Best Glock 43 Magazine Extensions – [Honest Review 2024]

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August 3, 2023

There is absolutely no shortage of aftermarket accessories for Glock pistols. In fact, all of the options can get overwhelming to the point of avoiding all aftermarket parts and accessories altogether.

However, with a little prior knowledge, the world of aftermarket Glock parts and accessories provides a plethora of ways to upgrade and customize a Glock pistol. Magazine extensions are a great way to dip a toe in the water so to speak.

Scroll down to check out the best Glock 43 magazine extensions on the market today!

Comparison of the Best Glock 43 Magazine Extensions 

  • Installs in ten seconds and works with your stock spring
  • Comes in your choice of five colors and three capacity options
  • CNC-machined aircraft aluminum construction is durable and aesthetically appealing
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  • Made from high-quality polymer
  • Locking plug and plate extension included
  • Available for both the Glock 43 and Glock 43x
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  • Steel spring included
  • Extends up to 2 shots
  • Made from high-quality polymer
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  • Floorplate included
  • Available in various colors
  • Includes a heat-treated steel spring
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  • Available in various colors
  • Fitting for Glock 43 magazines
  • Made from high-quality aluminum
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  • Includes a stainless steel spring
  • Pinky rest included for easy grip
  • Compatible with existing baseplates
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  • CNC-machined aircraft aluminum design is rugged and has great aesthetics
  • Installs in under ten seconds and works with your stock Glock magazine spring
  • Available in your choice of five colors, black, grey, aluminum, blue, or red, and three capacity options
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Are Extended Magazines Worth the Hassle?

Extended magazines have a reputation for being bulkier, heavier, and harder to conceal. While that’s inherently true, how much extra heft and space the extended magazine takes up is going to depend greatly on the actual product itself. Some extended magazines add a single extra round and use up very little relative space.

Glock 43 with extended magazine (Source)

You should note that the quality of the product is a big determining factor. Buying a cheap product that isn’t designed to minimize space consumption will leave you with a lot of extra bulk that truly may not be worth it. For this reason, we recommend reading our reviews, as the products we examine are high-quality and mitigate these concerns.

With a proper extended magazine, it’s possible to add extra rounds for when you need it most. In a self-defense situation, extra rounds can fast become a life-or-death factor. Plus, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping an extended mag or standard mag on hand, with the opposite loaded in your Glock.

What to Watch For When Buying a Mag Extension

Not all Glock magazine extensions are built equally. As with most aftermarket gun parts, there are plenty of imposter parts or accessories that sound too good to be true. It is important to be able to weed those options out until you are left with a high-quality magazine extension that will serve your purposes well and provide you with years of reliable service. The following tips and information should help you to be able to make an informed and confident buying choice.

Over Capacity

The clearest and obvious benefit of a magazine extension is the extra rounds they offer to shooters before a reload or magazine change becomes necessary. The Glock 43 has a capacity from the factory of six shots. That is a pretty small capacity but comes with the territory of subcompact pistols like the Glock 43. Luckily, this capacity can be easily expanded with the addition of a magazine extension. You can add up to three additional shots to that factory capacity with certain models of magazine extensions.

While three extra shots might not sound like a lot, keep in mind that that is a 50% increase in overall capacity without even buying a new magazine or significantly changing the overall size and appearance of the pistol. Even just the addition of one or two extra rounds can make a difference when it really counts the most.

Small Gains

Not every aftermarket firearm accessory has to completely overhaul the form and function of the weapon they are added to be solid upgrades or additions. In fact, smaller and more low-key upgrades can often provide the most usefulness. This really holds true with Glock 43 magazine extensions. Aside from the increased capacity, they also offer extra space for a comfortable grip and a cool, custom touch to the overall look of your Glock. There is nothing wrong with adding some aesthetic flair to a firearm!

Extra Considerations

If you do add a magazine extension to your Glock 43, there are a couple of extra considerations to keep in mind. One of them is holster compatibility. If you already own a holster for your Glock 43, you’ll want to make sure it works with the magazine extension you choose. If it isn’t, you’ll have to choose a different one or invest in a new holster as well. This is especially important if you conceal carry. The other extra consideration to keep in mind is that it is important to practice at the range whenever you add a new accessory or part to make sure you are confident with any potential changes in operation or grip.

Review of the Best Glock 43 Magazine Extensions

The following is a list of the Glock 43 magazine extensions that are currently on the market. As you go through each one on the list, consider some of the features and characteristics. You might choose one based on something that will stand out to you in some way. Let’s start with the first magazine on the list:

Below are the best magazine extenders on the market for Glock 43. All are designed to offer one or two additional rounds, and all are affordable and provide a greater level of concealment than products not on our list. That said, each offers a unique design, concealability, and of course, price tag. You’ll get different levels of durability, too, so keep your habits in mind and read on for the best magazine extensions—one of which will soon be yours!

Best Overall:
 Tyrant Designs Glock 43 Plus 3 Round Magazine Extension


  • Really tough quality
  • Super light in weight
  • Allows for an excellent ergonomic grip
  • Great for target shooting and competitive shooting
  • CNC-machined aircraft aluminum design is rugged and has great aesthetics
  • Installs in under ten seconds and works with your stock Glock magazine spring
  • Available in your choice of five colors, black, grey, aluminum, blue, or red, and three capacity options


  • Maximum capacity addition is only three rounds

What Recent Buyers Report

This was a great magazine extension for a lot of new users. They were able to install this on a good number of Glock 43 magazines and extend their capacities in seconds. One user said that this was much needed when he was using his Glock 43 for competition shooting purposes. He said that while he had extra magazines, he bought one just to put it to the test. In short, he’s getting more after it proved useful to him.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Often times, you’ll see mag extensions that will extend to two rounds. But this one will give you three in total. So, it will up your magazines from six to nine in an instant. This will be a great magazine extension for those times when eight isn’t really enough when it comes to shooting targets. If you want a magazine extension that is easy to install and solid in construction, this could be right up your alley. 

Tyrant is a firearms components manufacturer out of Chicago. Their CNC manufactured Glock 43 mag extension is fast and easy to install. The whole process takes under ten seconds and doesn't require tools. These aircraft-grade aluminum mag extensions maintain the profile of your Glock handle without changing the ergonomics.

These extensions also have much better aesthetics than most of their blocky and awkward looking competitors. With their smooth cambered edges, they have more of a custom build look that is sure to draw comments at the range. They come in five colors, black, grey, blue, red, and aluminum. You have the choice between plus one, two, or three round capacity extensions. Each version works with your stock Glock magazine spring.

All Tyrant Designs products are produced in the USA and are covered by a lifetime warranty. These are great mag extensions, whether you use your Glock for concealed carry, competition shooting, or other shooting activities.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a concealed carry user or in need of more shots as a competitive shooter, this extension might do you some good. This is one extension that isn’t like the others on the market (since it gives you three extra shots rather than the usual two). Why settle for less when you can get more?

Bottom Line

These are extremely well built and aesthetically appealing magazine extensions. The quality, ergonomics, and style can't be beaten. The top features are the choice of color and capacity. The ease of tool-free installation is also a great perk. If you want to make your Glock a conversation piece at the range, you can't go wrong with one of these mag extensions.

Strike Industries - Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock® 43 +2


  • Easy to install
  • Really durable
  • Allows for easy re-loading
  • No jamming or malfunctioning
  • Fitting for their assigned magazines
  • Provides two extra rounds
  • Under half an inch in extra length
  • Provides superior grip surface area
  • Better grip and ergonomics should improve accuracy
  • Extra length allows for improved ergonomics and superior grip


  • Additional fitting may be required
  • Some sharp edges may be present
  • May be hard to load the last two rounds at first
  • Two rounds might not be enough for everyone

What Recent Buyers Report

A lot of new users say that this was a great magazine extension for their Glock 43 and for a few good reasons. For one, it added up to two extra rounds for their magazines. And the installation process was a cinch. One user said he didn’t have a problem with loading the magazine even with the extension intact. So far, he is still noticing the same smooth feeding and reliability before installing it. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This magazine extender was quite solid in construction. For a little unit, it’s built like a tank and definitely proves its worth in the quality department. You can load as many rounds as you like on a regular basis and it won’t wear or break apart. If you want to give your Glock 43 a little bit of extra firing power, this might be what you need. 

If the Pearce Grip For Glock strikes your fancy, but you’d like more than a single round, Strike Industries has you covered. With two extra rounds, the Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock 43 +2 adds two extra rounds for a more substantial extender, bringing your capacity up to nine rounds on a Glock 43.

You’ll also enjoy a low drag and no-snag design for improved reloading. Like the Pearce Grip, you’ll also get more finger space. As it adds more space, Strike Industries also took the opportunity to make it more ergonomic, which not only makes the grip more comfortable but also allows for a better hold and thus, superior accuracy.

Even though it adds an extra two rounds, you can continue to use the same spring and follower, requiring no additional purchase.

Overall, it adds little extra size and heft to your Glock, at just under an inch and a half added length. If you want something more substantial than a single round, having nine rounds is a distinct advantage without too much of a hassle.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are using this for the purpose of upping your magazine capacity for concealed carry purposes, then you may want to consider this magazine extension. Made from the highest quality materials, it’s almost a guarantee that this will last you years down the road. 

Bottom Line

The Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate is a great option for either a Glock 43 or Glock 43x magazine. You will be quite happy with the extension and its ability to give you a couple more rounds to work with. Not bad for when you need it most in self-defense or target shooting applications.

To bring your round count up to nine, the Strike Industries Enhanced Magazine Plate For Glock 43 +2 does this and more, improving ergonomics and ultimately, accuracy without much additional volume. 

Best for the Money:
 Pearce Grip - Grip Extension For Glock®


  • Superior quality
  • Very simple to install
  • Improves the ergonomics of your shooting
  • Maintains reliable feeding for most Glock 43 magazines
  • The closest you can get to a high-quality factory replacement
  • Only adds 0.82” in length
  • Provides one extra round
  • Provides superior grip surface area
  • Excellent for maintaining concealed carry
  • Extra length is perfect as a Pinky Extender


  • May not be ideal for small hands
  • A few say the grip could be better overall
  • Some say the install may be a challenge at times
  • Not for those who want multiple added rounds

What Recent Buyers Report

New buyers were able to install this in as little as five minutes. Once installed, they instantly noticed a change in capacity and it didn’t take them long to put the extension to good use. One user said that it was really easy to load and doesn’t break apart easily because of consistent loading. So far, he’s been quite impressed and said that he will be using this for his concealed carry Glock. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This magazine extension is a simple model that will give you a couple more rounds at your disposal for any application. This can range from concealed carry to target shooting. But regardless of how you use your Glock 43, it’s a pretty dang solid magazine extension that will get the job done.

The Pearce Grip Extension for Glock does as its name suggests and provides a superior Glock grip out of the box with extra surface area, albeit matches the factory texture. While this is a great bonus, we’re primarily here for extra rounds and concealment.

Happily, the Pearce Grip Extension adds very little extra volume, in part because it adds only a single extra round, and it does this by replacing the magazine floor plate. In fact, the extra 3/4-inch gripping surface is more noticeable than the extra mass, even though the added round tacks on 0.82 inches in length. Additionally, the slight extra length functionally acts as a pinky extension.

In terms of concealability, adding less than an inch is going to have a very minimal effect. On the other hand, you’re only getting one additional round. Now, that round might be a life and death determination, but understand that one round is what you’re getting.

Priced comparatively to a standard magazine, if you’re on the fence about extended mags, it really just makes sense to go with an extra round for very little added extra length.

Concealment remains virtually the same, you get a better grip, and you get one more shot, all for about the same price as a regular magazine. Lastly, you don’t need a new spring or follower.

Pearce Grips are very popular and it’s easy to see why, as there’s next to nothing to lose and everything to gain—unless, of course, you want more than a single added round.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want the closest thing to universal for a mag extension, this could be exactly what you are looking for. You can add on a couple of rounds for any given application and it will feel no different than before (other than a couple of extra rounds). Your magazine itself will still give you excellent reliability through as many rounds as you fire. 

Bottom Line

For those who are fine with a standard magazine, the Pearce Grip Extension For Glock makes perfect sense, offering many great additions alongside an extra round, for about the price of a standard magazine.

4. Tangodown - Magazine Extension For Glock® 43


  • Simple to install
  • Great for various applications
  • Allows for very smooth shooting
  • Easily can add up to two rounds
  • Easy loading for most Glock 43 magazines
  • Improved spring included for better feeding
  • Adds under half an inch in total extra length
  • Provides two extra rounds at a better price point than others
  • Provides a superior grip surface area compared to standard magazines


  • Ergonomics are not as improved as with other magazine extenders

What Recent Buyers Report

About half of the new users were using this for target shooting purposes. Breaking it down, a large number of those users were looking to extend their magazines for competition purposes. One user said the addition for the extra rounds was exactly what he was looking for since he wanted more of an edge over his competition. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Tangodown Magazine Extension For Glock 43 adds some thoughtful design to the process of adding rounds to your Glock. You’ll get two extra rounds, bringing your total round count up to nine. It is injection molded from the same material that’s used in the magazine’s body, with an extended floorplate designed to fit a comfortable firing grip.

What we really like is that rather than using the same spring and follower as is standard, TangoDown provides an improved set. To be clear, we prefer either using the standard set or including an improved set, and some extenders will require a new set to be purchased separately.

Here, Tangodown’s spring is longer, heat-treated, and made of stainless steel. Not only will it last longer, but it feeds very smoothly and comes with a last-round slide lock back.

Compared to the offering from Strike Industries, we have to point out that both products add less than an inch and a half. Tangodown provides an improved spring and is a better value. However, it does not improve ergonomics, as well as the Strike Industries extender. If you’re looking for a great budget extender and don’t care about ergonomics as much, this is your magazine extender.

Who Will Use This Most

If you are a competitive shooter or just need a few extra rounds to extend the fun at the range, this could be exactly what you are looking for. You don’t have to purchase extra magazines if you don’t want to. But you can purchase a nice extender that will be easy to use and long-lasting.

Bottom Line

The Tangodown Magazine Extension is your best friend at the range if you want to spend a good deal of time there with a few extra rounds. You will love having this mag extension handy for your one magazine (or a few extra mags if you need them). Either way, how can you say no to extra shots?

5. Ghost - Glock 43 Magazine Extension


  • Superior toughness
  • Maintains the magazine’s reliability
  • No wear or tear after the short term
  • Extends your magazine up to 2 additional rounds
  • Excellent value
  • Improved spring is included for better feeding
  • Adds only about an inch and a half in total extra length
  • Lifetime guarantee ensures you’ll never need to buy another magazine extender unless you want to


  • It’s a budget solution, not a premium magazine extender

What Recent Buyers Report

About all of the new buyers were Glock 43 owners. After all, this is expected since the extension is only fit for Glock 43 mags. The extension was a cinch to install and it made loading their magazines quite easy and with a good amount of smoothness. So far, not a single user has complained about the extension in the slightest. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you’re looking for the most budget-oriented solution on our list, here it is: the Ghost Glock 43 Magazine Extension will add two rounds to your Glock while keeping your bank account virtually untouched. It leaves your Glock virtually untouched too, living up to the Ghost name by being virtually transparent.

By using the same existing magazine base plate, you’ll notice very little change overall in your grip, except that it’s now elongated by about an inch and a half to provide extra room for your pinky and thus, a better grip.

Now, you don’t get particularly improved ergonomics or grip surface here, but there are some extras. First, you get a stainless-steel magazine spring, which does show some minor improvement over the stock spring. Don’t expect too much, but you should see some smoother feeding.

What truly makes us happy is the lifetime guarantee. Not one or two years, but a lifetime unlimited guarantee on a budget magazine extender. Ghost could have very reasonably offered no warranty for the great value they’re providing, but they gave it to you anyway.

While certainly not the best all-around magazine extension on our list, you can’t beat the value, and a lifetime guarantee to back it up truly makes this a must-have for budget-conscious shoppers.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a Glock 43 exclusive magazine extension. If you own that pistol with the intent of everyday carry or target shooting, then the choice might just be a no-brainer. How can you say no to an extender that is easy to install and very hard to wear and tear, anyway? 

Bottom Line

If you want an extender that will be great for your Glock 43 magazines and nothing else, the Ghost Glock 43 magazine extension might just be right up your alley. Don’t underestimate the quality and operation of this in the slightest. It will take you far no matter how many magazines you have.

For shoppers who really want to add two extra rounds to their Glock 43 but are dubious about price, the Ghost Glock 43 Magazine Extension provides incredible value and a lifetime guarantee.

6. Taran Tactical Innovations - Firepower Base Pad For Glock® 43


  • Simple installation
  • Really tough inside and out
  • Allows for excellent gripping ability
  • Doesn’t break apart after short-term use
  • Easily extends magazines to a couple of extra rounds
  • Adds one or two extra rounds
  • Premium quality construction and durability
  • Comes with an improved stainless-steel spring
  • Made in the USA and passed through rigorous testing
  • Adds either no length or very little, depending on your chosen model


  • Not the cheapest, but you get your money’s worth and more

What Recent Buyers Report

New users were very impressed with the extender. They had nothing else to say other than it was simple to install, super durable, and gave them more of an improved grip prior to installation. One user said that it probably made his pistol more ergonomically friendly compared to beforehand. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

For shoppers looking for a quality magazine extender and willing to spend a little extra, the Taran Tactical Innovations Firepower Base Pad For Glock 43 is a must-have. Additionally, it comes in two flavors: a +1 or a +2, adding one or two rounds respectively. No need to decide on which product to get, as you’ll get the same great design either way.

You’ll notice the quality right away, as the one-piece design requires no tools or devices to disassemble and there are no little parts to lose. It has excellent durability and is lightweight, made from CNC machined billet aluminum and is also hard anodized. This monster will withstand the test of time without feeling like the beast it is.

Here’s the best part: the +1 model adds absolutely no extra length. That’s right, the intelligent design behind this magazine ensures a compact, but efficient feeding structure that keeps your concealed carry just as hidden as with a standard magazine. The +2 adds a little over 3/4 of an inch, making both incredibly concealable.

The +2 version comes with a stronger spring made from stainless steel, whereas the +1 uses your stock factory spring. Lastly, Taran Tactical Innovation components are all made in the USA and pass through rigorous quality control inspections.

Ultimately, if you want to add to your magazines but want to sacrifice neither quality nor space, this is the way to go. It’s a little pricier, but it’s certainly worth it.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a good starter extender for so many beginner-level users. If you are new to the concept of magazine extensions, then it is important for you to try one out for yourself. This model might be a good one to start with. And it might last you longer than you expect. 

Bottom Line

If you want the absolute best magazine extender for the Glock 43 in terms of concealability and budget is not a concern, it would be hard to beat the nearly invisible and tank-like design of the Firepower Base Pad.

7. CruxOrd Magazine Extension Plus 2 Fits Glock 43


  • Snaps on in an instant
  • Best for concealed carry users
  • Doesn’t make the loading process difficult
  • The two-piece aluminum design is extra easy to install
  • Low-profile design is no larger than the pinky piece on your Glock
  • Optionally comes with the Punisher's skull logo printed in white on the bottom


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report

As expected, new buyers were not disappointed in the slightest with this magazine extension. They said that it was great for most Glock 43 magazines and the installation process was easier said than done. Overall, no complaints about the quality or any reports of loading being harder than usual. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

Crux Ordinance is an Illinois company famous for its innovative tripod design. Among its fine firearms component designs are these excellent Glock 43 mag extensions.

Available in black or “Punisher”, this extension is aesthetically sharp once installed. But not only is it good looking, but it also gives you ergonomically friendly handling that will ensure that you will be able to shoot your pistol for as long as possible without dealing with any straining. If you want better handling for your pistol along with two additional rounds to work with, this extension is no joke. 

These mag extensions add two rounds to your handgun. The advanced design gives you a slimmer and more functional mag extension that not only looks better than the competition but is much easier to assemble. It is also barely larger than the pinky piece that comes stock with the Glock 43. Machined from a billet of aluminum, the two-piece design of this mag extension is extra easy to install.

As with all of Crux Ordinance's products, this mag extension and all of its components are made in the USA. The product is well tested and used by competition shooters, members of the military, and members of various law enforcement forces nationwide. If you're young at heart, you'll be glad to know that for a little extra flair, this mag extension is available with the logo of the comic book character the Punisher on the bottom.

Who Will Use This Most

If you want a nice little accessory that will be a must for concealed carry users, then you’re going to love having this extension attached to your magazines. If you plan on getting multiple magazines, you’d be wise to get more of these extensions as well. Plus, they are affordable enough so you won’t be spending an arm and a leg each time.

Bottom Line

Crux Ordinance is a company that definitely doesn't joke around. These are rugged and dependable mag extensions that will last a lifetime. Their top features are the ease of installation and the low-profile design. Also, it is generally optimal to buy products made in the USA. Great for comic book fans.


We’ve taken a look at whether a magazine extender is worth it and what you should consider before making a purchase. Your needs will always come first, so armed with that knowledge, choose the one that makes sense for you from our list.

We’re happy to say that all will provide an extra round or two, without ruining your ability to conceal properly, but some might make more sense for your tastes than others and might even improve performance. Either way, grab a magazine extender for your Glock 43 and conceal your handgun knowing you’ve got an extra chance or two!

People Also Ask

The following is a list of frequently asked questions that will be useful for you as a guide. This will give you a better understanding of how Glock 43 magazine extensions work. Here are the following questions:

Will a Glock 43x Magazine Fit a Glock 43?

Even though the 43x is a longer barrel version of the Glock 43, unfortunately, magazines that will fit a Glock 43 will not fit in a 43x and vise versa. That’s because there is a difference in width. And thus, a magazine will be ill-fit for either pistol. Also, the magazines are different in length as well. 

How Many Bullets Does a Glock 43 Hold?

A Glock 43 will hold up to six rounds. However, you can extend it using a wide variety of magazine extensions (mostly aftermarket). 

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