Best .300 Blackout Suppressors – 2022 Review

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September 16, 2023

Adding a suppressor to an AR style rifle is a goal for many shooters. Despite the time and effort, it takes to obtain all the stamps and paperwork necessary for legal ownership, shooters continue to make the effort because the payoff can be worth it. This is especially true for .300 Blackout rifle owners.

The increasingly popular round is fun to shoot but has a reputation for being very loud. Throw a suppressor on one and it will quickly become one of your favorites to shoot. However, there is still the matter of picking out the ideal one for your rifle and your needs.

Keep reading to learn more and to see the best .300 Blackout suppressors on the market today!

Comparison Chart of the Best .300 Blackout Suppressors

  • Two-Piece Suppressor for Easy Assembly
  • Works With Subsonic and Supersonic Rounds
  • Made From Titanium G-Core for Superior Durability
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  • Can Fit Almost Any AR-style Rifle Caliber
  • Best .300 Blackout Suppressor for the Money
  • Anchor Brake Reduces Recoil and Muzzle Jump
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  • Reduces Noise to 130 Decibels
  • Made From High-Quality Materials
  • Can Work With Most AR-Style Rifles
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  • Reduces Noise to 137 Decibels
  • Compatible With AR-Style Rifles
  • Made from Grade 5 Titanium for Maximum Durability
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What to Watch For When Buying a Suppressor

Considering the effort, time, and money it can take to obtain a .300 Blackout suppressor, it can be an intimidating decision to make. That is why it is important to keep an eye on a few important things such as ensuring the suppressor you want is compatible with your specific rifle.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on the reputation of the suppressor’s manufacturer as well as durability, material, and price. The following tips and information can be a good place to gain some clarity before you start shopping for .300 Blackout suppressors.

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Take the Heat

A suppressor’s job involves a lot of hot gas. That is to say that they take a lot of abuse as they do their job of eliminating some of the sounds of a fired shot. The main takeaway here is that prioritizing durability in a suppressor is an important factor in winding up with a high-quality suppressor. Just about everyone knows that titanium is a very strong type of metal.

Luckily, many suppressors are made from titanium alloys and those are a great option to consider. Titanium also has the benefit of being lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It can easily stand up to those abusive conditions suppressors encounter during every trip to the range.

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Screw It On

If you are going to be investing in a suppressor, it is important to make sure that your rifle is ready and able to have a suppressor installed on it. Having a threaded barrel is common especially if you planned while building or buying your .300 Blackout rifle. If your barrel isn’t threaded, the waiting period for a suppressor stamp is a great time to have it taken care of. That way you’ll have no hurdles to clear once you finally obtain your chosen suppressor. Just make sure you have the tools and know-how required for proper installation. An incorrectly attached suppressor is just asking for trouble.

Sound Bites

When was the last time you took a good look at your hearing protection gear? It might sound counterintuitive to mention when talking about suppressors, but it is important to continue to prioritize hearing protection even with a suppressor. Suppressors in real life don’t work like they do in the latest action movie. Hearing damage can still occur while shooting a suppressed rifle and that is a sense you can’t get back. Make sure your hearing protection gear is up to par even with your newly suppressed rifle.

Review of the Best .300 Blackout Suppressors

Below is a list of the best .300 Blackout suppressors currently on the market as of this writing. While the list will probably be subject to change within the next year, this is your opportunity to choose one of these products as one of your own.

Prior to purchasing, we hope at this point you made sure that you are free and clear of any possible legal headaches that may arise from purchasing or owning a suppressor. Once you’re clear and blue skies for miles, you can check out this list below. With that said, let’s get started with our list:

Best Overall

Gemtech – GMT-.300BLK Suppressor .300 AAC

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Next, we have the Gemtech GMT-.300 Blackout Suppressor. By the look of this, you’ll notice that this is a simple to assemble, easy to install suppressor. This is made from titanium G-core material to ensure the best in durability.

This also provides a quiet noise that can be hard to match when going up against other similar products. The important thing to note is that if you are able to get the sound of your rifle shots to about 130 decibels, you won’t have to use any type of ear protection.

This suppressor is guaranteed to bring it down to right around 36 decibels. Now that’s quite impressive. If you’re firing supersonic or subsonic .300 Blackout rounds, you’ll have an item hat can cooperate with both types of rounds.

If you’re looking for something like that, then the Gemtech might be the one to go for. Whether you’re hunting or want to stay covert in a home defense situation, this suppressor will have its uses when the situation warrants it.

Bottom Line

The impressive thing about this suppressor is its ability to keep your shots as quiet as possible. Even at sounds like 130 decibels or less, you can still do away with your ear protection while firing your rifle.

If you’re looking to be the silent, but deadly hunter or if you want to be as quiet as possible when taking on home invaders and prowlers, the Gemtech suppressor might just be exactly what you’ll need.


Very Silent

Reduces Recoil Considerably

Fits Easily on .300 Blackout Rifles


Might Be a Little Loose Upon Fitting. Adjustments Might Be Needed, if Possible

Best for the Money

Silencerco – Omega Suppressor Multi Caliber Quick Detach

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

Next, we’ll be taking a look at the best .300 Blackout suppressor for the money. If you’re on a budget, you’ll be glad to know that you won’t be left out in the cold if all you’re doing is looking for a suppressor for your .300 Blackout. With that said, we bring you the Silencerco Omega Suppressor.

This is designed for multiple calibers and can be quickly detached. The Omega is constructed from stainless steel, titanium, and Stellite. In plain English, you’re looking at one tough customer of a silencer.

If you’re looking for something that will help you reduce a lot of noise on your .300 Blackout without having to break the bank, you probably would love to have a silencer like the Omega in your arsenal.

The good news is that it doesn’t just work with .300 Blackout rifles, it can also fit other calibers like 5.56 NATO or the .223. This is practical and versatile and will work with most of these calibers. Not bad for something that is considered a “budget suppressor”.

The design of this item features an anchor break. This is designed to give your .300 Blackout rifle a reduced amount of recoil and no muzzle jump. Of course, that will lead to better control and accuracy for your rifle. Imagine firing a rifle with little or no recoil or muzzle jump to work with. You’d be insane NOT to like that.

If you’re looking for a product that can also work like a muzzle brake, look no further than the Omega Suppressor as your best possible choice. It’s the best suppressor you can get at a price that will fit most budgets.

Bottom Line

In short, we’re quite impressed with this suppressor. And if you’re looking for something that will definitely do a great job at lessening the noise and reducing recoil, there’s no doubt the Silencerco Omega suppressor is your best option.

Even at a price that you can afford, this does a lot more than any of the other low-cost suppressors. It may be low in price, but it performs like it deserves a price ten times higher.


Super Durable

Installation is Easy

Reduces Rifle Noise Considerable



3. Operators Suppressor Systems – 7.62 Direct Thread

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Next, we’ll be taking a look at a product from Operators Suppressor Systems. This product is constructed from high-quality materials that will make this suppressor a very durable piece to add onto your .300 Blackout rifle.

More specifically, OSS uses stainless steel, cobalt, titanium, and aluminum to make this silencer a very tough product that can handle every single round that you’ll fire off. In fact, you can expect this to be impervious to all kinds of weather, corrosion, and abuse. If you’re looking for a suppressor that is built to last a very long time, you’ll probably want to give this an even deeper look.

If you want the best in noise reduction, this item can reduce gunfire to right around 130 decibels. At this rate, you won’t even need to use any kind of ear protection. You’ll be right around the level of noise where it is safe to fire a gun sans earplugs.

This is interchangeable and can work with all kinds of calibers within the AR-style family. If you want a suppressor that’s not just for your .300 Blackout, but also for an AR-15 or a Creedmoor rifle, you might want to put this product to good use.

This silencer can also work with some muzzle brakes as well. If you pair this with an STS muzzle brake, you’ll be able to experience not only the best in silent shooting, but also a great deal of recoil reduction and less muzzle jump. Put them together and they will stay on nice and tight the whole time you use your rifle.

Bottom Line

The OSS suppressor is worth the investment if you’re looking for a suppressor that has the capability to be interchangeable and can also work with just about any AR-style rifle.

If you’re satisfied with this one, you’ll want to buy another one for any additional rifle you might have. That is, of course, if you decide that this suppressor is your best choice. For the best in quiet shooting and all around durability, the OSS suppressor may be hard to beat.


Easy to Install

Reduces a Good Deal of Noise

Excellent for Most Applications


May Be Loose Fitting Without the STS Muzzle Brake. So You May Need to Make Some Adjustments to Ensure That Your Suppressor Remains Secure

4. Sig Sauer Suppressor 7.62mm Nato Quick Detach

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For our final suppressor, we’ll be taking a look at the Sig Sauer brand. Sig Sauer is considered one of the best brands among longtime gun owners. If you’re a veteran gun owner, you’ll probably buy on the name alone.

Aside from that, this is a suppressor that will work with pretty much every single AR-style rifle including the .300 Blackout. This has the capability to deliver silent and deadly shots from mid-range or long-range. That, of course, depends on the rifle you use.

No doubt that this will also be useful with pretty much any activity for your .300 Blackout rifle. Made from Grade 5 titanium, expect this suppressor to be quite tough to deal with. This will handle just about any abuse, weather, or corrosion.

If you’re looking for a suppressor that will last so long it will probably stick with you for years (or decades), then the Sig Sauer Suppressor could just be what you’re looking for. This has the ability to reduce the noise of your shots to just approximately 137 decibels. This means you can fire off your rifle and still won’t have to use ear protection.

Bottom Line

The Sig Sauer proves itself once again that they are a reliable brand to go with when it comes to guns and accessories. If you’re the kind of gun owner that might look for a brand to rely on, give the Sig Sauer a try. You can start off by purchasing this suppressor if you so choose.

Aside from that, this can reduce just enough noise that you can just ditch the earplugs every time you’re out on the field or on the range. You’ll get silent, accurate shooting like nothing else. If that’s exactly what you’re looking for, let this silencer be the newest addition to your .300 Blackout rifle.


Easy to Attach and Detach

Reduces Recoil Quite Considerably

Very Lightweight. Won’t Add Any Unnecessary Weight to Your Gun



5. Advanced Armament – Cyclone Suppressor .300 AAC

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you

First on the list, we’ll be taking a look at the Cyclone Suppressor from the Advanced Armament brand. This is a CNC-machined silencer designed to keep the noise of your .300 Blackout to a minimum. At the same time, you’ll experience a great deal of recoil reduction.

This is crafted from high-quality materials that are also designed to handle a great deal of heat that comes from continuously firing off shots.

At the same time, this is designed to reduce fouling and muzzle jump. If you think you need ear protection to fire off your .300 Blackout rifle, think again. This will reduce so much noise that it would be pointless to even consider using any type of ear protection.

If you’re looking for a suppressor for your .300 Blackout that is considered the best of the best so far, then look no further than the Advanced Armament Cyclone.

Bottom Line

This suppressor, for its part, does a great job suppressing the majority of noise. At the same time, it does a good job of reducing a lot of recoil and muzzle jump. So you get not only a good silencer, but also something that can double as a muzzle break. By the sounds of it, you’re getting quite the total package. It’s no wonder why we gave it the honors for “best overall”.


Very Accurate

Super Durable

Easy to Apply on Your .300 Blackout Rifle



Are Suppressors Legal?

The short answer: it depends. The long answer is that it would depend on the state that you live in. For the moment, they are legal in 42 states. Eight states: California, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Rhode Island prohibit the use of suppressors.

Per 2019 Legality

Even if your state allows the use of suppressors, it would be wise for you to double check. Some jurisdictions might disallow the use of suppressors even if state law does not outlaw them.

To make sure your state is one of the 42 states where it’s legal to own and use a suppressor, you can consult this page for information.

How to Choose a .300 Blackout Suppressor

Knowing which .300 Blackout suppressor will be best based on your personal needs and preferences is essential. At the same time, you’ll need to consider a few factors that will play a role in your final decision. If this is your first time purchasing a .300 Blackout suppressor, you may want to pay close attention to what you should look for. The following are some aspects and features that you should look for:


One of the most important things to consider when looking for a suppressor is quality. The level of quality will depend on the materials the suppressor is constructed from. Most of the time, materials like titanium or steel will be used by manufacturers. These are proven to take some serious beatings and will also have the ability to resist any kind of damage or corrosion.

Silencerco – Omega Suppressor Multi Caliber Quick Detach is made of titanium, stainless steel, and Stellite the Omega is both full-auto and magnum rated.


In order for a suppressor to work, it obviously has to be installed on the muzzle of your gun. Most of the products included here will likely be easy to install suppressors that won’t require any kind of tools or the skills of a professional gunsmith. Most are threaded to ensure quick attachment and detachment.

Noise Reduction

The lower the noise, the better. That’s one thing to consider when you’re looking for a silencer. Look for a silencer that will keep the noise of your gun below 140 decibels. At those levels, you can fire your .300 Blackout rifle without the aid of any ear protection.

However, if the noise levels appear to be a little too uncomfortable, you can still use ear protection. In fact, this may be recommended if you plan on using your .300 Blackout in extended shooting sessions.


The best .300 Blackout suppressor for you is out there. Please consider the list of suppressors listed, along with the aspects that can be used to factor into your final decision. Having a silencer will provide you quieter gun fire and won’t be too loud for those around you.

At the same time, you’ll feel a little stealthy knowing that you have one of these puppies equipped on your .300 Blackout. With that said, if you need more information on suppressors, please consult the FAQ section below.

People Also Ask

In order to make the search for your next .300 Blackout suppressor easier, it is important to consult these frequently asked questions. This will clear up any possible concerns you may have while looking for a suppressor of your choice. Here are the following questions:

Do Gun Suppressors Wear Out?

The short answer: it depends. The long answer: it will depend on how old the suppressor is. These days, most of the modern suppressors won’t be able to wear as easy as old school suppressor. At the same time, if your suppressor is tight and secure, it won’t be susceptible to any quick wearing.

Can Any Gun Have a Silencer?

Yes. However, the silencer has to be threaded a certain way to fit the gun it was designed for. So in essence, some silencers can be designed for certain types of handguns. Likewise, the same can be done for certain types of rifles as well.

Are Silencers and Suppressors the Same Thing?

Yes. The only difference is the name. Silencer is more so the legal way of saying suppressor. However, the latter is more of a technical term. Either way, you can call it whatever you want.

Can You Legally Make a Suppressor?

Yes, you are able to legally make a suppressor. Just make sure that you follow the rules and guidelines as if you were making a legal and registered firearm as approved by the NFA. Remember, it may also depend on any laws and regulations in your locale or state. Once again, err on the side of caution and check the laws in your jurisdiction to ensure that you are free and clear of any legal messes that may arise.

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