The Best Recoil Pads for Remington 870: Buyer’s Guide for 2019

Every shotgun recoils with varying levels of intensity. The Remington 870 is no exception to this, leaving you with the choice of using the factory recoil pad and suffering a sore shoulder for days, or getting an upgraded model that allows you to shoot comfortably.

If you’re looking for an upgraded recoil pad to save yourself from the impact of a strong recoil, read on to learn about recoil pads, how to go about choosing them, and some highly recommended pads for the Remington 870.

Remington 870 Recoil Pads Comparison Chart


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Remington  870 Supercell Recoil Pad, Synthetic

Limbsaver Synthetic Recoil pad

Limbsaver Air-Tech Recoil Pad

What Are Recoil Pads?

A recoil pad is a piece of soft material such as rubber, foam, leather, etc. that is attached to the buttstock of a rifle or shotgun. They are meant to provide additional padding between the hard buttstock surface and the shooter’s shoulder.

This prevents the pain and discomfort from the hard impact of the gun’s recoil. In addition, it prevents the gun from slipping on the shooter’s clothing and helps the shooter to not foul up the second shot.

Are Recoil Pads Needed on the Remington 870?

Every Remington 870 comes with factory fitted recoil pads, so they are definitely a necessary part of the shotgun. Think of them as a cushion for the recoil – you don’t want to be hit in the shoulder with a hard wooden buttstock if you can help it - it will pack quite a punch.

A good recoil pad will absorb some of that force, leaving you in much better shape and ready for the next shot. As the correct way to shoot a shotgun is to stand behind it, a recoil pad is always intended to soften the recoil impact.

How to Choose a Recoil Pad for Your Remington 870

When you’re looking for new recoil pads, don’t be swayed by fancy terms and designs. Manufacturers are constantly innovating new concepts, but very few recoil pads actually make the cut when it comes to reducing recoil effectively. You should focus on the length of pull, your type of shooting, and the thickness of the pad.

Length of Pull (LOP)

The length of pull or LOP is the distance from the middle of the trigger to the end of the gun's buttstock, which is extremely important for a proper gun fit. Taking this into consideration when purchasing the recoil pad will ensure a comfortable shot.

Type of Shooting

Whether you prefer low-gun mounts or fixed pre-mounts, there are different recoil pads for the job. When looking for a new recoil pad, keep in mind how you’ll be using it most. Whether it be for competition, hunting, or recreation, choosing one to suit your needs is always best.

Shooting Range


When it comes to thickness, more is better. A thicker pad reduces recoil more than a thinner pad, so for the thickest pad possible. With this, keep in mind the awkwardness that may come with a thick pad. For example, if a thicker pad is makes your gun longer and uncomfortable to shoot, then perhaps it’s not ideal.

Pre-Fit or Grind-To-Fit

Some pads are available in one style and one thickness (pre-fit) but are quick and easy to install. Due to stock variation, they may not fit perfectly on your gun. Grind-to-fit pads require sanding for a proper fit, but come in a large variety of styles and thicknesses.

Quick Take - The Best Remington 870 Recoil Pads

Reviews of the Best Recoil Pads for Remington 870

Let’s take a look at some of the top models that made our list for the best recoil pads for the Remington 870. With this, we’ll be highlighting each products main features, then discuss a few pros and cons.  

1. REMINGTON - Rem. 870 Supercell Recoil Pad, Synthetic

This pad uses an advanced polymer and comes in two variants: one for wood stocks and one for synthetic stocks. It provides a 54% reduction in felt recoil over the standard factory pad and is made by Remington. It’s lightweight and won’t alter the balance of the Remington 870 shotgun either. Installation is easy and requires screwing in with the included screws.


  • Looks almost stock
  • Consistency of performance
  • Softens recoil effectively


  • Some users reported fitting issues

Bottom Line

This is an excellent alternative to the factory pad provided by Remington, and because it’s made by Remington, you know it will fit your shotgun well. Recent buyers love it’s authentic look and feel, as well as it’s shock absorbing performance.

2. LIMBSAVER -  Rem. 700/870/1100/12 ga. 11-87, synthetic - RECOIL PAD

The recoil pads from Limbsaver are made from NAVCOM (Noise and Vibration Control Material) synthetic material and can fit a variety of rifles, shotguns and muzzleloaders. They incorporate anti-muzzle jump technology and reduce up to 70% of felt recoil. Installation is quick and easy, and these pads can handle all kinds of weather.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Effectively dampens recoil


  • Nearly perfect model       

Bottom Line

Made from an advanced synthetic material means these recoil pads get the job done and they do it better than almost every other pad out there! Go for this pad if your shotgun shooting sessions leave you sore and unable to take a follow up shot without wincing.


The AirTech line of recoil pads claims to be the most advanced in the world. The recoil pad is designed for a specific make and model of a stock, so it fits perfectly.

It features atmospheric chambers which dissipate energy uniformly and improve performance by preventing muzzle jump. It’s made of NAVCOM technology (Noise and Vibration Control Material), which effectively absorbs a wide range of frequencies to deplete energy and vibration.


  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates pain from recoil
  • Reduces muzzle jump
  • Provides a stable shooting platform


  • Drilling a hole in your gun’s stock may be required for installation

Bottom Line

One of the best recoil pads for dampening the recoil and preventing muzzle jump. You should check this out if you are experiencing discomfort or soreness from your current recoil pads and want to enjoy shooting once more.   

How to Install a Recoil Pad

Here’s how to install your new recoil pad.

  1. You’ll need a bit of Vaseline and a Phillips screwdriver. Apply the Vaseline onto the screwdriver to help lubricate it. Make sure the screwdriver is in good condition.

  2. Unscrew the factory recoil pad. This might not be necessary for some models, but if your Remington 870 came with a factory recoil pad, you’ll need to remove it.

  3. Remove the screws from the factory pad, then insert them into the new recoil pad.

  4. Apply Vaseline on the screwdriver again and gently tighten the screws on the recoil pad to join it to the gun’s stock.

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