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The M1A is a semi-automatic, magazine fed rifle, widely used for hunting and competitions. The M1A’s flawless semi-auto operation can be partially credited to the use of good magazines. Like any auto or semi-auto weapon, the M1A also requires a flawless magazine for effective usage.

Here, we’ll learn about the benefits of having some extra magazines for your M1A and the qualities an ideal magazine must have. We will also shed some light on the best M1A magazines on the market and will review their pros and cons. The objective of this review is to educate you about the importance of magazines and help you find one for your M1A.

Best M1A Magazines Comparison Chart 


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Check-mate Industries - Springfield M1a 10rd Magazine 308 Winchester

Springfield Armory - Springfield M1A/M14 Magazine 308 Winchester 10rd Steel Black

Magpul Magazines - Pmag 10 Lr/Sr Gen M3

Magpul Magazines - Pmag 20 Lr/Sr Gen M3

Perks of Having Additional Magazines

If you are using a magazine fed rifle, like the M1A, having some extra magazines at hand is always helpful. Let's consider some situations to help you better understand. Consider yourself plinking at the range, with only a couple of mags. You’ll have to spend more time reloading than shooting. Having some extra magazines will let you make the most out of your practice sessions.

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Similarly, if you are hunting varmints or hogs, it is obvious that you’ll be taking quick follow up shots. Having additional magazines will keep you ready and engaged.

People tend to drop the magazines and stomp over them at the range, making them prone to malfunction. So it is always a better idea to keep a separate set of magazines for precision uses like self-defense, competitions, or for situations where you cannot afford a malfunction.

Similarly, if you get caught up in a self-defense situation, you might end up burning ammunition fast, especially if there are multiple hostiles. Having some extra mags on hand will allow you to hold the situation until help arrives.

Magazines are also an ingenious way of keeping ammunition organized. Plus, they are also easy to handle and store. Finally, buying extra magazines for your M1A is not a very costly affair. So having some extra ones is the right decision, logically and economically.

What Makes Great M1A Magazines?

An ideal M1A magazine must possess several qualities. The very first is durability. A good magazine must be durable and tough enough to withstand fatigue and pressure. Magazines are quite prone to being dropped, kicked, or stomped, even if done accidentally. Having a high-quality magazine ensures reliable operation and reduces replacement costs.

The next quality is the texture. A good M1A magazine should have an anti-slip texture so it is easy to hold and change, as you might end up in a situation where your hands get sweaty or wet.

5,15 and 20 round capacity Springfield

7.62MM 10-Round Capacity (Source)

50 Round Capacity (Source)

Another important aspect of the magazine is its follower. A good magazine must have a self-adjusting, anti-tilt follower, so it doesn’t jam. Such followers level automatically to prevent a feed malfunction. Followers can either be polymer or metal. But the material really doesn’t matter as long as it is self-adjusting.

One more thing to consider here is that the magazine should be properly sized to easily fit the mag well. Plus, it should drop freely when released, without the need for thumping or pulling it out of the rifle. The best bet is to purchase magazines specially designed for the M1A, like the ones included in this review.

Lastly, a magazine for your M1A must be easy to clean. Just like the rifle, magazines also collect grime and dust, so they need to be cleaned regularly. Having an easily removable floor plate to open up the magazine will come in handy while cleaning, so keep an eye out for that.

Review of the Best M1A Magazines

Since some light has been shed on the perks of having extra magazines, it is obvious that you will likely want to buy some for your M1A. But scouring the internet is a tedious task, especially when choices are limited. Taking into consideration the aforementioned qualities of a good M1A magazine, we have come up with a handpicked list of the best M1A magazines on the market.

Note: Please make sure to confirm the capacity of magazines permissible for use in your state.

1. Check-mate Industries - Springfield M1A 10rd Magazine 308 Winchester

Ideally designed for the M1A, this magazine is the best for your rifle. The magazine has been made from high-quality stainless steel and has a welded body, which means the magazine is quite durable and will withstand a rigorous beating.

It features a strong, precision wound spring and a steel follower for reliable feeding. The magazine is available in parkerized steel and polished steel variants, both of which are resistant to rusting and corrosion.

The easily removable floor plate makes the magazine easy to clean, so maintenance is not a problem. Since the magazine was designed specifically for the M1A rifle, it inserts easily and drops free when the release button is pressed. It is available for the M1A in 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25-round capacities.


  • Great Price
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Reliable Feeding Mechanism


  • Bulky Compared to Polymer Mags

Bottom Line

These magazines from Check-Mate are ideal for the M1A. The quality steel construction is durable and the feed mechanism is flawless. Plus, the magazine is also easy to clean. Overall, the magazine is good for every use associated with the M1A rifle.

2. Springfield Armory - Springfield M1A/M14 Magazine 308 Winchester 10rd Steel Black

This is a very durable and high-quality magazine from the manufacturer of the M1A. This magazine features a stainless steel body which has been manufactured by Springfield Armory. It features a precision wound spring with a steel follower which creates a reliable feed mechanism for your M1A rifle.

The magazine has wide feed lips so the rounds don’t get stuck while feeding. The steel floor plate can be removed easily for cleaning. It also features a ten round capacity, however, it is also available in 5 and 20 round variants.

The magazine has a somewhat rough finish which makes it easy to grip while installing or releasing. The magazine doesn’t rub on the side with the rifle, which also prevents wear of the finish.  


  • Good Grip
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable Construction
  • Flawless Feeding Mechanism


  • Doesn’t Look Nice (If That Matters)

Bottom Line

The magazine is a compact and durable addition to your M1A rifle. It is reliable and easy to clean. Plus the ten round capacity is apt for hunting, competition, and self-defense.

3. Magpul Magazines - Pmag 10 Lr/Sr Gen M3

Magpul is among the most used brands of magazines, and its Pmag series is also widely used by shooters. This Pmag Gen M3 magazine for the M1A has been built from high-grade polymer, which is tough and has similar durability to steel but is also lightweight at the same time.

This magazine holds ten rounds of 7.62x51 ammunition and is also compatible with many SR25/M110 pattern rifles, so it is a versatile accessory to use. The extra-strong stainless steel spring, coupled with an anti-tilt follower, ensure a reliable and flawless feeding mechanism for your M1A.

The magazine has a slightly curved design and a matte-based texture to provide a better grip. The magazine has been deliberately designed and aptly priced, to fit your budget and also to allow you to purchase multiple units for your rifle.


  • Affordable
  • Good Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Works With Many Rifles
  • Anti-Tilt Follower for Reliable Feeding


  • Polymer Will Degrade With Time

Bottom Line

The magazine from Magpul is lightweight, durable, and reliable. Plus, it has a reasonable price tag. It is good for all kinds of uses for your M1A, whether it be hunting, competitions, or self-defense. The magazine is perfect for states with capacity restrictions.

3A. Magpul Magazines - Pmag 20 Lr/Sr Gen M3

This magazine is just a 20 round variant of the one reviewed above. Due to its capacity, it is obviously longer than the ten-round version. This magazine has been made from polymer and has an anti-tilt follower which ensures reliable feeding, which is important for a magazine with such capacity.

The mag has a matte finish with checkered etchings on its surface, which provides a good grip when you use it. It is compatible with many SR25/M110 pattern rifles which is definitely a benefit, as you can use it with your other rifles. The magazine has a curved structure, plus the floor plate can be easily removed for cleaning.


  • Easy to Clean
  • High Capacity
  • Offers Good Grip
  • Lightweight and Durable


  • None

Bottom Line

This magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds, which makes it exceptional for varmint and hog hunting. It is interchangeable with many rifles, so it is worth your investment.


Having some extra magazine for your M1A allows you to reload less and shoot more. Plus, it is a good practice to keep separate magazines for practice and precision uses. A good magazine for the M1A must be durable, reliable, and easy to clean. Additionally, the capacity of the mags you use will depend upon the intended purpose and your local laws.  

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