Best Mossberg 500 Stocks of 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated:
September 4, 2023

Are you in search of the best Mossberg 500 stock? If you are, then you’re going to want to find one that will best suit you based on personal needs and preferences. At the same time, you don’t want to rush into buying a stock that will eventually turn out to be a disappointment. Buyer’s remorse is something that we don’t want our readers to go through.

So, we’ve handpicked the top 14 Mossberg 500 stocks that are on the market. We’ve scoured the market and looked over all of these to determine how they stand out among the rest.

If you’re looking for a stock to upgrade your current Mossberg or if you want to build one yourself, keep reading so you’ll know what to do when the time comes to purchase one.

Comparison of the Best Mossberg 500 Stocks

  • Made From Synthetic Materials
  • Fits Both the Mossberg 500 and 590 Brands
  • Comes With Optional M-Lok Accessories and Mounts
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  • Made From Synthetic Material
  • Aluminum Bolt for Easy Installation
  • Law Enforcement Version Available, Which is a Slightly Lower Design
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  • Fits Most Mossberg 500 and 590 Shotguns
  • Six Collapsible Positions for Maximum Adaptability
  • Made From Materials Able to Withstand Weather and Other Liquids Like Oils and Cleaning Solvents
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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Ambidextrous for Both Right-Handed and Left--Handed Shooters.
  • Comes With a Swivel Stud for Easy Folding in Stock or No-Stock Mode
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  • Wood-Made of Birch and Stained in a Walnut Finish
  • Stained to Match That Classic Mossberg Shotgun Look
  • Rubber Recoil Pad to Ensure Maximum Absorption of Shock
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  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip
  • Ambidextrous, Including Sling Mountings
  • Six Adjustable Positions to Fit Every Size
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  • Six Adjustable Positions
  • Pistol Grip for Better Control
  • Made From Synthetic Materials
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Why Upgrade Your Mossberg 500 Stock?

One of the major reasons why upgrading a stock is important is because a factory or generic stock might not be as durable or comfortable for you while you're using it, especially when your Mossberg 500 has the ability to recoil with each shot.

However, there are a few other benefits and advantages that you'll enjoy should you decide to upgrade the stock on your Mossberg 500. According to past buyers and current users, here's what they have reported after upgrading their Mossberg 500 stock:

Better Control

When a shotgun recoils, not having proper control of it will throw your shot off course. Plus, the recoil of a shotgun will cause the muzzle to rise. You'll want a stock that will absorb the shock that comes with recoil. This way, you are able to have better control of your Mossberg and in turn, have better accuracy when it comes to shooting at your target.

Better Grip

If you have a generic stock, the grip isn't going to be anything to write home about. Depending on the material, you'll need a product that will allow you a better overall grip. There will be times that you'll be out in the field (or at the range) and the weather won't be as good.

You want to have a good grip on your shotgun during wet conditions like snow or rain. If you're not wearing gloves and your hands tend to sweat, you may risk dropping your shotgun. This could result in damaging your gun or possibly having it accidentally discharge. Either way, you want to avert this kind of disaster by getting an item that will give you a better grip.

Better Handling

Let’s face it, there will be people of shorter stature who won’t be able to handle a Mossberg with a generic stock. It will feel as if it’s a little long for them. That’s why you want to consider the possibility of purchasing an adjustable stock.

It should adjust to the exact level of comfort and will allow shooters of a shorter size to better hold the gun without ever feeling like they’re overreaching. This is key in unexpected situations when you have to use your Mossberg, like in a self-defense situation. While the Mossberg is a powerful shotgun in a self-defense setting, it might be the saving grace of a shooter of any size if they’re able to fit a stock that best suits their needs.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying a New Stock

Prior to making your final decision on what stock to purchase, you’ll need to consider a few aspects that consist of buying a great quality product as opposed to buying a cheap, low-quality option. Here are some things that past buyers have considered:


There are two kinds of materials that are used in gunstocks: wood and synthetic materials. Each type of stock has its own pros and cons. For example, while a wood stock will give a Mossberg that usual gun-like quality, they have their share of disadvantages, such as being susceptible to water damage.

Meanwhile, synthetic stocks will typically be cheaper and will weigh as much as usual wood stocks (maybe more or less). Despite being superior to the wood stock in terms of dealing with water, there's often a concern of accuracy issues when using a synthetic stock.


Of course, you’ll want to consider price as a major factor in your decision. However, it should not be the sole reason why you bought your stock. Once again, do not be tempted to buy one simply due to the fact that it has a low price tag. Sometimes, there’s a reason why its priced so low. Those made from cheaper quality materials and most likely prone to damage are typically sold at dirt cheap prices.

While you’re looking for a stock, imagine buying multiple stocks for a small militia that is about to go to war. Any good general wants the best of the best when it comes to weaponry. However, if money is an issue, it’s important to err on the side of quality. Find the best product you can afford in terms of quality.

Intent And Purpose

Last but not least, it's always important to know the intent and purpose of using your Mossberg 500 shotgun. The usual applications are for hunting or home defense. Of course, other applications include target shooting or clay pigeon shooting in both practice or competitive settings.

While there is no stock that is solely designed for a specific purpose, there are some secondary factors to consider while using it for a purpose. In a home defense situation, having a stock is key because it will allow you better control of your shotgun when aiming and shooting at a threat.

Likewise, the same can apply in a hunting situation. In hunting, you'll have the opportunity to hit a big game target from a distance as far as 50 to maybe even 100 yards out. Having control through the use of a good stock will ensure that your shot is accurate, especially when you're going for the kill shot.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Stocks

Below are 14 of the best Mossberg 500 stocks currently sold on the market. We consider these the best in terms of where they stand in the overall market and also for those who are on a budget. We'll also be looking at the best stocks for various types and usages. It is important to know your intents and purposes, personal needs and preferences, and some of the other factors listed above prior to purchasing one of these stocks.

Before we move on, we recommend you read these reviews carefully. Although this list is a little longer than normal, this is worth the read if you're looking for a Mossberg 500 stock of your own. Let's begin with the item that nabbed the top honor of "Best Overall":

Best Overall:
Magpul - SGA Buttstock & M-lok Forend Kit


  • Improved Overall Look and Ergonomics.
  • Some Have Reported to Have a Better Handle on Their Mossberg Rifles
  • Has the Ability to Hold Up Better in Nasty Weather Compared to Wood Stocks


  • While Not a Major Con, Some Users Have Resorted to Finding Longer Tubes in Order for This to Work More Effectively

We kick off our review portion with the "Best Overall" on the market. This honor goes to the Magpul's SGA Buttstock & M-Lok Forend Kit. The fact that this is a kit rather than just a simple stock is what sticks out as one of the main reasons we went with this as the best of the best.

This is an adaptable product that will not only fit your Mossberg 500 shotgun but also other models as well, like the 590s. This is a lightweight product made from synthetic materials that come with a 7 ⅝ action tube assembly. If you have a 12-gauge shotgun that has this kind of tube, then you'll know for sure that this will fit your Mossberg perfectly and without issue.

The purpose of this is to ensure the best adaptability for the shooter. Which means this stock should help any shooter regardless of their stature or size to hold on to their Mossberg shotgun without any issue. A lack of adaptability will equal a lack of control. At this point, we've probably talked on the subject of control almost ad nauseam.

Having said this, it also comes with an option that will allow for M-LOK accessories and mounts. This is the stock you want if you are looking for something that will absorb a good amount of shock from recoil and will look pretty awesome on your Mossberg 500. You can’t go wrong with the Magpul brand when it comes to gun accessories. They really are one of the top brands to rely on.

Bottom Line

So, is the Magpul deserving of the top spot? The short answer: yes. This stock is made from polymer, which is a strong synthetic material. And it has the ability to absorb a great deal of shock from recoil.

If you own both a Mossberg 500 and a 590, you should consider this as a possible upgrade for either shotgun or both. If you’re looking to improve the look of your Mossberg and maximize your adaptability and ergonomics, you’ll want to look at this kind of stock a little further.

Mesa - Telescoping Buttstock Kit


  • Excellent Ergonomics
  • Easy to Install With No Issues
  • Recoil Reduction is Noticeably Better Compared to Other Options


  • May Be a Little Pricey for the Budget Shopper
  • Some Have Complained That the LEO Version of the Stock May Be a Little Too Low, to a Point Where the Bead is Actually Higher

Up next, we have the Mesa Telescoping Buttstock Kit. This is a factory replacement stock that is considered a "bolt-on" option. This will ensure that your Mossberg 500 shotgun has increased adaptability and control once you switch your current stock with this.

One of the unique things that stands out with this product, in particular, is the ability to give you five different positions. This means it is adaptable to anyone who may be struggling to hang onto a Mossberg shotgun because of their size. So consider this a stock that gives the ability to adjust to fit your exact size so you can retain maximum control of your Mossberg 500 shotgun. Plus, this is also able to adapt to shooters that tend to wear body armor or tactical gear.

The aluminum receiver that is part of this product is used to bolt the stock and includes the appropriate hardware. The good news is that you don’t need to make any permanent changes or alterations to the gun. So that saves you time and money that would otherwise go to a professional gunsmith.

Included in this kit is a rubber pistol grip that ensures you’ll have better control over your shotgun. Not to mention, this will give you more than enough shock absorption from recoil. This also comes in a special Law Enforcement Officer edition.

The major feature of this version is the stock is low enough so you can effectively use your shotgun’s beaded or iron sights. Either way, it is designed to make sure that every shot you make is as deadly accurate as possible. If accuracy is something that you hold to a high standard, it may not hurt to choose this version of the Mesa.

Bottom Line

The Mesa deserves its place as one of the top Mossberg 500 stocks on the market. Unfortunately, in reviews like this, we can't do "ties". But if we did, we can say for sure that this is right on par with the Magpul.

One of the biggest factors of why this is one of the best is the easy installation process. You simply bolt on the stock and it's good to go. The LEO version of its part is a great stock type. If you're using your Mossberg for self-defense purposes, you'll be more apt to consider that variation over the original.

For all other applications, any version is up in the air. But regardless, this lives up to being a pretty good offering. Even if the price tag is a little hefty, you'll know it's worth every penny if you choose to go with the Mesa.

Best For The Money:
Pro Mag Archangel Tactical Stock


  • Six Positions Are an Absolute Godsend for Most Users
  • Absorbs a Lot of Shock From Recoil, Allowing You Better Control
  • Excellent for Hunting as it Will Withstand Any Weather Conditions


  • The Forend May Not Fit All Mossberg 500s
  • You May Need to Buy an Extension Nut in Order to Install This, Dependent on the Type of Mossberg 500 You Have

Of course, we'll always be on the lookout for upgrades and accessories that will fit the Mossberg owner that is looking for something but on a budget. As mentioned before, we place a high standard on quality when looking for a budget accessory. We know that those who go for cheap, generally end up getting something that will damage easily and live a short life. That, in turn, leads to spending more money. We don't want that to happen to you (or anyone else).

With that out of the way, we turn our attention to the Pro Mag Archangel Tactical Stock as the best option on a budget. This is, by far, one of the toughest looking options on the list. If you're looking for something that will make your shotgun look like an imposing, beast-like force to be reckoned with, you may want to consider this as your best option.

This is an advanced tactical option that is not only compatible with Mossberg 500 models but will also fit a Mossberg 590 shotgun. The material this is made from a polymer that is carbon-reinforced. This is the kind of stock that will handle any kind of weather conditions that nature decides to cook up. Try that with a regular wood stock on your Mossberg.

With six different positions, the Pro Mag is a collapsible option that offers the ultimate in adaptability. No matter your size, tall or short, thin or overweight, this product will make sure that there is an adjustment that will fit you perfectly. As for application purposes, it works with whatever your intent or purpose is for using your Mossberg shotgun. It is sure to come in quite handy in situations where you’ll need to defend your home from prowlers and invaders.

Bottom Line

For a Mossberg 500 stock at the price it’s going for, this goes above and beyond. In fact, you’re probably shocked at the fact that this is priced at something that’s considered affordable. That’s the beauty of finding the best possible product you can afford.

You’d be surprised how something this good can be priced at such an affordable price. It’s like finding the needle in a haystack. In fact, you don’t have to be on a budget to get something like this. If this checks off every item on your wishlist for the dream Mossberg 500 stock, why not get the Pro Mag? You’d be crazy to pass up on something as awesome as this.

Best Folding Stock:
ATI Outdoor Tactical Top Folding Stock


  • Very Lightweight
  • Very Easy to Fold Up
  • Most Users Have Achieved a Great Deal of Accuracy Using This Product


  • Some Users Have Complained About the Color of the Finish

Next, we’ll take a look at the ATI Outdoor Tactical Top Folding Stock. We chose this as the best folding stock on the market and quite possibly for all the right reasons. If you’re looking for an option that will give you the advantages of a shotgun both with a stock and without one, this might be worth considering.

In fact, the purpose of a folding stock is allowing you the ability to use your Mossberg 500 with a stock or without one. The material it is made from will probably surprise you. This is made from extreme temperature glass reinforced polymer developed by none other than DuPont. If you know a thing or two about DuPont, you also know that they are the leaders in creating kevlar vests for law enforcement and the military. So, you’re probably dealing with the best quality stock on the market today.

Another major aspect that sticks out is its ambidextrous construction. Without question, this is one of the best for either hand. If you’re a lefty, you’ve probably decided that this might be the item for you. But not so fast. You’ll have to know what other people are saying about this product, in particular. So be sure to do your due diligence and make sure that this is really the one you want for your Mossberg 500 (this also applies with all the other stocks that may stand out as your favorite).

Bottom Line

If you're looking for an option that will allow you flexibility, you'll probably want to consider the ATI Outdoor offering as a finalist on your shortlist. The fact that it allows you a stock or no-stock mode already makes it an odds-on favorite for most users.

Another is the ability to accommodate both right-handed and left-handed shooters (with the latter usually benefitting the most out of it). Plus, the material that it's made out of is what really makes this puppy one tough customer. If you want the best in durability and versatility, get this item and enjoy it for as long as you can.

Best Wood Stock:
Mossberg - Buttstock


  • Very Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Easy to Retain Control Over Your Shotgun
  • Can Absorb a Good Amount of Shock From Recoil


  • Considering That it is Made of Wood, it May Not Handle Some Weather Conditions Well

At this point, the products we've reviewed have been made from synthetic materials. However, you may be one of the Mossberg users who wants to find a good quality wood stock for their shotgun. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So, what we've handpicked for those with an affinity for wood stocks is the Mossberg Wood Buttstock. This product is a stained birch item with cut checkering. Ideally, this fits 20-gauge Mossberg shotguns. So, if you own a 12-gauge shotgun, this may not be the product for you.

This is an ideal replacement for those who want to make it aesthetically pleasing and give it that classic shotgun look. It has a rubber recoil pad so you can be able to retain control of your shotgun while firing off every shot. Even with a decent wood stock, you still want it to be able to absorb the amount of shock it produces from recoil.

Bottom Line

We get it, there are Mossberg users out there that are not crazy about the synthetic stocks. A good wood stock will still give you a decent amount of accuracy, if not even better when compared to an old, useless generic option. A wood stock like this is a step up from that. So if you want a wood stock that will still do its job and give you the classic shotgun look, this might be the one to choose.

Best Tactical Buttstock:
 Blackhawk - Gen III Buttstock


  • Reduces Recoil Considerably
  • Adjustable to Fit Every User’s Needs
  • Cheek Slap Non-Existent Thanks to the Design


  • May Not Be Available for Purchase as a Stand-Alone. This Includes a Fore End

Next on the docket is the best tactical buttstock currently on the market for the Mossberg 500. We give you the Blackhawk Gen III buttstock. Right out of the gate, you know that the design itself makes it one intimidating beast. If you want a product that looks tough and works even harder, then the Blackhawk may be the best option for you.

For one, this is easy to set up and includes adjustments from 12.5 inches to 15.2 inches. Giving this piece some adaptability. If you have an issue with cheek slap with your current stock, this has a straight cheek weld that is designed to prevent that from happening. If there is anything that’s a pain to deal with while you’re using a Mossberg, it’s when the stock is slapping your cheek due to the amount of recoil. So if you get the Blackhawk, we can say suffer no more.

This is an ambidextrous offering, which will mostly benefit left-handed shooters. Even if you’re a right-handed shooter, this still has its uses. This also comes with an ergonomic pistol grip to ensure that you have full control over your shotgun every time you use it. It will be more comfortable for you as opposed to the comfort you’ve got from a generic buttstock.

Best of all, this comes with six adjustable positions. This means that no matter your size, this will be a stock that makes sure that you have the ability to handle your Mossberg 500. No matter if you're hunting or using it to defend your home, the Blackhawk is a tried and true option that not only delivers the best performance in tactical use, but gives it the beastly look that makes your Mossberg the top dog out in the field or out on the range.

Bottom Line

The Blackhawk has proven itself to be the best in terms of tactical buttstocks. Ideally, these are best used in combat situations (or home defense situations, in particular). This has all the makings of a good tactical buttstock: easy adjustments to fit the user, ambidextrous, and ergonomic.

These are the top qualities you'll want when you need to protect life and property. Not to mention, you can kiss cheek slap goodbye with this kind of stock as well. If all of these features check off the items on your wishlist, you may have found your product in the Blackhawk.

Best Pistol Grip Stock:
Tacfire Pistol Grip w/6 Position Stock


  • Very Durable and Absorbs a Lot of Shock Very Well
  • Impervious to Weather, Oils, Solvents, and Perspiration
  • An Adjustable Position for Every User Regardless of Size


  • Despite Being Low in Price, Some Have Written it Off as “Cheap” in Terms of Quality

Pistol grips have often been a convenient feature for every Mossberg stock. As such, we offer the best stock with the best performing pistol grip on the market. This is brought to us from Tacfire. This is a pistol grip that offers six different position adjustments.

Already, you can tell this will be adjustable enough to fit your adaptability needs. It is constructed from synthetic materials making it a tough product for shocks to contend with. Plus, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of recoil you’ll normally get in a Mossberg shotgun.

The price this is going for is quite affordable for those on a budget. So if you love having a pistol grip on your shotgun stock, then you’ll probably love this item.

Bottom Line

While it's low in price, this is the best pistol grip stock on the market. And surprisingly enough, it works just as well as other products that come equipped with one. You'll have more control over your shotgun and in turn, you'll be able to hit your targets with dead-on accuracy.

Whether you are outdoors in the field or at home defending it, this is what you need if you're more comfortable with the idea of using a pistol grip.

Best Youth Stock:
Hogue OverMolded Shotgun Stock


  • Considerable Reduction of Recoil
  • Best for Youth Hunters That Use a Mossberg
  • Very Easy to Install With Little or No Gunsmithing Skills


  • None

Nothing is more exciting than taking a kid hunting and nothing excites a kid more than going hunting. If you have a child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any child in your life, and they’re old enough to go hunting, it’s important to find them a stock that will fit them when it comes to using a Mossberg 500.

The best option for youths is the Hogue OverMolded Shotgun Stock. This product comes with an olive drab green finish. This is considered to be an ideal finish for blending in with the landscape while you’re out hunting. This also has a rubber recoil pad, so it will allow the shooter to remain in control of the shotgun while it absorbs the shock produced by the recoil.

This is an easy to install option that will go perfectly with all Mossberg 500 shotguns designed for hunting birds or big game. If you have a child or know of one that is excited to go hunting with a Mossberg shotgun, then be sure to fit this stock on before they go out in the field with it.

Bottom Line

If you're taking a kid out hunting and you want them to use your Mossberg, you better be sure to have this installed. It should be a good enough size for them to adapt easily to it. At the same time, you'll want it to reduce a good amount of recoil.

Recoil may cause a kid to easily lose control of the shotgun. These are a couple of important notes to keep in mind when looking for a Mossberg stock for a youth. With that said, this is the ideal hunting stock for your Mossberg because of the olive drab green finish. If you want to be less noticeable in the field, why not get one that will help you blend in with the environment?

Best Adjustable Stock:
Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Stock


  • Easy to Adjust
  • Best Designed for 12-Gauge Models
  • Finish Looks Great From an Aesthetics Angle


  • Some Have Complained About the Pistol Grip Being Too Large for Most Hands
  • Some Have Complained About the Installation Process Being a Little Challenging.

Having an adjustable option is a must if you want to avoid the whole "one size fits all" stocks that are currently flooding the market. You want an item that is not only adjustable but also adaptable. With that in mind, we bring you the Adaptive Tactical EX Performance Stock.

This is an adjustable item designed to fit people of any size so they can easily adapt to the Mossberg 500. Ideally, you'll also want an adjustable model in situations like home defense. But this can also apply to every other application inherent to a Mossberg 500 shotgun.

This comes with a pistol grip that ensures that you will have complete control over your gun so you can prevent muzzle rise that is associated with recoil. At the same time, you'll enjoy the advantage of reduced recoil and a more accurate, precise shot on your target. If you're looking for a stock that is easy to adjust and to adapt, the Adaptive Tactical may be right for you.

Bottom Line

Having an adjustable stock for the purpose of better adaptability is a must these days. It saves a lot of time and even money getting one that will fit most users as opposed to finding one that may be a “one size fits all and hope for the best” kind of stock. You won’t get that out of an adjustable item like this. If you’re looking for something that is easy to adjust and will adapt perfectly to your 12-gauge Mossberg 500, then you may want to further consider the Adaptive Tactical stock.

Best Camo Stock:
Mossberg FLEX 4-Position Hunting Stock


  • Easy to Install
  • Ideal for Mossberg Hunters
  • Will Fit Not Only Mossberg 500s But Also 590s


  • None

Camo stocks are always a great idea to have when you're using your Mossberg 500 for hunting purposes. Aside from the usual olive drab green finish you'd find on some stocks, good old fashioned camo is always a tried and true option. With that said, if you like camo on your stock, you may want to give Mossberg's Flex 4-Position Hunting Stock a try.

This comes with four adjustable positions that fit almost any shooter regardless of stature or size. This is a synthetic type that you can install on your shotgun, take out to the field, and land the big game that you've been chasing after all season long.

It comes with a recoil pad designed to reduce recoil and take on the shock that goes with it. If you want more control, then this stock will, of course, have a pistol grip to add to the equation. Better control equals better accuracy. Even when the big game target you want is right in front of you.

Bottom Line

The Mossberg FLEX is probably the best hunting stock on the market based on its ability to adjust to different positions alone. Every hunter deserves to use a Mossberg without having any trouble adapting to it. Hunting is a sport enjoyed by shooters of all sizes, from children to adults.

However, not all adjustable or easily adaptable items are designed solely for some purposes like home defense. If you’re a hunter and want a good camo stock that is also adjustable and suitable for all kinds of hunters, then give the Mossberg FLEX a closer look before you choose it as your own.

Best Synthetic Stock:
Mossberg Flex Synthetic Stock


  • Easy to Install and Switch Out
  • Fits Most Mossberg 500s and 590s
  • Can Handle Weather Elements Very Well


  • May Be Tough to Adapt for Some Shooters

Earlier, we bestowed the honor of the best wood stock for a Mossberg 500. Now, we turn our attention to the best synthetic stock currently on the market. That is the Mossberg Flex Synthetic Stock. If you're looking for a stock that will make the swapping process a little easier, then this might be the stock for that.

It is made from synthetic materials that are designed to withstand the weather conditions that a wood stock won't stand a chance against. No matter how much rain, snow, sleet, or freezing rain come down, this is the stock that will tough it out. Not to be outdone, it is resistant to any oils, cleaning solvents, and even perspiration. So this means you won't have to worry about losing grip or control of your shotgun and accidentally dropping it on the ground.

Since this is a synthetic stock, there’s a good chance that it will be able to absorb the shock and reduce recoil considerably. If that’s what you’re looking for, then the Flex Synthetic Stock may be the go-to for your Mossberg 500 (or 590).

Bottom Line

When pitted against each other, it seems that synthetic stocks have the edge. And in fact, they do. It's part of the reason why a majority of the stocks we're reviewing are often made of synthetic materials. Of course, as we've said earlier, synthetic stocks come with their own set of downsides.

But aside from all that, if you're looking for a synthetic stock simply for the sake of switching from a wood version, this is the one you want. It's all-purpose, easy to install, and makes your Mossberg shotgun look sharper than ever.

Best Short Stock:
 Hogue - Overmolded Shotgun Stock & Forend Sets


  • Very Simple Installation
  • Buttpad is Thick Enough to Absorb All Kinds of Recoil
  • Very Lightweight. Even Designed to Reduce the Weight of Your Mossberg


  • Some Have Complained About the Stock Being Hollow
  • Some Have Had Issues With the Foregrip Being a Challenge to Install

For the next product under review, we go back to the Hogue brand. This time we are reviewing the Overmolded Shotgun Stock and Forend Set. It is made from a polymer that is reinforced in fiberglass making it a very durable synthetic item. In other words, this will handle all kinds of recoil for a long time.

Not to mention, this is weather-resistant and won't be ruined by oils or cleaning solvents. In plain English, this is going to be a long lasting barrel (provided that you take really good care of it and use it properly). This is an overmolded stock that includes rubber, which of course is the best material when it comes to absorbing shock from recoil. The gripping areas include pebble-textured rubber to ensure that you have a superior grip on your shotgun, no matter what the application.

This also comes in a “short shot” version, which is designed for shooters that are short in stature, like women or children. Regardless of what version you get, you’ll get a tough as nails item that will make your Mossberg look and feel like you’re in complete control. If that’s what you want out of a shotgun stock, don’t hesitate to consider the Hogue offering.

Bottom Line

Whether you get the original or the “Short Shot” version, you won’t be disappointed with a stock like this one. They chose the right materials to make a very good product. If you want a product that is great for absorbing shock and keeping recoil at a minimum, you won’t go wrong with a stock like this one. What better way to match fiberglass polymer and rubber materials to make one tough component?

Best Speed Feed Stock:
Mossberg 500/835/590 Shotgun Synthetic


  • Reduces a Great Deal of Recoil
  • Looks Sharp and Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Most Users Are Quite Happy With the Additional Compartments in the Stock


  • None

What if you had a Mossberg stock that would allow you to reload your shots in the quickest way possible? With this product, you can. This is made from synthetic materials and also has a compartment that will allow you to store an extra shell. This way, it will save you time to dig through your pockets or sling in order to find more rounds.

Probably the best application for this is when you’re using your shotgun for self-defense situations. However, you can also use it in case you miss a shot while hunting and need to reload just in time to make another. While a challenging feat for most, it can be done.

This has two shell compartments (one for each side), so you’ll have the added convenience of carrying extra rounds just in case you need them.

Bottom Line

The added convenience of shell compartments in a stock is obviously one of the best features. And it’s no wonder why it deserves the top honor for best speed feeder. If you hate the idea of wasting time trying to find your shells and need a good place for a couple of them, this stock will be the solution to that problem.

Save yourself time and possibly missing shells and go with this product if you want to always keep a few extra rounds around in the event of a good hunting opportunity (or other application where you don’t want to miss).

Best 20 Gauge Stock:
Hogue Mossberg 500 20 GA. OverMold Shotgun Stock kit


  • Easy to Install
  • Very High quality for an Aftermarket Stock
  • Absorbs High Levels of Shock and Recoil With No Issues


  • None

For our final stock in our review and we have the best stock for a Mossberg 500 20-gauge shotgun. This is a stock kit that is overmolded with the most durable kind of polymer there is. This is a fiberglass reinforced polymer. And it’s guaranteed to be as tough as they come, especially when it comes to absorbing shock and reducing recoil.

Even better, this is designed to be ambidextrous. So if you’re a left-handed shooter, you’ll be quite happy when you have this item installed on your 20-gauge. The grip and forend are overmolded, making it easy to handle and easy to control your shotgun as you fire every shot.

If you want the best in ergonomics and comfort, then you’ll love using this product. This has a length of pull that is standard for Mossberg shotgun stocks and has a buttpad that also does its job in keeping recoil at a minimum.

Bottom Line

In all fairness, we've covered a lot of stocks that are typically ideal for 12-gauge shotguns. But we've done our homework on finding the best Mossberg 500 stock for a 20-gauge as well. With this Hogue model, we've struck gold. And we hope you feel the same way as well.

The fact that it is overmolded with a material like polymer means that this will be super strong and last you a good while if you use it properly. So if you're looking for a 20-gauge buttstock that might be the last one that you'll buy for a while, get this Hogue option for your Mossberg 500 and enjoy it for as long as you can.


When it comes to looking for the best Mossberg 500 stock, you’ll always find the best in quality and performance. These 14 items listed above have proven their worth as the best on the market. But which one is best for you? Be sure to choose one that is considered your odds-on favorite and give it a shot (no pun intended) once you’ve gone and installed it on your Mossberg 500.

People Also Asked

Before we wrap this up, we have a couple of frequently asked questions to get out of the way. This will be key for you if you’re in the market for a Mossberg 500 stock. Here are two of the most asked questions about finding the best stock:

Are Mossberg 500 Stocks Interchangeable With Other Guns?

The short answer: Yes. In fact, as you may have noticed that most of these stocks are also compatible with other Mossberg models like the 590. As far as other shotguns go (non-Mossberg), these stocks may fit on some and may not fit on others. So in a sense, it’s hit or miss. But when in doubt, just stick with only Mossberg shotguns.

Is it Even Possible to Get an Adjustable Recoil Reducing Stock With a Standard Grip?

The answer is yes. But the issue is that it may not have the ability to reduce the amount of recoil as you wish. There are some Mossberg stocks that will absorb much more recoil than those with a standard grip. Keep that in mind while looking for a Mossberg stock of your own.

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