Taurus G2c vs. Taurus PT111: Model Comparison Breakdown

| Last Updated: June 29, 2022

Taurus pistols have taken the scene by storm over the past few years. Now, they are considered to be a brand that is popular among the concealed carry practitioners in America (and other places around the world where it’s allowed). The two most popular pistols among the Taurus brand are the G2C and the PT111.

We’ll be comparing both of them today in regards to their similarities and differences.

We’ve also decided to find the best overall choice for each pistol should you decide to get one or the other for yourself. First, we’ll give you an overview of each pistol so you know what they’re all about and what they are mostly used for.

Taurus G2C Overview

The Taurus G2C is one of the most recent models to hit the market when it was introduced in 2013. This pistol is chambered in 9mm or 40 S&W. Regardless, it has proven itself to become one of the most popular choices for those who want a pistol that’s easy to conceal and light in weight.

Taurus G2C

Furthermore, the G2C itself has been considered one of the best pistols for the use of self-defense situations. The pistol is a single action with re-strike capabilities. It’s also made from high-quality materials making it super durable and able to take on the high-pressure situations. It is for this reason that it has become a favorite not only by civilians but also by those who are in law enforcement and the military.

Taurus PT111 Overview

The PT111 is the older model between the two. The PT111 was unveiled in 2005 as part of Taurus' Millenium series. This pistol is mostly chambered to handle 9mm shots. The capacity for an average pistol is right around 12 rounds.

Taurus PT111

Some have even compared it as the kind of pistol that would be more of a Glock-style pistol than anything else. One of the best features that make it stand out is that it has a double-stacked magazine that contains 12-rounds. Even better, this is considered to be one of the more affordable pistols between the two.

This has the ability to be a double-action force to be reckoned with. It also has a short amount of recoil, making it a pistol that can really pack a punch in most applications. But like the G2C, the PT 111 is also made from high-quality materials and will have the ability to take on the high-pressure situations that most people will face if they are in law enforcement. Even civilians consider the PT111 as another reliable pistol for the purpose of self-defense.

Taurus G2C vs. Taurus PT111 - Similarities and Differences

Now, we’ll be making a comparison of what similarities and differences both the G2C and the PT111 have. In the event that you are considering one or the other for your next pistol, it’s important to know how one stacks up against the other. Who knows? You might find that one of these Taurus pistols will definitely work to your advantage in your desired application. Now, let’s start off by listing some similarities of both pistols:


There are some similarities that both the G2C and PT111 have. While they are different in some ways, they are the same in some aspects. Here are some of the most noticeable similarities that you will find with both pistols:

Magazine Capacity

Both the G2C and PT111 have a magazine capacity of 12 rounds plus 1. These are quite standard for Taurus pistols. Especially if you’re using it for either target shooting or everyday carrying purposes. Some will be satisfied with more rounds and some with less.


Both the G2C and the PT111 are chambered to fire off 9mm caliber rounds. Since they are both compact pistols, these are the only rounds that they can handle. In fact, 9mm calibers are among the most popular choices for those who are more of the concealed carry type than any other caliber on the market.

Trigger Style

Both pistols possess a trigger-style known as a striker-fired trigger. In a striker-fired pistol, what happens is that the pistol is fired by an internal striker. Every time you pull the trigger, the striker itself will move forward and hit the primer. The only way you can de-cock this kind of pistol is simply by pulling the trigger. The trigger pull itself is actually identical to each other.


Just because there are similarities, doesn’t mean that both pistols won’t have their differences. But you need to know how each one is different than the other so you know which one will fit you best in terms of size, functions, and characteristics. Here are some of the notable differences between both the G2C and the PT111:

The G2C is slightly shorter in some areas, longer than others

As you might have noticed, the G2C is actually a rebranded version of the PT111. The only difference is that they have made some adjustments in terms of the length of the barrel and the height of the pistol itself. For example, the overall length of the pistol is .05 inches shorter than the other. The PT-111 was measured at 6.30 inches while the G2C was measured at 6.25 inches. 

Meanwhile, the length of the barrel was slightly longer. The PT-111 had a barrel length of 3.20 inches. That was upped to about a fifth of an inch once Taurus was able to make the G2C. 

Grip Texture

When the PT-111 burst onto the scene, the grip texture appeared to be something that their users would appreciate. However, over time it became something of a boon rather than a benefit. One user previously said that the grip was rough. It was as if you were holding sandpaper with the grainy side up.

However, the G2C grip was slightly grittier but was even better for those who were handling it in outdoor situations where weather played a factor. Even with sweaty hands, the G2C was the superior pistol in terms of grip.

Slide Finish

While aesthetics may not matter to a lot of pistol owners, there is a difference in regards to the finish. The finish on the G2C’s slide is more of a matte black compared to the PT-111, which has more of a shiny coated finish to it. Regardless, it’s added on for more durability so the pistol itself is not susceptible to and scratches, abrasions, or any other external damage. 

Internal Lock

In the PT-111 models, there was an internal lock that was designed to lock both the slide and trigger. However, when the G2C was created this was done away with. The reason being is because the internal lock itself served no valuable purpose. It was just there for no particular reason other than the fact that the pistol had a trigger guard. 


Whether you choose the Taurus G2C or the Taurus PT-111, you’ll have your hands on one of the most trusted pistols among those who conceal carry. For its weight and size, the portability is not impossible. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. The Taurus will still pack a good amount of punch regardless if you’re using it to shoot targets or deter threats to your life and property. You can never go wrong with a pistol quite like a Taurus. 

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