Best Mossberg 500 Safety Kits – 2022 Review

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October 15, 2023

The Mossberg 500 is a very popular and widely used shotgun for both hunting and self-defense. This shotgun comes equipped with an impeccable safety mechanism, however, it doesn’t reflect utmost perfection.

Obviously that’s why there are aftermarket upgrades for weapons. So the safety mechanism of the Mossberg 500 can also be upgraded to serve some intricate and functional purposes.

Here, we will take a look at the characteristics of a good Mossberg 500 safety system. Plus, we will also learn about the aspects to consider when choosing one. Later in this article, we will also review some of the best Mossberg 500 safety systems available on the market. So stay tuned if you are seriously interested in buying one.

Comparison Chart of the Best Mossberg 500 Safety Kits

  • Good for Tactical Uses
  • Best Choice for the Money
  • Durable Aluminum Construction
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  • Deeper Cut Steps
  • Reversible Design
  • Made from Hardened Steel
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Characteristics of a Quality Safety Kit

A Mossberg 500 safety kit must have certain characteristics to serve its purpose flawlessly. These features make a top-of-the-line product stand out among others and help the user perform better.

Comfort and Speed

A good safety system must be comfortable to use. It should have a proper design and serrations to allow positive and sturdy grip over the system, so the finger doesn’t falter or miss. Such a system with a sturdy and comfortable grip also helps with the switching speed, especially if your hands are wet. The speed of operation of the safety mechanism can be of great importance while making tactical maneuvers.

Compatibility and Ease of Installation

Secondly, a safety system must be quite versatile and compatible with other shotguns of similar models. The safety system must be easy to install and not require any permanent or for that matter, tedious, structural changes to your shotgun. The factory safety on a Mossberg 500 has a one-way head screw which is difficult to remove. This problem can be eliminated with an appropriate new safety kit.

Ease of Other Tasks

The ergonomic position of the safety button must facilitate other administrative tasks. Such as tasks which are performed to render the gun safe. The position of the Mossberg 500 safety ensures that you don’t have to flip the gun to check for safety.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Now that we know the characteristics of a good Mossberg 500 safety kit, we shall learn about the aspects to consider before buying one. These factors will mean the difference between right and the wrong selection, which will eventually affect both your wallet and performance.


The safety mechanism must be durable enough to withstand the pressure and test of time. Many safety kits have switches made from durable plastic, whereas others have them made from metal. Whatever may be the case, it is always good to check and ensure the durability, since a broken safety mechanism is not a good thing. Plus, on the worse side, broken parts can fly away and jam the gun.


The safety button must be large enough in size to be accessed and used with ease. Having an extended safety button with proper serrations and grooves will provide a good grip. A safety button with a reversible design is also helpful during installation and intuitive handling.


The safety kit must have a high profile to assist people with arthritis or weak hands. Plus, such grips can be engaged and disengaged easily.

Review of the Best Mossberg 500 Safety Kits

Now that we understand the characteristics and features of an ideal Mossberg 500 safety, let's take a look at our handpicked list of these aftermarket replacements. These kits meet all the requirements of being an ideal safety system for your shotgun under any circumstances.

Best Overall:
Shockwave Enhanced Tactical Slide Safety


  • Low Price
  • Quick Installation
  • Reversible Design
  • Black Anodized Coating
  • 6061 T6 Aluminum Body
  • Fits Pump, Auto, and Bolt Actions


  • None

This enhanced tactical slide safety is an exceptionally useful product for upgrading your Mossberg 500. The safety has been CNC machined from 6061 T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum to military specifications, which speaks of its quality and durability.

It has been manufactured exactly like the factory profile for a precise fit. It has been hard coat anodized for extreme durability. Plus, the paint won’t chip off over time, thus maintaining its looks.

This versatile safety button fits all Mossberg pump action, auto and bolt action models, so you can easily replace it as and when needed. The button has curved ridges for a better grip and intuitive guiding of the finger under all conditions. Plus, the extended stop offers an extra surface area for reliable operation.

The overall design of the safety button is more comfortable and durable compared to the OEM model. The reversible design allows you to install this button in either the forward or rearward position, depending upon the size of your hand. It is shaped larger than the stock with deeper cuts for no-slip operation and easier engagement.

Additionally, the manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. So that’s a complete win-win. The package includes a safety button, cap screw, and Allen key.

Bottom Line

The enhanced tactical slide safety features a durable and reversible design which is ideal for tactical uses. The button is an inexpensive upgrade to your rifle, plus it works with multiple Mossberg models.

 Brownells - Enhanced Safety Button


  • Extended Design
  • Deep Cut Grooves
  • Tough and Easy to Install
  • Reversible Design for Different Users


  • Doesn’t Include Screw

This enhanced safety button from Brownells has been made from 4140 steel, which has been heat-treated for extra hardness and wear resistance. The durable matte black oxidized finish makes the button looks aesthetically pleasing and imparts longevity to it.

The button has a grooved ridge for quick and intuitive operation, even under stressful situations. The grooves are deeply cut for a better grip, even with wet hands. The reversible design of the safety button allows shooters with small to medium-sized hands to situate the thumb ridge back farther to allow them to operate the safety without breaking their grip.

The button can replace your existing OEM safety button on Mossberg 500. It is easy to install and offers good value for money. It is much easier to actuate and prevents thumb slipping and fumbling.

Bottom Line

The extended safety button is ideal for tactical and competitive uses where you have to get an intuitive grip on your weapon. Good for overall use.

3. Mossberg - 500 Safety Button


  • Drop-In Installation
  • Durable Metal Body
  • Low Profile Design Doesn’t Snag
  • Replica of the OEM Safety in Metal


  • Pretty Basic Design

This Mossberg 500 safety button features an exact factory design. However, the OEM plastic design has been replaced by metal. The button works with most Mossberg shotgun models and is a cheap and simple alternative to more sophisticated button designs.

The metal body makes the button more durable and reliable. Plus, the flatter design with ascending grooves provides a grippy solution for instant and intuitive activation or deactivation of the safety.

If your shotgun has a plastic safety button, it is highly recommended to replace it with this metal OEM button. The button drops in instantly and doesn’t require any sophisticated tools for installation. It also doesn’t require you to disassemble your shotgun for installation.

Bottom Line

This safety button from Mossberg is intended to be a replacement of the factory plastic safety button with a metal model. The low profile won’t snag with other items, making it good for hunting trips.

4. Brownells - Mossberg Safety Kit


  • Easy to Install
  • Tough and Durable
  • Complete Set of Components
  • Can Be Used for Full or Partial Replacement


  • None

This Mossberg 500 safety kit from Brownells is a complete safety kit which includes an enhanced safety button, button screw, detent plate, detent ball, and the detent spring. The safety kit can be installed with ease and the high profile grooved safety button offers a decent grip to the user for quick switching under extreme situations.

You can either replace all the components at the same time to ensure smooth and reliable operation, or you can replace individual parts and use other components as a backup for replacement of worn out parts in the future. The safety kit is easy to install and the process takes less than a few minutes if you have the right skills and tools.

This product is compatible with a lot of other shotguns from Mossberg which include the 500, 590, 835, 930, and 935. It is tough and durable and will withstand the test of time. The safety button screw is sold separately so you don’t have to buy an entirely new kit for replacement. The safety kit looks aesthetically pleasing and also offers good value for money.

Bottom Line

The Mossberg 500 safety kit from Brownells is a complete kit which offers good value for money. You can either use the full kit or use individual parts for replacement.

5. Mossberg Safety Button Kit

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  • Complete Kit
  • Fits Multiple Mossberg Models
  • Bears the Original Factory Design


  • Might Require Modifications for Installation

The safety kit has been manufactured by Mossberg and includes all the components required to install the complete safety setup. This kit is more of a replacement to the original Mossberg 500 safety.

The safety button has been made from high-grade plastic which doesn’t break under the influence of stress or mishandling. The button features a serrated finish to offer a good grip to the user, under all circumstances. The spring might require some alterations pertaining to the type of Mossberg 500 model you are trying to upgrade.

However, in most cases, the safety kit can be installed with ease and without any difficulty. The safety mechanism does its job really well. The plastic safety button is also comfortable to use and ensures your fingers don’t get fatigued. It is also available at an amazing price, plus it includes all the components, which can be used for a full or a partial replacement.

Bottom Line

This safety kit has been manufactured by Mossberg itself, so there’s no point doubting the quality and design tolerances.

How to Replace a Mossberg 500 Safety Button

Replacing the Mossberg 500 safety is fairly easy if you follow the right technique.

  1. Empty the weapon from all cartridges before you start following this procedure. The tools you will need are a flat-head screwdriver and a hammer(an Allen key if your new button screw uses it).

  2. The first and most important step is to slide the rack backward. The reason you want to leave slide in the back position is so the threaded piece for the safety screw won't fall into the receiver area. If that happens, then you have to disassemble the shotgun, which is an unnecessary pain.

  3. Now use the screwdriver and the hammer to tap and loosen the screw. This is a tamper-proof screw so you have to do this in order to unscrew it using a screwdriver. Keep applying pressure on the safety button and remove the screw. Now slowly remove the button, so you don’t remove the ball bearing sitting on the spring.

  4. Finally, place the new safety button in the same position, push it down, and tighten the screw. That’s all.

For more detailed instructions, you can use this video below.


Mossberg 500 is a versatile and widely used shotgun for hunting, competitions, and home defense, so it must have a reliable and durable safety mechanism. An ideal safety kit for the Mossberg 500 must be easy to install, tough, quick to use, and must allow you to perform administrative tasks with ease. 

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