The Best Ruger 10/22 Stocks of 2019

The Ruger 1022 is without a doubt the most popular rim fire rifle in America. Over 5 million of Ruger’s “adult carbines” have been sold in its 50 years of production. Designed as a rim fire rifle for adults as opposed to a typical youth rifle, the Ruger 1022 takes its looks and styling from the venerable US M1 Carbine used during World War II.

The Ruger 1022 became famous for its revolutionary rotary magazine which ensured reliable feeding. Although it is a great gun right out of the factory, a sweet looking tactical stock will make your 1022 even better. That is what we will be talking about in this post, the best aftermarket stocks for your Ruger 1022 rifle.

10/22 Stock Comparison Chart

Below you will see the top nine ruger 10/22 stocks currently on the market. They are all placed within an easy to read comparison chart that makes it very easy to find the perfect stock for your needs.


Magpul Hunter X-22 Adj. Stock

  • Made from Reinforced Polymer
  • Super Lightweight tock
  • Pistol-Type Grip
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Tactical Solutions 10/22 Thumbhole Stock

  • Laminated Wood
  • Allows for a Perfect Cheek Weld
  • Allows for Mounting of a Bipod
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Magpul Takedown Hunter X-22 Backpacker Stock

  • Compact and Easy to Store/Transaport
  • Integrated Storage Compartment on Grip
  • Lightweight (1.7 pounds)
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Hogue Rubber Over Molded Stock

  • Extremely Durable and Rugged
  • Accommodates Factory Barrel
  • Includes Swing Swivels
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ATI Strikeforce Adjustable Stock

  • Made out of Fiberglass - Resistant to Warping
  • Stock is Foldable
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails
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ATI Fiberforce Stock

  • Pistol Grip Type Stock
  • Handguard and Forend are Venitlated for Cooling
  • Fixed Cheek Rest
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Magnum Research 10/22 Thumbhole Stock

  • Full Sized Pistol Grip
  • Accommodates the Heaviest of Barrels
  • Allows for Free Float
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Hogue Nylon Overmolded 10/22 Stock

  • Traditional Rifle Buttstock Profile
  • Great for Use with a Heavy Barrel
  • Sling Swivel Studs
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Quick Take - The Best Ruger 10/22 Stocks

Review of the Best Ruger 10/22 Aftermarket Stocks

We took a look at the various aftermarket stocks intended for the Ruger 1022 rifle and came up with the following top eight replacement stocks. These next eight buttstocks are a great alternative to the factory stock that comes with your rifle.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Length of Pull
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Optional Cheek Riser
  • Has a Recoil Pad


  • Might Require an M-Lok Adapter for Multiple Accessories

Magpul is known for its high-quality, aftermarket accessories for weapons. In the same way, Magpul has come up with an amazing stock for the 10/22. The stock has been made from a reinforced polymer which is several grades better than ordinary polymer. Anyways, the polymer design eliminates any possible problems associated with degradation. Plus, it also reduces the overall weight of your rifle.

The optimized forend shape and the pistol-type grip of the weapon ensure that you get a proper grip over the rifle, no matter if your hands are dry or wet. Moving to the rear, this stock has an adjustable length of pull, so you can change its length according to your position and physique. The length is adjusted using spacers, which can easily be removed or added. Additionally, the butt plate of the stock features a non-slip recoil pad, so you can shoot comfortably for hours without straining your shoulders.

The stock has a drop-in design and has eliminated the need for takedown screws and the v-block which hold the rifle together, so the installation is effortless and simple. The barrel tray of the stock is reversible and accepts all 10/22 barrels (standard or bull). The stock accepts barrels of all lengths, however, longer barrels only reach the tip.

Coming to the compatibility, the stock has M-LOK mounts for adding forend accessories like bipods, laser lights, and multiple sling mounting options for using slings. The stock is available in multiple colors and patterns, so Magpul also has the aesthetics covered.

Bottom Line

This stock is an all-in-one solution for your 10/22. It is adjustable, lightweight, and has multiple mounting points. The optional cheek riser also improves its functionality. The stock is easy to install and will fit your budget, considering the value it offers. 

Tactical Solutions offers this lightweight ambidextrous laminated wood target stock, which features a factory pillar bedding system. The factory cheek rest allows the shooter to obtain a perfect cheek weld when shooting the rifle with a scope mounted and the wide forearm allows for the mounting of a bipod and a generous surface area to hold the rifle when shooting off hand.

The pistol grip and forend are textured via laser engraving, allowing for a perfect grip on the rifle every single time. This is probably the priciest stock we looked at, but it was also the best looking and the only one that was made of real wood.

The only downside to this buttstock would be that the cheek rest makes the stock’s profile a little too high for use with factory iron sights, but is hands down the perfect choice for using a rifle scope.


  • Sturdy and Lightweight (1.7lbs)
  • Enormous Storage Capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Detachable Handguard
  • Space for Mounting Slings
  • Fits All 10/22 Barrels


  • Lacks Adjustability

The Hunter X-22 backpacker Stock from Magpul is a compact stock for upgrading your 10/22 rifle. The stock utilizes storage space while you transport it from one place to another. Starting with its design, the stock has been made from durable advanced polymer, which imparts its strength and keeps it lightweight.

The stock and the handguard are two different pieces, which can be stored separately when transporting the rifle. Additionally, the locking interface attaches the barrel assembly to the receiver while being transported. The stock has pre-drilled holes to accept QD mounts for adding swivel studs and slings.

The grip of the stock has an integrated storage compartment to let you store a couple of batteries or a small first aid kit. Not only this, but the stock also has ample storage space inside its rear compartment, which can fit three ten-round magazines at max capacity. The pistol-style grip of the stock helps with the overall accuracy and handling of the rifle.

Plus, the color and design of the stock are exceptional and add to the overall aesthetics of your rifle. The stock has a 13.5-inch pull length and it accepts all types of barrels designed for the 10/22, regardless of their size.

Bottom Line

The X-22 stock from Magpul is a compact and lightweight stock for the 10/22, which can be disassembled for easy transportation. The stock has a lot of storage space which will come in handy during hunting trips. The design of the stock makes it easy to grip and the aesthetics are just amazing. Additionally, it fits all 10/22 barrels, which is definitely a plus, as you can swap it anytime. 

Hogue, Rubber Overmolded Stock for Ruger, 10-22 Standard

This stock by Hogue is more popular with those who view the Ruger 1022 rifle as a truck or bug out gun that gets tossed around a lot or takes an extra amount of abuse as opposed to a standard Ruger 1022. The external rubber coating on the stock, which is the same component that Hogue uses on their handgun grips, protects the rifle from might otherwise result in unsightly dings, dents, blemishes or scratches.

The Hogue stock includes swing swivels and can accommodate the standard factory barrel. This particular buttstock will not work with a heavier target barrel.


  • Sturdy and Lightweight Fiberglass Body
  • Collapsible and Adjustable Buttstock
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails
  • Removable and Adjustable Cheek Rest
  • Rubber Butt Pad and Three Sling Swivel Studs
  • Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty


  • None

Wanna make your 10/22 look out of this world? Then try this stock.

AT has been baffling the market with its cosmetically attractive and economical products for a while. This time they have come up with an exceptional aftermarket stock for the Ruger 10/22. The stock has almost every feature you’d ever want in one.

To begin with, this stock has been manufactured from fiberglass, which is in our modest opinion, currently the best material for manufacturing stocks. It is resistant to high temperatures and warping. It features a six-position adjustable stock which resembles the ones on an AR.

Additionally, the stock is foldable which allows compact and easy transportation of the rifle. The foldable part is also detachable, in case your local laws don’t permit a longer rifle, so that’s definitely a plus. The stock is also customizable with one four-inch Picatinny rail on the forend, four 2-inch Picatinny rails on sides and the top of the cover. This allows you to mount as many accessories as you desire, without the need for any adjustments or extra mounts.

The package also includes blank covers for unused rails, so the spot doesn’t look weird. It also has a removable and adjustable cheek rest, and a non-slip removable butt pad. The ergonomic and textured pistol grip offers better control over the rifle. It also has three sling swivel studs to let you mount slings as you desire. The stock is scratch-resistant and weatherproof. Plus, it is easy to install which is a plus. 

Bottom Line

The stock from AT is an exceptional and complete replacement for your existing 10/22 stock. It is compatible with all Ruger 10/22 models, along with offering complete adjustability. Plus, the company offers a lifetime warranty, which covers your back. 

For a pistol grip type stock on a Ruger 10/22, it is hard to beat the ATI Fiber force stock. Constructed of high grade polymer, this stock echoes the lines and ergonomics of the classic Soviet Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle.

The hand guard and forend are ventilated for cooling and impart a more martial look to the rifle. The ATI stock features a fixed cheek rest and has sling swivels installed to make the rifle more easily portable.

Value wise, it is hard to beat the price on this Ruger 10/22 ATI stock as it retails for little over $50.

Glacier Ridge’s Magnum 10/22 MLSATCP thumbhole stock is another value priced stock that delivers top of the line performance.

Billed as a thumbhole stock it is more like the previously mentioned pistol grip stock in that the shooter does not have to deal with a miniscule cut out for a thumb, but rather a full sized pistol grip that is connected to the toe of the stock.

The barrel channel will accommodate the thickest and heaviest of Ruger 10/22 target barrels and allow them to free float for the utmost in accuracy. It has a lower cheek rest than most other thumbole stocks of this type, but that could be seen as a benefit for iron sighted shooters not using a rifle scope

Hogue 22100 10/22 OverMolded Stock, Nylon, Standard Barrel, Black

Sometimes the rubber Ruger 1022 overmolded Hogue stock is not for everyone, particularly if you are shooting a heavy barrel Ruger 10/22. Luckily, Hogue offers their 10/22 buttstock in a traditional nylon configuration as well.

Like the rubber overmolded stock, the nylon version includes a set of Hogue sling swivel studs installed and will accommodate the standard factory profile barrel in addition to the larger diameter aftermarket target barrels.

Like the Rubber Overmolded ruger stock by Hogue, this has a more traditional rifle buttstock profile without a thumbhole grip or pistol grip.

The Benefits of Aftermarket Stocks

Although many shooters and hunters use them in their standard configuration, the design lends itself well to customization and the first part that most shooters replace is the factory birch or nylon buttstock.

Machined to exact tolerances by Ruger’s factory, these rifles very rarely require extensive hand fitting to install new stocks the way most other rifles do.

This is a good thing, because good rifle stocks needs to be consistent. The trigger or barrel may be the heart and soul of a good rifle, but the buttstock is what gives a rifle its strength.

Installation of an aftermarket stock couldn’t get any easier. The shooter simply removes the barrel band and action screw and takes the barreled action out of the old stock. At this point the shooter can choose to have the rifle’s action bedded into the new buttstock or simply drop it in, tighten the screw and optionally install the barrel band.

Bedding refers to using a fiberglass bedding compound to ensure that the rifle’s action stays true and consistent within the body of the buttstock. Some shooters take it a step further by bedding the barrel in addition to the action, but it is not recommended.

As a bullet travels down the bore of the rifle, the barrel vibrates much like a tuning fork. Bedding the barrel to the stock upsets this natural harmonic. Most shooters prefer to free float the barrel by ensuring that no component of the stock makes any contact with it. On a 22 rim fire rifle such as the Ruger 1022 this can best be tested by seeing if a one dollar bill will fit between the barrel and the stock as far back as the action. This is the same reason why many shooters do not keep the barrel band installed on their rifles.

What Are Ruger 10/22 Stocks Made From?

Ruger 10/22 stocks are made from wood, nylon/polymer, fiberglass, and polymer composites like carbon fiber. All these materials are currently used to manufacture stocks. Each has their own pros and cons and we will evaluate them in respect to the 10/22 rifle.

Polymer Stocks

Let’s start with the polymer. Stocks made from polymer are lightweight and very cheap to manufacture. That’s why you see a lot of ‘em around. But these stocks are prone to expansion and warping under temperature and pressure, so don’t expect them to be invincible.

Wood Stocks

Wooden stocks, on the other hand, are a better choice compared to polymer. These stocks do not warp under pressure and also help with improving the overall accuracy of your rifle. But wood is still susceptible to humidity, moisture, and heat.

Laminate Stock

Furthermore, if you have a nice looking laminate stock, it requires a lot of extra care. The next, and the most ultimate, material in the business is fiberglass. It is lightweight, sturdy, and eliminates all other problems associated with wood and polymer. Fiberglass stocks are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find a good one for you.

Carbon Fiber Stock

The last and most rare material used for manufacturing stocks is carbon fiber. It has the strength of steel and the weight of a polymer which makes it apt for the job.


The 1022 rifle is an awesome rifle but sometimes the stocks that come from the manufacturer doesn’t cut it and you need an aftermarket buttstock for your needs. That is where I am hoping this article was helpful for you. We listed some of the top ruger 1022 aftermarket stock options for you. If you would like to add a custom barrel to your 1022 then you can check out our page on that as well.

You might also be interested in a 10/22 chassis as it often comes with a stock.

Thank you for reading and hopefully this article was useful in your search for a new buttstock!

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