds. With the Ruger BX trigger, that pull weight is reduced to under half of that. More specifically, you're looking at a trigger weight of anywhere between 2.5-3 pounds.


When you hear the words “drop in”, that is a fancy way of saying “easy to install”. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with the Ruger trigger. Do you think that you’re going to need expert gunsmithing skills to install this? No, you don’t. A stock trigger will take a bit of a challenge to install as it is. Plus, it would be a little easier to uninstall considering that you’re replacing the thing.

Something to note: drop-in just doesn’t apply to triggers. This applies to a lot of gun accessories. If you’re not a fan of wasting time with complex installation, look for a drop-in accessory and you’ll be good to go within minutes.


Earlier, we mentioned that this is an excellent replacement trigger for rifles. However, if you’re an owner of a Ruger brand pistol, you’ll be surprised to find that this trigger can fit them as well. This may not come as a surprise since they happen to be from the same brand.

If you have an accessory made from the same brand that manufactures your gun, odds are that the fit will be perfect. But nowhere did we expect a trigger designed for rifles to work with most Ruger pistols. If you do have some money to work with and you own both a Ruger rifle and a Ruger pistol, then why not get two and pamper each item in your arsenal?

Reliable And Safe 

A lot of us wonder if the trigger we choose as a replacement will actually be safe to use. The short answer is, yes. The long answer is, the Ruger BX trigger is safe to install and use. Not to mention, it is also reliable in its use, especially in a time when you need to use your rifle or pistol most.

This can be in a hunting situation, in competitive shooting, or even a home defense situation. Regardless, you’ll be able to quickly pull the trigger without worrying about it being too heavy or wondering how much more pressure you need to apply in order to get a shot off.


Here are the main benefits associated with this trigger:

Easy to Install

We’re not fans of repeating ourselves here. But we’ll say it again. This is a drop-in trigger, which means it’s easy to install without the use of any kind of tools. Yes, you’re still going to use some tools to ensure that the trigger itself will be held in place and will be able to function properly.

The timing of the installation will usually take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes at most. That is, as long as you follow the instructions that come with the trigger. We don’t expect this process to be intimidating for you in the slightest. But think about the money you’d save compared to enlisting the services of a professional gunsmith.

Not only will visiting a gunsmith take time because of the other tasks he might have with other customers, but it will also cost you a lot more money. Probably more than what you’ll spend on this trigger alone. You’re better off installing it yourself. 

Pull Weight is Quite Light

The heavier the pull weight, the more time it will take to get a shot off. That's why you'll want the trigger weight to be light. Plus, you won't have to apply a whole lot of pressure in order to get this trigger to function properly. It won't be very sensitive to the touch either.

However, it's light enough where it will take less time for you to go from aim to fire. So, if you're looking for a trigger weight that's a lot lighter than your stock trigger, then you're going to be quite happy with the 2.5-3 pound pull weight this puppy has.

Fits Most Budgets

One of the key aspects that a lot of gun shoppers use to make their final decision is price. Yes, we understand that you might be on a budget. But fear not, this Ruger trigger is not expensive, but it’s not cheap either. However, the value for what it's going for is much more important. This is a high-quality trigger that will give you more than what you pay for.

The performance, the reliability, and the ease of installation are what makes this a steal rather than something that's cheap and crappy in quality. At the price of what it's going for, we're dead serious when we say get two (one for the pistol, one for the rifle). Of course, if you don't have both a Ruger pistol or rifle, then you won’t need to get two, unless you just want an extra on-hand.

An Excellent Replacement Trigger

Some owners of the Ruger 10/22 have constantly complained about the quality of the stock trigger that comes with the gun itself. And to put it in two words according to them: it’s terrible. While there might be others that are considered suitable replacements, why this one in particular? Other than it being affordable, it’s a very high-quality trigger that is designed to get rid of the issues caused by even the latest type of 10/22 triggers.

If you’re not going to wait around any longer for Ruger to change the way their stock trigger functions, this replacement will give you more time at the range or out in the field. It’s a lot better than sitting around waiting for something that probably won’t happen. Wouldn’t you agree?


But, there are some drawbacks:

Some Trigger Creep Is Still Present

Of course, we present this with only one slight disadvantage. Some users have reported that there is some trigger creep. Of course, you’ll feel the trigger “creeping” when you’re using a crappy quality trigger. But it’s kind of few and far between if you’re using the Ruger trigger. A little trigger creep isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too much of it can be.

Something to remember while you’re listening to conversations about trigger creep. You’ll often hear some slang terms like “mushy” or “gritty”. These are somewhat fancy terms that describe trigger creep. These are kinds of trigger creep that can happen in various positions of the trigger pull itself. 

What is a BX-25 Trigger Best For?

This trigger is best used for pretty much any purpose that you'll want to use your rifle or pistol for. This could include hunting for small or big game, competitive shooting, target practicing, and home defense.

The lightweight trigger pull will give you an advantage in situations like home defense or competitive shooting. In situations like this, timing is everything and a lightweight trigger will save you a lot of time and allow you to shoot quickly, as opposed to a trigger that can be heavier in weight. So, the levels of applied pressure will differ.

Since the trigger will have the ability to withstand all kinds of punishment, it is best for extended use. In other words, if you're planning on having an extended shooting session at the range, then, by all means, you can do so. You won't have to worry about the trigger being worn down or damaged because of constant usage.

If that isn't enough, this trigger was made in the U.S.A. If you know anything about gun accessories made right here in America, you know that the quality and longevity will be outstanding.

The Bottom Line

The Ruger BX-25 Drop-In Replacement Trigger is perhaps one of the best triggers on the market and for a few good reasons. For one, it is durable and can withstand a lot of use. So if you’re looking for a trigger that won’t show a lot of wear and tear after a short period of time, this trigger might be the one you’ll stick with for a long period of time.

Other than that, if you have a rifle (particularly a Ruger) that has a factory trigger that’s not worth the use, then you’d be crazy not to replace it with something like this. You’re getting a lightweight trigger pull that’s clean and crisp. Plus, it’s designed to handle any application that you can think of. Lastly, it’s affordable and will fit most budgets.

Yes, there are triggers out there that are twice the price. But why pay more when you can get a trigger that can actually function just as well, if not better? For the best replacement trigger for your Ruger rifle or pistol, the BX-25 Drop In is your best choice. 

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