Best Ruger 10/22 Magazines – Rated and Reviewed

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September 12, 2023

The Ruger 10/22 rifle is one of the hottest selling rifles in America and is typically known as the “first twenty two for adults”. Prior to its launch, the bulk of rim fire rifles were aimed at younger shooters who were just learning the basics.

Military trainers were the first to really grasp the concept of using the 22 rim fire as a training aid and a variety of semiautomatic pistols and single shot or bolt action rifles were made for this express purpose. It took a while for the semiautomatic rifle manufacturers to catch on that adults wanted to take advantage of the relatively low cost of 22 long rifle, but the biggest hang up to reliability was producing a reliable magazine.

Why You Should Have More Than One Magazine

The answer to this question is almost intuitive and self-explanatory. Having more than one magazine has multiple benefits. The very first is because it provides backup. Magazines are often dropped, stomped, and kicked at the range, which might cause them to deform or crack. Having a spare magazine covers your back.

Another reason is to have separate reliable sets for specific uses. Magazines often kicked and dropped are prone to malfunction, so you shouldn’t trust them for competitions or home-defense. So having a separate set of magazines for such purposes is of great help.

Finally, a very casual reason for having multiple magazines is reloading. You don’t want to waste time filling up magazines at the range. Or even worse, during a home-defense situation. Having more than one magazine lets you focus more on shooting than reloading.

  • OEM Ruger 5 Round Rotary Magazine
  • Stainless Steel Feed Lips for Reliable Feeding
  • Fits Snugly Inside the Rifle and Improves Handling
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  • Molded Hard Polymer Body Withstands Shocks and Tempering
  • High-Grade Tempered Steel Spring Ensures Reliable Feeding
  • Lightweight and High Capacity, Good for Tactical Uses
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  • Polymer Mag Has Metal Feed Lips That Won't Wear Out
  • Clear Polymer Lets You Easily See How Many Rounds Are Loaded
  • Loader Automatically Orients Over 50 Rounds for Quick, Easy Loading
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  • Comes in Your Choice of Clear or Classic Black Polymer
  • Unique Rotary Design Holds Ten Rounds Without Descending Below Your Receiver
  • Ruger Original Products Give you the Best in Reliability
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  • Works With Any Original Ruger 10/22 Factory Rifle and Pistol
  • Optimal Length for Easy Carrying and Maneuverability
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Finish and Lightweight Body
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  • Three Ten Round Factory Magazines With Nylon Pouch
  • Trimag Connector Joins these Mags to Give You 30-Round Capacity
  • Easy to Install and Remove Mags. Increases Shooting Power
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  • Rotary Style 10 Round Magazine Clips
  • Crystal Clear Design to Let you Assess the Number of Loaded Rounds
  • Economical Price to Let you Buy Multiple Magazines
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How to Choose a 10/22 Magazine

There are certain important traits and factors to look for when choosing a 10/22 magazine. Rifles are mostly used for practice, competitions, and home defense, all of which are serious matters. So it is extremely crucial to choose the right magazine for your 10/22. Let’s take a look at these factors one by one.


It is a prime concern with almost every product you buy, but with magazines, it becomes even more important. Magazines are more likely to be dropped and stomped while changing. Plus, a mag made from weak material may rupture or crack open while shooting. Hence, you must buy a sturdy and durable magazine for reliability.

Feed Lips

Feed Lips (Source)

The feed lips of a magazine are the part which comes in contact with the bolt. It is responsible for the proper collection of a round inside the chamber. It is preferable to have metal feed lips on a magazine so they don’t deform or break under the influence of time and pressure, thus causing malfunctions.

Follower and Spring

Both the follower and the spring are responsible for the proper cycling of rounds in a semi-auto weapon like the 10/22. Having a good spring maintains the proper pressure inside the magazine. Plus, having a good follower (preferably an anti-tilt) ensures proper cycling of rounds in any situation. A follower can be made up of polymer or metal and as long as it is of high-quality, the material doesn’t really matter.


The capacity of a magazine is what defines it and separates one from another. The original Ruger factory magazine(a.k.a rotary magazine) can hold only five rounds at a time. If you’re at the range, or in a self-defense situation, having a limited number of rounds can be frustrating. Five round mags may have been a charm in the 19th century, but they’re not very useful today. So, consider having a magazine with ample capacity, respective to your intended usage.

Review of the Best Ruger 10/22 Magazines

Here are the some of the best ruger 10/22 magazines available in the market that we picked and reviewed them in detail so that you could choose the one that you desire.

1. 10/22 Magazine by Ruger


  • Reliable Feeding
  • Quality Construction
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Good for Every Use With 10/22


  • Limited Capacity

We move back to the basics with the best ten round polymer magazine from Ruger. The 10/22 originally used these ten round magazine. These magazines have been made from hardened polymer to reduce the weight of the overall setup, although Ruger originally used to manufacture their magazines from steel.

These magazines feature the same ‘rotary’ mechanism used in 10/22 magazines. The magazine sits flush inside the receiver and drops freely. You don’t have to worry about a malfunction or jamming of your rifle with these magazines since they have been tested over and over for decades.

The flush-fitting design of these mags makes your rifle a more compact setup to carry. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with your stance, whether you're shooting prone or from behind a rock. The steel feed lips are very durable and reliable. The magazine is good for hunting, practice, and competitive shooting.

Bottom Line

The ten round polymer magazine from Ruger sits flush inside the rifle, which improves handling to some extent. The magazine is reliable and works very well with the 10/22. Conclusively, if this magazine doesn’t work with your 10/22, then your rifle has a problem.

2. BX-25 Magazine by Ruger


  • Made By Ruger
  • Works Flawlessly
  • 25 Round Capacity
  • Lightweight and Durable Polymer Body


  • Absolutely None

Finally, Ruger has come up with a high capacity magazine for the 10/22 and it has already taken the market by storm. What else could be better than the manufacturer of the rifle making a magazine for it? These mags from Ruger have an enormous 25 round capacity, which is enough to take your rifle to a battle. The mags feature a hard molded polymer body, which is lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

The feed lips of the magazine have been made from stainless steel which won’t twist or crack with time and pressure. Coming to internals, the magazine is powered by a high-grade tempered spring steel spring and a polymer-based follower.

The magazine is easy to disassemble and clean. The curved shape of these mags offers a sturdy grip and consumes lesser space when stacking 25 rounds at a time. You’ll probably never experience a malfunction with these amazing magazines. The 25 round capacity makes these magazines good for competitions, practice, and even hunting (game suitable for .22). The magazines have a black finish so you’ll find them aesthetically pleasing.

Bottom Line

The 25 round detachable magazine is a masterpiece from Ruger. It is lightweight and increases the capacity of your 10/22 to that of an assault rifle. It is easily serviceable and economical to use.

3. 15-Round Magazine by Ruger


  • Metal Feed Lips
  • 15 Round Capacity
  • Resistant to Water and Rust
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Works With All Ruger .22 Variants


  • None

This is a mid-range capacity magazine from Ruger for the 10/22. This can be seen as a smaller version of their similar models. These mags are made from a hard molded polymer which imparts strength while keeping them lightweight. The magazine has a more ergonomic design and the 15 round capacity makes it even better for multiple applications.

The high-grade, tempered spring steel spring ensures reliable function in conjunction with a polymer-based follower. The feed lips are made from steel, so that’s definitely a plus. The magazine won’t crack because of its durable construction.

The magazine is also serviceable. To disassemble the magazine, all you need to do is to pull out a couple of screws. The magazine works well with Ruger 10/22 SR-22 and .22 Charger Pistols, so it is an all-in-one solution for all your Ruger .22 inventory.  The magazine is good for hunting, competitions, and self-defense. The 15 round capacity might be prohibited in some states, so make sure to check your local laws before buying one.

Bottom Line

The Ruger 15 round magazine is more compact and easy to carry and store. The magazine is lightweight and has metal feed lips to prevent any jamming and malfunction.

4. Ruger .22 LR 10-Round Rotary Magazine


  • Available in Your Choice of Traditional Black or Clear Polymer
  • Ruger's Factory Original Magazines Give You the Best in Reliability
  • Ruger's Rotary Magazine Design Carries Ten Rounds Without Extending Below the Floorplate of Your Receiver


  • Occasionally, a Few of the Clear Mags Can Be Too Wide to Seat in Your Gun

We all know that Ruger is now America's most popular firearms manufacturer, thanks to its affordable products and legendary reliability. Many of its models are unbeatable classics that almost all Americans who have handled a weapon have used. The 10/22 is one such firearm.

The most popular and common gun in the U.S.A. today, many of us first learned to shoot with a 10/22. As such, the options for aftermarket customization of your 10/22 are practically endless, with dozens of companies producing components or upgrades. However, nothing beats the peace of mind and flawless compatibility you get from using Ruger factory original components such as these mags.

Ruger's unique rotary .22 LR mag was one of the innovations that contributed to the 10/22's soaring popularity. With their steel feed lips, it's hard to beat the reliability of these mags. Although they both seat entirely into the receiver of your rifle, Ruger gives you the option of black or clear polymer. The clear option is nice to be able to quickly tell which un-seated mags are loaded and which ones need to be reloaded. They are also handy if you like to load a few different mags with different kinds of ammo.

Bottom Line

The top features of these mags are the choice of black or clear polymer construction and the unique, compact rotary design.

5. 10/22 10-Round Magazine


  • Pouch Included
  • Intelligent Design
  • Prevents Fumbling
  • 30 Round Capacity At A Time
  • Works As A Backup During Malfunctions


  • Takes Up Space

This product is actually a very smart and intelligent way to outsmart high capacity magazines. The package includes one tri mag coupler, three ten round rotary Ruger 10/22 magazines and one tri mag pouch to hold them all.

The smartest thing about this product is the coupler. It gives you a chance to carry 30 rounds at a finger’s distance. It is actually a smarter solution than those high capacity banana magazines. You can load up those three magazines with ten rounds each and mount them on the coupler.

Mounting is easy as you only need to snap the mags into the platforms and tighten the screw. The coupler aligns the magazines into a triangular shape, so you can quickly switch between magazines. This prevents you from fumbling and greatly reduces the changing time. Using this setup also eliminates the reliability issues which may be imminent with a single banana magazine, if one of your magazines jam, you can quickly change to the other one.

The coupler uses the regular 10/22, ten round factory mags, so you don’t have to procure any special ones. The included tri mag pouch holds the coupler with magazines mounted, using the indexing slot for proper alignment. Plus, it can be worn around your belt like a holster.

Bottom Line

The coupler setup increases your firing capacity straight to 30 rounds, without compromising on reliability and feed issues. If one of your mags malfunctions or dries out, you can quickly change to another. The price is exceptional considering the contents of the package.

6. Champion 25rd Magazine With Metal Head And Magazine Loader Combo


  • Clear Polymer Magazine Body Lets You See How Many Rounds Are Loaded
  • The Light Polymer Magazine Has Durable Metal Feed Lips for the Best Reliability
  • With a Few Shakes, the Loader Automatically Orients Over 50 Rounds for Fast, Simple Loading


  • You Won't Ever Want to Load Your Mag Without This Loader Again

Champion Range and Target produces a range of great target shooting and safety gear from its headquarters in Oroville, California. Everybody loves plinking with a .22 LR rifle. It is easy to run through a brick or two of ammo in an afternoon and this is how many of first learn to shoot as teenagers.

The Ruger 10/22 is the nation's most popular rimfire rifle and with very good reason. While plinking with a 10/22 is utter bliss, reloading finicky .22 LR rounds into high capacity magazines is no one's favorite task. Champion magazine loaders work with any .22 LR mag and quickly and easily orient up to 50 rounds with a few simple shakes.

The loader is also light and compact, easy to pack around in a range bag or the like. The 25-round magazine it comes with has the one key feature you want from a polymer mag, a metal head to ensure the feed lips don't wear out. The see-through design is handy for indexing how many rounds you have left. Polymer is not necessarily less robust than steel, it tends to bounce back into shape where steel might permanently bend.

Bottom Line

The best features of this loader and mag combo are the ease of loading and clear polymer for quick indexing of how many rounds you have left.

7. Ruger 10-22 Clear .22 LR Magazine


  • Metal Feed Lips
  • Durable and Dependable
  • Fits Flush Inside the Rifle
  • Clear Design to Keep Track of Rounds


  • Low Capacity

This magazine is the answer to people looking for clear magazines from Ruger. The ten shot rotary magazine has been made from a transparent polymer, which lets you see inside the mag. You can view the magazine and check how many rounds remain inside of it.

This eliminates the need for pulling out the magazine to checks. This is a great relief for people who forget counting while they shoot. Not only that, but it is also a good safety measure for working with rifles.

Instead of the clear polymer body, the magazine has metal feed lips to eliminate any chances of malfunction from there. The mag fits flush inside the rifle, just like the black rotary magazines.

The clear design of these mags also comes in handy when you are loading them with a speed loader. It gives you a way to track how many rounds have been filled and what remains.

Bottom Line

The clear design magazines from Ruger offer a good way to keep track of the bullets inside the magazine. Other than that, it functions exactly the same as the original factory magazines.

History of Ruger and Magazines

Some manufacturers used a tube similar to lever action rifle or pump action shotgun, others used a single column magazine like most semiautomatic pistols, but Ruger went in another direction and produced a unique rotary 10-shot magazine that was years ahead of its time.

Unfortunately Ruger’s leadership was not fond of making magazines with a greater capacity. Ruger’s owner and founder went on to testify before congress that a cap on ten rounds would be all that a civilian shooter would ever need. Ruger would go so far as to cease manufacture of magazines with a capacity of greater than 10 rounds for a number of years.

Aftermarket magazine companies tried to fill the public’s demand for increased magazine capacity for Ruger’s 10/22. Many of these efforts proved disappointing when either the plastic lips would crack or the magazine spring would fail. Fifty-round “banana clips” and hundred-round drums make little sense if they will not feed reliably.

Eventually it came full circle with new blood running the company; Ruger took off in directions that would have been unthinkable under the past president, including the manufacture of magazines with a capacity greater than 10 rounds.

For the Ruger 10/22 that meant the BX25.

When one magazine is emptied, the shooter ejects it, turns it over and reinserts the magazine for a total of 50 rounds capacity.

Some detractors do not care for the extra length that the BX-25 and BX-25X2 imparts on the rifle’s profile. In many cases this can interfere with a shooter who is shooting from a prone shooting position and in these cases it is best to stay with the standard factory 10-shot rotary magazines that sit flush with the bottom of the stock.

As well made as the original rotary magazines are, they can sometimes get stuck in the magazine well or be accidentally loaded backwards and then stuck. The BX-25 and BX-25X2 eliminate these problems as the magazine can be easily removed due to its longer length and the concave curve of the magazine always faces forward.


That is going to conclude the post on the Ruger 10/22 magazines. We only took a look at two, both of which were the bx-25 model.

The reason we only looked at two was because those two magazines are the only magazines that you should be buying for your 1022 rifle. They are the top of the line and they will not let you down.

They are perfect for almost every single type of shooter and will do its job perfectly. Thanks for reading, if you are looking for a new stock to go with a new mag then you should check out the 10/22 aftermarket stock page.


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