Best 1911 Grips of 2022 – Rubber, Laser, & Best For The Money

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December 27, 2021

Finding the best 1911 grip is not an easy task. That’s because there are a ton on the market to choose from. However, the last thing you want to do is find one that is not good in terms of quality.

We’ve handpicked five of the top products currently on the market for review. Each one will state its case as to why it may be the best option for you. By the end of this article, you may have a product already in mind.

Comparison Chart of the Best 1911 Grips

  • Standard Grip Screw Bushings
  • Reinforced Polymer Construction
  • Aggressive Magazine Release Cut Out
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  • Full-Sized 1911 Grip
  • Made From Durable G10 Material
  • Thumb Recess for Magazine Release
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  • Smooth Group Panel
  • Rugged, Dual Materials of Wood and Rubber
  • Deep, Molded Finger Grooves for Maximum Comfort
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  • Rugged Polymer Side Panels
  • Rubber Overmold Action Button
  • Comes With Either a Red or Green Laser Beam
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  • Fits Full-Size 1911s
  • Pewter Inset Medallion
  • Made From Cocobolo Wood
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Types of 1911 Grips

There are five types of 1911 grips that are currently on the market. Each of them has their own unique distinctions and purposes to ensure that you have a good hold on your 1911 pistol. The types of grips are as follows:

Wood Grips

If you like having a conventional military detail on your 1911, you’ll want to get the wood grips with a classic diamond pattern. These are usually thinner and are perfect for users who have small or medium-sized hands. Wood is the best material for engraving and etching than other styles. The traditional look and feel of a gun are a couple of the major advantages of having wood grips.

Tactical Grips

These are typically available at reasonable prices. They are highly durable and also come in a wide variety of textures. 1911s that contain tactical grips will contain both textured and non-textured surface areas, each serving a different purpose. The non-textured areas provide comfort while handling the gun. Meanwhile, textured areas can improve your hold. If you’re looking for a product that is perfect for everyday or concealed carry, the tactical grips are your best option.

 Recover Tactical 1911 Grip (Source)

Rubber Grips

If you hold performance and durability to a high standard, you'll want a rubber grip. Two of the top benefits of using these types are ease-of-use and high quality. Rubber grips are resistant to slippage and are the perfect choice for use if you're in extreme weather conditions. They do not have value-added features that you would otherwise find on other fancier types. But for frequent shooters, this might be just exactly what you need. Not to mention, they are also affordable.

Simulated Ivory Grip

These are the best fit for blued 1911s. The best qualities of these types of grips are durability and strength. However, these do come at a steep price. The price tag will be a little hefty. But if you want that coveted ivory look, it may be worth the investment to get this type of grip without breaking the bank. This is the perfect option if you intend to use your 1911 for a long period of time.

Decorative Grip

If you’re a shooter that prefers a good-looking and appealing 1911 pistol rather than a traditional design, you’ll want a decorative grip. These come in unique designs and materials like aluminum, pearls, etched surfaces, and more. These are the ones you want if you want something that will reflect your personality.

How To Choose The Right Grip For Your 1911

There are a few stand-out features and qualities that make a 1911 grip perfect for you. The following are a few qualities to watch for while you’re looking for the right product for your weapon:


Comfort is probably one of those things that you should hold to a high standard. You’ll want a grip that will remain comfortable even after you’ve blasted 10 to 20 rounds. If it feels good, you’ll be able to fire as many rounds as you want until you’ve had enough for the day.

Sturdiness In Hand

How “grippy” is your grip? It would depend on the material. If you have hands that tend to sweat or are clammy, you’ll want to find one that is aggressive. This way, the gun won’t easily slip out of your hands when you’re using it.

Look Of The Gun

To most gun users, the aesthetics matter. So it may make a huge difference if you find a grip that is not only best for use, but also for looks. Finding the right product for look's sake also depends on the gun itself. If you have a blued gun, a classic look with a dark wooden grip will suffice. On stainless steel guns, black rubber or plastic grips may be something worth considering.

Review of the Best 1911 Grips

The following are some of the best 1911 grips currently on the market right now. It is suggested that you should consider looking at each one carefully, so you can determine whether or not if it may be right for your gun. Your personal needs and preferences will likely play a role in finding your ideal product.

Best Overall:
Magpul TSP Textured Grip Panels


  • Fits With Most 1911s
  • An Excellent Upgrade From Stock Option
  • Excellent in Extreme Weather Conditions


  • Some Have Complained They Feel Like Cheap Plastic
  • One Reviewer Complained About Very Little Texturing

Our first option on this review is the Magpul TSP Textured Grip. These will fit a full-size frame on a 1911 and retain the aesthetic with standard-grip screw bushings. This has reinforced polymer construction and has a distinctive diamond cross-section to prevent twisting in your hand.

This has an aggressive magazine release cut out, so you can release your magazine without any issues. If you have an ambidextrous safety, then this product, in particular, will work well with them. For absolute control in all situations, this comes with an aggressive TSP texture.

Bottom Line

For a product that is considered the best overall, the Magpul lives up to the title. One of the main things that stands out with this is the ability to help keep your grip, even in extreme weather. So, if you’re shooting out at the range and get doused in rain, you won’t have to worry about losing hold of your gun. If you want a good product that won’t let you down come rain or shine, the Magpul is your best option.

Best for the Money:
VZ Grips - 1911 Operator G10 Grips


  • Very Sturdy
  • Simple, Efficient Design
  • Highly Durable Construction


  • Doesn’t Work With Ambidextrous Safeties
  • The Screws May Have a Tendency to Loosen Up
  • May Be a Little Too Aggressive for Those With Soft Hands

Of course, there are always a few out there that will be reasonably priced for those on a budget. The VZ Grips are among one of the more popular companies that produce grips for guns like the Colt 1911, among other guns. These offer 25 different designs to choose from. However, the Operator II is what we’ll be looking at.

This is a standard, full-sized 1911 grip made in the United States, so this is guaranteed to be one of the best quality products on the market. These are designed to be highly aggressive so they won't slide or twist while you're handling it. If you're in a high-speed tactical environment or in a tournament or shooting competition, the VZ Grip will never steer you wrong.

This is made from G10, making it very durable. The G10 material is also designed to be slip-resistant. So, if you're using this in extreme weather, you won't have to worry about losing your hold. The same can be said if you have clammy or sweaty hands.

If you’re looking for the best grip that you can possibly afford, the VZ may be your choice. For the way it is designed and how it functions, it’s quite a steal for the selling price. Imagine buying a sports car at the price of a beat up old VW bug sitting at the end of a driveway. For the price you pay for a grip like this, this is the equivalent.

Bottom Line

The VZ Grip is, without question, the best of the best for the budget-conscious 1911 owner. You get an excellent product for a very reasonable price. This is also yet another option you’ll want to have if you are in shooting competitions. Not to mention, if you don’t want to worry about the gun slipping out of your hands, this is the grip that you want.

Best Rubber Grip:
Pachmayr - 1911 American Legend Grips


  • Sleek Look
  • Unique Design Combination
  • Provides Great Comfort and Control


  • May Be Too Soft for Some Shooters
  • The Rubber Part May Wear Down a Little Quickly
  • Some Modifications May Be Needed in Order to Fit

Pachmayr’s 1911 grip is best for 1911 owners who prefer a rubber grip. The brand is considered to be one of the go-to brands for gun owners and enthusiasts alike. These are sleek-looking grips and are quite appealing considering they are from a brand that is recognized by gun owners everywhere. But don’t let the name alone be the deciding factor.

If you’re a gun owner who also wants a product for the sake of aesthetics, you’ll probably want to call the Pachmayr your favorite option. With this kind of item, you get the best of both worlds: a conventional look and the feel of a wood 1911 grip. On top of that, you get an exceptional functionality of a rubber grip.

The wood part will give your gun that elegant look and style, while the rubber part will set you up with great handling capability, perfect control, and optimal performance. This combination is what makes the Pachmayr one of the best on the market - as well as the best in the rubber grip category.

Bottom Line

For a rubber grip, the Pachmayr might very well be a clear favorite for most 1911 owners and enthusiasts. If maximum comfort and control are high at the top of your wishlist in finding the right product, this one might be the best choice for you.

The combination of wood and rubber is an excellent way to provide not only the best advantages of a wood grip, but also the best advantages of a standard rubber grip as well.

Best Laser Grip:
CRIMSON - 1911 Front Activation Lasergrips


  • Very Durable
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Green Laser Will Work Much Better Compared to the Red Laser


  • May Be a Little Too Big for Those With Small Hands
  • Cannot Be Used on 1911s With Ambidextrous Safeties
  • Left-Handed Shooters May Find This a Little Difficult to Operate

Next up, we have the Crimson 1911 Front Activation Lasergrips. These are available in your choice of green or red. One of the major advantages of the green laser beam is that it looks brighter in lighter conditions.

That’s because the human eye can see the color green better than any other color. So, if you’re looking for a good option that will allow you a better laser beam for a good, accurate shot, the Crimson may be your best option.

These can fit perfectly on almost all of your 1911s. While these may seem a little fatter in your hands, but this might be an advantage for those who have big hands.

Bottom Line

The Crimson is one of those grips that's quite surprising to see. A 1911 grip with a laser beam? Kind of interesting, right? With that said, this is an excellent choice for right-handed shooters and it might feel a little bulky upon initial use.

But once you get used to it, the size of it won't seem to matter. If you're looking for a product that will not only give you a good hold but will also up your accuracy game a bit, get the Crimson grip.

5. Wilson Combat 1911 Grips


  • Very Good Quality Product
  • Extremely Easy Installation
  • Excellent for Small and Medium Hand-Sized Shooters


  • Some Have Complained About the Medallions Wearing Off Over Time

We will wrap up our review of 1911 grips with one from none other than Wilson Combat. At this point, you'll probably be torn between this and the other brands. That is, if you are familiar with the Wilson Combat brand itself. This is a Cocobolo option with a starburst pattern.

As mentioned earlier, a wood grip is excellent for shooters that have small or medium-sized hands. The Cocobolo is a hardwood that is indigenous to Central America. So, expect to have a really good grip with this. Even better, this also works very well with ambidextrous safeties. Right-handed or left-handed, it won't matter.

Not only does this look great, but it will feel great in your hand the moment you start firing off your 1911.

Bottom Line

Wilson Combat has proven itself time and time again as one of the best go-to brands for 1911 owners. They’ve proved that yet again with this product. With this item, you’ll have that classic 1911 feel while you’re holding your gun. If you want a wood grip that won’t let you down and will give you that old fashioned look for your gun, the Wilson Combat might be the best choice.

Pros and Cons of Upgrading Grips

Upgrading from a factory or stock grip is always a great idea. They may not be as effective and will likely not do as great of a job over a period of time. While there is some upside to upgrading, there’s always a downside or two. Here are some pros and cons:


Better Grip

This goes without saying. Odds are you’ll most likely have a better hold on your 1911 with your upgraded product as opposed to stock or factory model. Once again, this also depends on the type of material it is made from.

Better Fit For Hands

With factory or stock options, it may be beneficial for small or medium-sized hands, but not as good for big hands. When you upgrade to a better product, you should find one that feels custom-made just for your hand size.

Better Finger Reach

Trigger finger reach is an important factor to note when you’re fitting on a new grip for your 1911. With the center of the backstrap in the middle of the web of your shooting hand and the slide lined up with the bones of the shooter’s forearm, a shooter can be able to place the pad of his or her finger on the center of the trigger with room to spare.


Voided Warranty

This may depend on the manufacturer. Making changes or alterations to your 1911 may result in your warranty being void. It is important to check your owner’s manual or do your due diligence on whether or not any changes that you make on your gun will void the warranty.

Resale Value

The time may come when you want to turn in your gun for something else. If your 1911 has a history of having a grip installed (among other alterations), it may reduce the gun’s potential value.

Wait Time and Price

If the idea of self-installing a new grip for your 1911 intimidates you, you can always have a professional gunsmith install it for you. Keep in mind that you may need to wait a period of time and pay a steep amount of money for the service itself.


You don’t have to make finding a good 1911 grip a struggle. If you know the size of your hands and the intent and purpose of your 1911, then you should have no problem finding the best 1911 grip for yourself. If you see one or two that you like, try and figure out which one you might want the most and why. It may come down to a unique feature or a priority that will help you make the final decision. 

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