The Best AR-15 Featureless Grips of 2022

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August 14, 2023

The ‘anti-gun lobby’ always seems hell-bent to fiddle with firearms and the right to bear them. Even when they have absolutely no idea about firearm safety and how a firearm works. But laws are binding and must be followed.

So when some states decided that the famous AR-15 rifle is a ‘blatant killing machine’, they wanted these rifles to go featureless. Unless you wanted to register your rifle and heftier limitations to be imposed. 

An important component for making a rifle featureless is a featureless grip. Which will be at the center of this discussion. Check out the best AR-15 featureless grips and the in’s and out’s associated with them. 

Comparison of the Best AR-15 Featureless Grips

  • Replaces the pistol grip to make an AR-15 fitting with an A2-type
  • Gives the rifle a "sportier" look and feel.
  • Rounded edges and aggressive surface texturing give your hand a comfortable yet secure grasp. Uses existing grip screw.
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  • The most affordable option for a featureless grip in our lineup comes from Strike Industries
  • The SFG requires no permanent modification to the lower receiver.
  • With easy installation, it quickly converts your AR-15 to featureless to circumvent California registration
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What to Watch For When Buying a Featureless Grip

Despite the restrictions, aftermarket folks have come up with innovative solutions for keeping a grip featureless and also effective at the same time. But make sure to keep an eye out for a few factors when buying one. 

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Design and Handling

Featureless grips are available in a wide range of design options. From simple slip-on fin-based designs with retention screws to more permanent and unique ‘traditional fit’ designs. Each of them has its own pros and cons. Plus, their own level of simplicity or complexity in terms of handling. 

In some cases, the featureless grip extends to form the buttstock. Serving two purposes (also adding a fixed stock) at once to create a featureless rifle.  Additionally, the design of the grip should be ergonomic enough to keep the rifle comfortable while firing. 

The point of a featureless grip is to actually curb the rate of fire of the rifle by providing a grip that allows controlled fire. 

Ensure Its Legal

Legal issues regarding featureless grips are a bit difficult to describe in a nutshell. Although most of these grips available on the market (all mentioned in our list) are perfectly legal to use. There may be a few unique options that may not comply with your local state laws. 

However, there are also a few loopholes that’ll allow you to build the custom rifle of your choice without violating the laws. 

Practice is the Key

A featureless grip is an uncommon design. Especially for a person who has been using the regular pistol grips on AR-15’s for a long time. Adhering to their use, and in fact, effective use will require a bit of practice. 

Review of the Best Featureless Grips

Most of our recommended grips are simple to install without any real gunsmithing. At the same time they can give the rifle a bit of an odd look and shape. However, they do not adversely affect handling your firearm. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

Best Overall: 
Monsterman Grips - AR-15

One of the oldest patented grips in the market, the MMG-AR "Featureless Grip" renders yours AR-15 a California-approved featureless rifle. It also keeps the rifle’s ability to have a detachable magazine. The MonsterMan grip changes the normal pistol grip to prevent the thumb from wrapping up and over the grip.

The MMG-AR is a molded polymer grip designed to replace the Mil-Spec standard A2 pistol grip. As a bonus, the MonsterMan grip attaches easily and fits snug without requiring alterations of any kind.

While the angled grip is similar to a "Sporter" style stock, it resembles the body contours of a Mini-14 or M1 Garand. The MMG-AR installs with the existing grip screw and its side panels feature rounded edges and aggressive surface texturing for a comfortable yet secure grasp.

Not everyone may appreciate this nontraditional Rifle grip. Some describe it to be like shouldering a standard hunting rifle stock and keeping your thumb on the side of the stock. Another complaint concerns a distorted balance. With the MMG-AR installed grip you cannot hold the rifle with one hand securely.

2. Strike Industries AR Simple Featureless Grip

The most affordable option for a featureless grip in our lineup comes from Strike Industries. As its name says, it is a straightforward and low-cost component for your featureless AR build.

The SFG requires no permanent modification to the lower receiver. With easy installation, it quickly converts your AR-15 to featureless to circumvent California registration.

SI Simple Grip is constructed of durable reinforced polymer. The textured side plate areas offer a comfortable grasping surface in adverse conditions. Although the SI Simple Featureless Grip is drop-in ready, you might need to take a little plastic off with a hand file the first time you install it.

Obviously, Strike Industries has designed this featureless grip with the same contours and gripping angle as their enhanced pistol grip.

Some users did regret that SI hadn’t created a product with a bit of padding. Instead, it’s solid plastic. Another occasional gripe is that this wrap-around grip is not optimal for the left-handed shooter.

3. AR-15 FRS Stock by Thordsen Customs


  • Lightweight
  • Can Be Used In States With Restrictions
  • Includes Recoil Pad and Sling Mounts
  • Buffer Tube Accepts Risers


  • Prone To Snagging With Thin Objects

This FRS-15 Stock from Thordsen Customs has been specially designed for AR-15 owners facing legal restrictions with their rifles. If you live in a place like NY, where the law restricts you to a pistol grip on your AR-15, this stock is your solution. Made from reinforced fiber, the stock features a minimalist design created to bypass stringent restrictions on firearms.

The slant and curved grip of this stock let you use your rifle the same way you do with a pistol grip, without infringing local laws. The stock has a recoil pad at the end which reduces the effect of recoil. Plus, the stock also has multiple points for accepting QD mounts. The stock also comes with a buffer tube cover, which works as a base to rest your cheek.

The cover also accepts some M4 cheek risers so you don’t fall short of any applications intended for an AR-15 stock. The peculiar design of this stock has been crafted in such a manner, that it doesn’t snag onto thick things like branches or benches when you work your way around.

Bottom Line

This peculiarly-shaped stock from Thordsen is an intelligently-designed stock to overcome state restrictions, without compromising on functionality. The stock has pre-installed sling mounts, and also accepts cheek risers. Plus, the rubber pad on the butt plate also comes in handy. The stock seems a fair deal considering its price and the problem it solves.

4. Shark Fin Grips Kydex Wraparound Grip for AR MOE/A2

The Shark Fin Grips can be manufactured from either Boltaron or Kydex, depending on style and color. Since the MOE grips have a slightly reduced angle compared to the A2, this model will specifically fit only on standard AR MOE pistol grips.

The grip wrap is not adjustable to accommodate grips of non-standard size, as the screw holes would not line up when mounted.

Since the Shark Fin is riveted to a standard A2 grip, it cannot be removed from the grip. When used in conjunction with other de-featuring items, it can help you stay legal in California.

On the other side, the screws protrude from the plastic material and scratch your palm. Also, when mounted and fully tightened, the shark fin grip is a little loose, causing it to wobble some.

5. Exile Machine Hammerhead CA-Legal AR-15 Stock Adapter (Ebay)

The Exile Machine Hammerhead is a unique grip configurable in many different ways. It provides your AR the feel of a more traditional wooden rifle stock. This ergonomic non-pistol grip replaces a prohibited protruding grip on your modern sporting rifle. It allows your AR-15 to comply with California laws.

The Hammerhead Stock Adapter can be utilized along with the AR’s original buttstock. It allows clearance for the thumb, enabling you to wrap your thumb around the top for a secure assertive hold.

Another possible configuration would be to attach an AR stock to the back of a Hammerhead while the buffer tube is used as a cheek rest. Nevertheless, in both options, the stocks must be of a fixed type or pinned to a fixed length for CA compliance.

Built from a very strong polymer material, this product from Hammerhead is designed to work only with Mil-Spec-forged AR-15 lower receivers. The package includes a mounting screw, a washer and thin polymer hole-caps created to cover the rear holes. This helps improve appearance if you are not mounting a stock to the back of the product.

While it offers relatively solid shooting stance, this grip can create an uncomfortable position for thumb since it rubs against the stock latch plate. Others have complaints about the fitting and raw surface finish.

6. Exile Machine Headbutt SGW-515 AR/Shotgun Stock Adapter

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Another device from Exile Machine, the Headbutt adapter replaces the protruding grip on your modern AR-15 sporting rifle. It allows you to have a secure wrap-around wooden shotgun-style hold, except that you will find your neck is less cramped.

As one of several alternatives to a "featureless" pistol grip, the Exile Machine Headbutt SGW-515 allows you to get your finger closer to the trigger. Besides the low cost and ergonomically made Strike Industries Simple Featureless Grip, this is our favorite alternative to the regular pistol grip.

This odd-looking, non-pistol grip mimics a Mini-14 grip angle and creates a grip attachment point for a compatible shotgun-style stock or even a bird’s head grip. Nicknamed the "Shotgun Wedding," this device is designed to accept only the Mossberg 500 stock and compatible shotgun stocks such as Magpul MAG490 and the Hogue OverMolded.

The Headbutt Shotgun Stock Adapter is manufactured by 3D printing a strong nylon polymer via fused deposition. That partly explains the much rougher surface finish than what you have come to expect from either traditional glass-filled nylon injection molded parts.

There are definitely other ways to make your AR-15 CA compliant, but this Exile Machine Headbutt saves AR-owners from buying an expensive featureless grip and buttstock.

Though the nuts and washers are also included, there are reports that they have to purchase a slightly longer mounting bolt since the standard bolts from Mossberg 500 stocks are a bit short.

What is a Featureless Grip

Basically the whole idea of a “featureless rifle” is one that has been made somewhat difficult to cause large-scale damage with. We’ll discuss some more details of the laws later.

But in short, California banned pistol grips. If you want to keep that (or several other features), you need to register your gun as an assault weapon.

Here’s the definition of what exactly is prohibited:

"A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon means a grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing.”

Wait - what? In English please, right?

Basically they don’t want a grip that goes lower than the trigger. And that the space between your thumb and index finger has to stay higher than the visible part of the trigger. Sound uncomfortable? Yeah, it is. Basically your trigger finger is going to be at a downward angle with any trigger that can count as featureless.

Why Use a Featureless Grip

In our day, the term Modern Sporting Rifle has obtained popularity as a more descriptive name for AR-style rifles. However, among anti-gunners and their like-minded elected representatives, the "black rifle” is considered only as a killing machine created to kill as many people in as short a period of time as possible.

States including California and New York states have passed laws against assault weapons as well as other semiautomatic centerfire firearms (rifle, pistol, or shotgun). According to the California State law, a rifle with the following characteristics: pistol grip, forward pistol grip, thumbhole stock, telescoping or folding stock, grenade or flare launcher or flash hider is considered an assault weapon.

According to recent California law, AR-15 rifles with any of the characteristics as mentioned above are considered restricted. Subsequently, it will be mandatory to register those AR`s as assault weapons as of January 1st, 2019.

Fortunately, there are creative workarounds with specific furniture to make your rifle a “compliant featureless," but keep in mind that many of them maybe not comfortable or functional as original parts.

So in short, the answer to why to use a featureless grip is that you may not have another choice.

If a California gun owner doesn’t want to register his AR-15, then he has the option of converting his gun to "featureless" hardware. The most cost-effective solution for most of us is converting our current platform to the featureless style.

This conversion will mean that it remains an entirely functional rifle without the generic features which define an assault weapon.

You could of course choose to use a “featureless grip” just as a matter of taste, but we expect that will be quite rare. But there are a couple options that are available to stay on the right side of the law.

Inventive manufacturers have made efforts to create a functional, non-pistol-style grip that meets the legal requirements. There are two ways it’s being done so far. One is replacing the pistol grip with Kydex grip wraps, also called “shark fin” grips. The other is by grip design, which will prevent the web of your hand from being placed below the top of the exposed trigger while firing.

Keeping Your AR-15 in California and Elsewhere

Owning an AR in one of “those states” may require several modifications. It can give your rifle a "Sporter" look and more importantly keep it legal in jurisdictions where such an "assault weapon" features are restricted.

Of the seven non-acceptable features, the pistol grip is the biggest aesthetic and functional change and toughest to deal with. However, it’s an important adjustment to make as quickly as possible. The assault weapon classification carries with it severe restrictions on what you can do with your gun.


Certainly, these alternatives to a "featureless" pistol grip are not as comfortable as a normal pistol grip, but shooters won’t take a long time to get used to them.  

Making these changes is never popular among gun aficionados, but it’s important to check out your options and make the necessary changes if you live in a state where certain “features” are now illegal.

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