How to Wear a Belly Band Holster | Informational Guide 2020

| Last Updated: December 22, 2020

Belly band holsters are an innovative and highly-concealable method of carrying a firearm. Belly band holsters are comfortable and let you carry your weapon in situations where other holsters become redundant or useless.

A lot of people use these belly band holsters, so here we’ll discuss about the proper way to wear it. Plus, we will also learn about the proper drawing method from a belly band holster and its advantages and disadvantages.

To conclude this discussion, we have handpicked and reviewed the three best belly band holsters on the market, so you can evade the tedious search process for your purchase. 

How to Wear a Belly Band Holster

A belly band holster is a wide, long piece of neoprene which has a velcro or metal clip at each of its ends. To wear a belly band holster, you have to wrap it around your belly (right under the chest) and join both the ends with the available fastening mechanism.

Obviously, this is not all there is to it, and you have to consider certain aspects which are important for such a holster to fit and work properly. These include:

Proper Positioning: The belly band holster can be worn on a high, as well as in a low position. Plus, they can also be worn at 10 O’Clock or 2 O’Clock, as a shoulder rig, on the hips, behind the hips, outside-the-waistband, belly button, and open carry positions on your body. You must infer and decide your best carry position depending upon your practice and comfort. Always remember that in order to reach your gun, you’ll have to pull up your shirt first.

Adjustment: Almost all belly band holsters are made from elastic neoprene material, which can be easily adjusted for a tight fit using the Velcro. Additionally, the neoprene breaks in with time, offering added comfort to the bearer. These holsters can also eliminate the need for wearing a belt in certain situations.

Different position for belly band holster 

Outfits: Belly band holsters require you to wear somewhat loose outfits if your intent is to CCW. Even though these holsters fit snugly to your body, you still have to be careful when wearing tight clothing, as it may promote printing.

Firearms: Since most belly band holsters are made from elastic neoprene, they fit most firearms. However, you must still ensure the range of firearms compatible with each holster.

Extra Pouch: Almost all belly band holsters have an extra accessory pouch, which can be used to store mags, knives, cellphone, credit card, or other relevant items. These pouches come in handy when you use such holsters while jogging or exercising.

How to Draw From a Belly Band Holster

To let you understand the draw techniques properly, we have added a video to this section. This video will explain to you the proper method of wearing and drawing your weapon from a belly band holster.

You get to know the right method to clear out your shirt, pop and hold the retention strap, and draw the handgun. This drawing technique is not only the quickest but also prevents you from fumbling.

Furthermore, the video will also demonstrate the correct way to use the mag pouch to draw the backup magazine, and how to guide it quickly into the mag well.  

Many people also find it difficult to re-holster the weapon. For that, you’ll learn how to clear out the retention strap so it doesn’t interfere, and reholster the gun properly.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Belly Band Holsters

Once you have learned the proper wear and draw technique of a belly band holster, you must also learn about its pros and cons to understand when and why to use it.


  • Concealment: Belly band holsters provide exceptional concealment to your firearm. These holsters are good for EDC and concealed carry. These holsters also allow you to carry your weapon while you’re out on a morning or evening walk or a jogging spree.
  • Protects the Weapon: Belly band holsters are extremely safe for carrying a handgun. Due to the position in which they are worn, they prevent the firearm from jostling, getting pulled out by an attacker, or falling out. Moreover, belly band holsters are made from neoprene which protects the handgun from scratches.
  • Fit Most Firearms: These holsters are generally made from elastic neoprene material, which can accommodate handguns of almost any size. This makes them a universal holster for everyday carry.

Size Chart for reference

  • Adjustable: Due to a Velcro-based design, these holsters are easily adjustable and can fit different people with different belly sizes with ease.
  • Comfortable: The design and carry position of these holsters makes them extremely comfortable when compared with other holster designs. They prevent the weapon from digging into your pelvis (like IWB holsters), snagging onto things (like OWB holsters), or causing discomfort (like underarm shoulder rigs).
  • Doesn’t Limit Wardrobe: These holsters can be worn with most outfits, except for very tight clothing.


  • Sweaty: Belly band holster can be sweaty and cause discomfort to certain people, especially in hot summer months.
  • Difficult to Reholster: Since the holster itself is made from neoprene, which collapses upon drawing the weapon, reholstering a weapon takes time.
  • Wardrobe Clash: If wearing a tucked button shirt, drawing the weapon will be more cumbersome if you haven’t practiced well. Similarly, these holsters can bereft women from wearing halters or tops.


A belly band holster is a highly adjustable, concealable, and comfortable option for concealed carry. Such a holster should be positioned properly while wearing to provide a comfortable fit.

Plus, you should also be aware of which handguns are compatible and the clothes you should wear with it. Drawing from any holster requires proper practice.

These holsters offer a lot of advantages but have certain drawbacks, like discomfort in hot weather and difficulty when reholstering. 

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