Best Shooting Mats of 2020 – Top Picks Reviewed


So finally you decided to get a shooting mat! Or maybe a new one. Shooting mats aren’t among the most sold weapon accessories out there, because they are usually used by marksmen and precision shooters. 

But the question is, why do you want a shooting mat? The answer is because you cannot take a shooting bench everywhere. 

Here, we will tell you about the benefits of using a shooting mat and the aspects to consider before buying one. We will also review the most useful and best-selling shooting mats out there. Our handpicked list of shooting mats is so impeccable, you are bound to find the right fit for you. 

Comparison Chart of the Best Shooting Mats

  • Combination of Shooting Mat and Carry Case.
  • Fits Rifles Up to 50 Inches in Length, Along With Scope.
  • Multiple Pockets, and Cartridge Carry Loops for Easy Shooting.
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  • Simple and Basic Design Without Anything Fancy.
  • Easy to Roll Up and Carry With Buckles and Straps.
  • Thick Padding With Poly Webbing and Non-Slip Coating.
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  • Easy to Carry and Store. Plus Washable Design.
  • Best Used for Tactical Applications and Hunting.
  • Includes a Myriad of Features for a Shooting Mat.
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  • Easy and Comfortable to Carry and Shoot.
  • Can Be Used As a Shooting Mat and Carry Case.
  • Accommodates Customized Rifles Longer than 48 Inches.
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  • Great for Rifle Storage and Tactical Uses.
  • Can Be Used as Shooting Mat, or Drag Bag.
  • Includes PAL Webbings to Carry Extra Accessories.
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  • Easy to Store and Transport.
  • Non-Slip Surface On Elbow Pads Works Great.
  • Comfortable Padding With Water Resistant Cells.
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  • Bipod Doesn’t Slowly Sink Into the Mat.
  • Ideal for Use in Shooting Competitions.
  • Grommets on the Corners Help With Stability.
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  • Lots of Storage Space and Carry Options.
  • Can Be Used to Carry a Couple of Rifles at Once.
  • Includes Additional Straps to Attach Backpack. Plus a Spotting Scope Pouch.
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  • Pretty Basic and Comfortable Design.
  • Appropriately Priced and Suitable for Novice Shooters.
  • Can Be Used as a Pillow or Padding Under a Sleeping Bag.
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  • Great Starter Mat for the Price.
  • Basic Mat with Nothing Very Fancy.
  • Nice Length Plus Easy to Clean and Comfortable.
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Why Would You Want a New Shooting Mat?

Just like any other invention, shooting mats have also had their share of evolution. These mats have evolved from being rectangular pieces of tarp or canvas to more tactical and advanced pieces of support equipment. 

Whether your previous shooting mat has just worn out, you need a better quality mat, or you need to find a comprehensive solution for prone positions, there are a myriad of reasons to buy a new shooting mat. 

From the mats we have included in our list, we can tell you that having an upgraded shooting mat will help you solve many problems. 

You can get a more durable shooting mat, which is resistant to water and damage. Plus, it has comfortable padding and extra storage space to keep your stuff. 

A good mat allows you to move into a more comfortable shooting position, rather than lying in a disconcerting position. Plus, they also protect your clothes from getting dirty. 

How to Choose a Shooting Mat

Before you start looking for shooting mats, there are certain aspects and features you must consider. These qualities make extraordinary mats stand out from the ordinary ones. 

Non-Slip and Durable

Make sure the material used for manufacturing the shooting mat should be quite durable. Plus, it needs to be resistant to factors like moisture, tampering, and other damage due to dragging and placing it over harsh surfaces. Another necessary item is having non-slip properties. Make sure the shooting mat doesn’t slip on surfaces like moist grass.


Now, the primary reason you’ll be using a shooting mat is for comfort. You must ensure that the mat has proper padding or texture to let you rest your elbows, knees, and whole body in a very comfortable position. 

Extra Storage

Shooting mats used to be simple back in the day. But as things became more advanced, shooting mats started featuring zippered/velcro pockets and straps. Some mats also feature a design that allows them to be converted into a rifle carry case. 


A good shooting mat should be easy to carry and fold up to a convenient size, so it is also easy to store. Plus, shooting mats are generally inexpensive, so you don’t have to buy one that burns a hole through your pocket. 

Quick Take - The Best Shooting Mats

Review of the Best Shooting Mats

Keeping the above-mentioned qualities and features as guidelines, we searched the extensive range of shooting mats available online to find the most feature-packed, reliable, and fair-priced units. This review is quite comprehensive, so you’ll find a mat of your choice for sure. 


  • Easy to Carry Around
  • Extremely Comfy Padded Design
  • Carry Bag/Shooting Mat Combo
  • Includes Multiple Pockets and Cartridge Loops
  • Made from Endura-Fabric with Tan Lining to Resist Heat


  • Might Be Difficult to Organize

The very first and best pick on our list is the shooting mat/carrying case from Allen Tactical. It is a rifle carrying case which opens up to become a shooting mat.

It has been manufactured using Endura polymer material which is resistant to most tampering attempts and works very well even when exposed to water and moisture. It includes a 600D tan lining that helps reduce heat while shooting. The case measures 51x2x12.5 inches and opens up to a full-sized shooting mat with 70x37-inch dimensions.

The mat also features thick padding, which acts as a comfortable barrier between your body and any gravel beneath. The front of the case features a 6″ x 3.5″ hook and loop patch which can be used to add your name or any other slogans. The case also features thick carrying straps which make it easy to carry.

When folded up to become a rifle case, the interior of the bag features a barrel pocket to ensure the rifle doesn’t wobble when you carry it. The bag also has two flip-out organizer pockets, two weatherproof zippered pockets, ten cartridge loops, and a large zippered pouch for keeping other accessories.

Bottom Line

The Allen Tactical Shooting Mat is a durable, reliable, and multipurpose accessory to use. The fabric is extremely tough and the padding is quite comfortable.


  • Non-Slip Rubberized Surface
  • Rolls Up for Easy Storage and Carrying
  • Durable and High-Quality Construction
  • Extremely Comfortable with ½-inch Padding
  • Water-Resistant Design With Poly Webbing Strap


  • Weighs Approximately 2.2 Pounds
  • Basic Mat With No Extra Features or Supporting Design

Looking for an exceptionally comfortable shooting mat? This is your answer. This shooting mat from Boyt Harness has been manufactured using 600 Denier fabric, with a non-slip, rubberized surface to prevent slipping.

The best feature of this shooting mat is its half-inch thick padding which lets you lie down comfortably, regardless of the terrain beneath. The mat has a minimalist design and is wide enough to prevent your elbows from scraping.

The shooting mat is also water-resistant and coated with poly webbing for better durability and performance. The mat is sturdy enough to withstand even the harshest surfaces. People have reported use over sharp rocks and rubble without a single cut.

The closed-cell stitching on the mat’s surface ensures that the foam padding stays in place and doesn’t shift under the influence of drag or time. The mat is 85 inches long, with the last 12 inches being the non-padded part which includes bearing straps and buckle clips. The mat rolls up easily and has three buckle locks, one long strap, and another shorter strap for carrying.

Bottom Line

The Boyt Harness Shooting Mat is extremely comfortable, easy to clean, and easy to carry. It does the required job of letting you shoot comfortably in a prone position. It is a pretty basic and simple design.


  • Ballistic Cheat Sheet Window
  • Can Either Be Rolled or Folded
  • Non-Slip Material on the Base and the Front
  • Durable Construction Doesn’t Disappoint
  • Easy to Adjust and Comfortable Padding(¾” Thick)
  • Cartridge Loops and Zippered Pocket on the Front
  • Folds Up Like a Suitcase With Handle/Straps for Convenient Carrying


  • None

This shooting mat from U.S. Peacekeeper features a folding design. It folds up into the shape of a large briefcase for easy transportation and storage. The mat has been manufactured using 1000 Denier nylon and has closed-cell foam padding to ensure a comfortable shooting session over any terrain. The mat can be washed up easily after a long day of shooting.

The front of the shooting mat also features a rubberized, non-slip surface to let you place bipods. This non-slip feature keeps the bipod in place and allows for quick follow-up shots.

Additionally, the mat has a couple of pockets in the front. One pocket has ammo loops to store up to 20 centerfire cartridge shells. It has an overlapping cover with polymer quick-detach buckles, which allow for faster access. The other is a zippered pocket which allows you to store sheets and other accessories.

When folded, the mat is secured by three adjustable wrap-around straps which are further secured by quick-release buckles. The mat has a couple of different carry options which include a double-stitched suitcase handle or padded adjustable shoulder strap with snap clips and D-rings.

Bottom Line

The mat from U.S. Peacekeepers is an exceptional product, with almost every feature you can think of in a shooting mat. The mat is ideal for hunting, competitions, and practice.


  • Shooting Mat Plus Carry Case Combo
  • Easy to Carry Using Handles and Straps
  • Internal Straps for Securing the Weapon
  • Intuitive and Quick Access Placement of Pockets 
  • Blast Mat in Front to Act as a Bipod Base and Eliminate Signature


  • Weighs A Bit More Than Four Pounds
  • Might Feel Short for People Over 6 Feet in Height

Blackhawk is a renowned manufacturer of weapons accessories. This Stalker drag bag/carry case and shooting mat combo is a useful and innovate shooting mat setup. The bag has been made from 1000 Denier NyTaneon material which is both durable and water-resistant.

The mat features an ergonomic and intelligent design, with proper placement of all the components. It has a ½-inch thick closed-cell foam padding and insulation, which allow for comfortable shooting.

It also features a blast mat as a front extension, which keeps dirt out of the barrel and deadens your signature while shooting. Plus, the interior straps on the mat can be used to secure the bipod while shooting, or a rifle while carrying it as a case.

The front portion of the mat has a couple of pockets, one on either side. The pocket on the left is a patch of elastic loops which holds ten .308-sized cartridges at once. This patch is covered by a protective flap.

There’s a velcro-based pocket on the right side, which is long enough to store accessories like data books, scope, radio, and other equipment. The mat can be folded up to create a rifle carry case/drag bag which can house rifles of up to 50 inches in length. Overall, the mat is 50.5 inches in length and 32 inches in width.

Bottom Line

This shooting mat/bag combo prevents you from having to buy a separate bag for carrying your rifle. You can store your rifle and other accessories comfortably and carry it easily over rough terrain. The mat is recommended for practice, hunting, and range use.

Best Rifle Case Shooting Mat:
VISM 48" Rifle Case / Shooting Mat


  • Easy to Carry
  • Comfy Padded Panels
  • PAL Webbing on the Outside
  • Elastic Band Ammo Carrying Strip
  • One Piece Cleaning Rod Compartment
  • Solid Construction With Heavy-Duty Zippers
  • Two Zippered and One Plastic Window Inner Compartment


  • Takes Up Space

This rifle case/shooting mat has been constructed using PVC-coated material, to withstand even the most unforgiving terrains. On the inside, this mat/case has a padded interior which is wide enough to fit people with even a large physique. It features a muzzle pocket and heavy-duty adjustable elastic locking strap that can be used to secure and carry a rifle.

The mat has several compartments/pockets to help you store your gear. The left side has a wide, see-through window to set the ballistics chart for long-range shooting. It also features a strip of ten cartridge loops for carrying ammo at an arm’s distance.

Apart from that, the mat has a one-piece cleaning rod compartment and two other internal zippered compartments. Moving to the outer surface, the case has PAL webbings to let you mount PAL-compatible accessories.

Bottom Line

The VISM Shooting Mat and Carry Case Combo is ideal for carrying large rifles with scopes. The extra PAL webbing on the outside lets you carry more accessories with ease. It is a good product for tactical operations.

VooDoo Tactical Roll Up Padded Shooting Mat, Coyote Tan


  • Also Works With Long Rifles
  • MOLLE Straps for Versatile Use
  • Wide Front To Help Rest Your Elbows
  • Works Well Over the Most Rugged Surfaces
  • Comfortable Padding Works Over All Surfaces


  • Limited Storage Space and Function
  • Might Not Fit Larger/Longer People

Looking for a comfy shooting mat? This may be your answer. It is an exceptionally comfortable shooting mat from Voodoo Tactical, featuring a simple and resilient design.

The mat measures a total of 5.5-feet in length and has side flaps which stretch out four feet from end to end. This has been manufactured using nylon and a mix of other materials to make it exceptionally durable.

The mat has closed foam cells along its length, which provide a padded surface for you to rest upon. It is resilient to water and works exceptionally well on rugged surfaces like gravel, rocks, or mud.

The mat has a velcro-based pocket on the front, with small MOLLE straps on the side for attaching other accessories. These straps also allow you to connect the rifle to the mat for reduced wiggle and added stability. It works very well for rifles of all sizes.

Bottom Line

The mat’s design is simple but comfortable. It has a pocket and MOLLE straps on the front, which help solve certain issues, for sure. This is by far, the best padded mat on our list.

MidwayUSA Pro Series Competition Shooting Mat Olive Drab


  • Folds Up Like a Yoga Mat
  • Legal to Use in Competitions
  • Easy to Carry, Store, and Maintain
  • Comfortable and Water Resistant Padding
  • Six Grommets on Corners to Keep it Steady


  • A Bit Bulky (Weighs 6.2 Pounds)

Shooting competitions have strict rules about the type of weapons and equipment you can use. So we decided to include a competition-compatible mat on the list. This mat from MidwayUSA Pro Series is a polyester shooting mat, which is legal for both High Power/CMP Rifle Matches and Smallbore Competitions.

The mat has a padded structure with elbow and knee pads to support your posture under different shooting positions. The padded cell design is water-resistant and works very well on all kinds of terrain.

The shooting mat has a flap attached on the front, which houses a couple of zippered pockets for storing ammo and accessories. The corners of the flap and mat have grommets which can be used to stake down the mat to the ground. This prevents the mat from being disturbed under the influence of wind or muzzle blast.

The mat can be rolled up and carried easily using the long, adjustable strap stitched to the other side. A lot of competition shooters use this mat all across the United States, which already speaks of its reliability.

Bottom Line

This competition shooting mat is a simplistic, yet complete solution for competitive shooters. The grommets on the corners improve the effectiveness of the mat greatly. Additionally, the price is also apt.

VooDoo Tactical 15-9334007000 Premium Deluxe Shooter's Mat, Coyote


  • Large Size (6 Feet in Length)
  • Large Enough to Store Two Rifles
  • Multiple Carry and Storage Options
  • Heavy Duty Material and Nice Rigging
  • Designed for and Tested By Defense Personnel


  • Pouches are Stitched on the Outside
  • Quite Heavy to Carry - that’s why it's a Drag Bag

Voodoo Tactical is so renowned and proficient in manufacturing shooting mats that we had to give them a separate spot on our list. This product is a shooting mat and rifle drag bag combo. The mat is said to have been designed and tested by military and law enforcement snipers for their use.

On the outside, the bag has a carry handle and full backpack-like shoulder harness. Plus, additional straps have also been provided for extra items. The drag bag handle and straps have their own storage pouches, for convenient handling of the mat when folded. Plus, the MOLLE straps are also of great help.

On unzipping the bag, it unfolds into three sections. The fold-out front, back extension, and the padded part in the center. The mat has anti-skid pads which act as a solid platform for your bipod. Plus, a couple of velcro-backed pouches can be positioned anywhere on the large velcro area. There are two padded retention straps and a padded muzzle protector to help you store and carry your weapon securely.

Bottom Line

This drag bag shooting mat was specifically designed for defense personnel involved in tactical operations. It is large enough to carry two rifles and has a customizable storage space. The bag is quite versatile to use. The price is a bit high, but is justified by the features.

Best from NcStar:
Vism Roll Up Shooting Mat


  • Easy to Roll Up and Carry
  • Compact and Lightweight Design
  • Enough Padding to be Comfortable
  • Versatile Uses Depending Upon Situation


  • No Storage Space for Carrying Extra Items

The NcStar VISM Roll-Up Shooting Mat is an extremely compact addition to your accessories. The mat measures 5.75 feet in length and 3 feet in width, which ensures you have ample space while lying prone and shooting. The mat has 0.5-inch thick padding, which is extremely comfortable on all surfaces. The mat rolls up to a compact size and can also be used as a ground padding under a sleeping bag for overnight camping.

The mat also has a carry handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. The strap can also be used to secure your bipod in place while shooting. The material of the mat is both water and chemical-resistant. Plus, you can use the shooting mat for different purposes.

Bottom Line

The NcStar Shooting Mat has a simple and effective design, which functions really well for basic requirements. It is ideal for hunting and practice.


  • Great Value for Money
  • Rolls Up for Easy Storage
  • Non-Slip Rubberized Surface
  • Closed-Cell Foam for Stable Padding
  • Sturdy Construction. Resistant to Heat, Chemicals, and Water


  • No Extra Storage Space
  • A Bit Bulky and May Blow Around in Heavy Winds

The Bob Allen Shooting Mat is ideal for practice and range use. The mat has been made from water-resistant material and has a poly webbing to reinforce the structure. The mat is great for use over rough and rugged surfaces because of its generous padding. It rolls up for easy storage and can be secured using three buckle straps.

The rubber coating in the front keeps your arms from moving and maintains your natural point of aim. The extra carry handle and adjustable strap also allow you to carry it with ease. The mat is approximately seven feet in length, so it is useful for people of all heights.

Bottom Line

The Bob Allen Shooting Mat is pretty good for basic usage. It is not very sophisticated and is long enough to suit taller people. It is good for both practice and competitions.


A good shooting mat is a prerequisite for comfortable shooting over long ranges, especially in the prone position. A shooting mat must be durable, comfortable, and preferably have some extra features for versatility. Other features like a non-slip design, water resistance, and rifle carrying capacity also improve the effectiveness of a mat. 

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