Best Stocks for Remington 870 – Complete Buyer’s Guide for 2024

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August 26, 2023

With summer right around the corner, most gun-users will be looking forward to some range-time, competitions, and league shoots.

To ensure the best shooting experience, however, you need to choose a shotgun that best suits your intended shooting style (the Remington 870 is a popular choice nowadays) and to make sure that it fits properly. 

This can be done by making certain adjustments such as changing the stock which is what we will be discussing in this article.

We will also review a few market products in order to find the best stock for the Remington 870 and similar models.

Comparison of the Best Remington 870 Stocks 

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Buttpad included for superior recoil reduction
  • Rubberized pistol grip included for better control
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  • Pistol grip included for additional stability
  • Telescoping feature included for adjustments
  • Made from high-quality molded polymer, aluminum, and steel
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  • Made from high-quality polymer
  • Adjustable length of pull and cheek risers
  • Fits most 12 and 16 gauge Remington 870 shotguns
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  • Designed to fit 12 gauge shotguns
  • Rubber and polymer construction for durability
  • Overmolded for better grip and shock absorption
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  • Ergonomic pistol grip
  • Six adjustable positions
  • Recoil reduction system included
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  • Chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" shotgun shells and slugs
  • Designed with a fixed choke and equipped with a durable reinforced polymer stock
  • NO NFA registration or tax stamp required for purchase
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  • Scratch-resistant camouflage included
  • Designed to fit 12 gauge or 16 gauge Remington 870 shotguns
  • Made from high-quality all-weather fiberglass-reinforced polymer
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How to Fit a Shotgun Stock Properly

Before making permanent changes to your stock, it's essential that you perfect your mount and gain consistency through practice.

Fitting a gun requires a safe area and a target at eye level, preferably 16 yards away. After shouldering your gun, you need to check the length of its pull, which is done by observing the top of the comb. 

The distance between the rear of your trigger hand and your nose should be approximately 1.5 inches. Use your support hand to check.

If the space in-between exceeds the 1.5-inch mark, the stock needs to be trimmed and if its too small, an extended butt pad or shims need to be added.

Next, check for the fit of the comb height. Ideally, when you shoulder your gun, the rib should be unseen with the front and central bead perfectly aligned.

If the front bead is above the center bead, your comb needs to be dropped or visa versa.

Last, check the cast, which is the side-to-side angle of the stock relative to the barrel.

If the front bead isn’t perfectly in line with the rib, shims need to be added to get a better cast. Once the shim is placed, repeat the previous tests to check if alignment has been corrected.

Stock fitting is an art and any experienced professional will advise you to shoot with temporary adjustments for six months before making permanent changes.

How to Choose a Shotgun Stock

Finding a shotgun stock will be something that can be a little difficult. But rest assured, knowing how to distinguish a great one from a stock that is ineffective and crappy in quality is important. This way, you are investing in value rather than throwing money away. Here’s how you can choose a Remington 870 stock of your own:


Obviously, if you’re a budget shopper, the price is something you look at first. But it shouldn’t be the only reason why you choose the stock itself. If you are on a budget, you should consider investing in the best quality and performance you can afford. Even if it means spending a little higher on the budget scale, you’re investing in better performance. You won’t get that if you decide to go down the “cheap” route.


The best stocks are usually the ones made with high-quality materials. Durability and high-quality materials go hand-in-hand. But that doesn’t stop there. Synthetic materials are more likely to reduce felt recoil and shock much better than wood stocks. However, some wood stocks have improved over the years in terms of that ability. If you find a stock, find one that has the best materials included like rubber, polymer, or other synthetic materials.


Each stock that we’ve chosen on this list will be easy to install, so you won’t have to invest in a professional to install the stock for you. A great drop-in stock will take you minutes to install while using the right kind of tools. Why pay more and waste time with a professional when you can do it yourself?

Reviews of the Best Stocks for Remington 870

The following is a list of the six best stocks available on the market for the Remington 870. As you go through each one, note the characteristics and features so you can find one that sticks out as one of the best. If you find one you think will serve you well in the long-run, do a bit more in-depth research on it and make a decision. 

Now that we've identified how to fit a stock properly and have reviewed a variety of stocks, we're going to move onto the review portion of our article. With this, we'll be outlining each product's main features, then discussing a handful of pros and cons. Let’s begin by taking a look at the first stock on our list:

Best Overall:
Mesa Tactical Urbino Buttstock


  • Very little recoil
  • Excellent fit, slip-proof
  • Controllable and maneuverable


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report  

A lot of recent buyers were pretty happy with the stock for a few reasons. One, it reduced a great amount of recoil and shock (most reporting it immediately happening after installation). The stock is built tough and allows for not only reduced recoil but better control, as well. One user said the pistol grip came quite in handy on days when he was out hunting and caught in nasty weather. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This stock has a pretty rugged, but genius design. The inclusion of the pistol grip is one of the main reasons why this stood out to us. It’s unusual for something like a Remington 870 stock to have this. But the better you control your shotgun, the better the chance you are able to knock down a hunting target or hit close to the bullseye with such precision and accuracy. This stock gives you complete control at any given time.

This pistol grip stock is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon polymer with a short length of pull, making it easy to shoulder and operate.

The grip provides a secure grasp and offers excellent control. The stock comes with a removable, five position cheek-riser, recoil pad, and shock absorbing padding on the back-strap.

The riser makes it easy to use optics, while maintaining a solid cheek weld. Attachment options Include a 1¼" slot rear sling loop and a QD sling swivel stud on the underside.

Who Will Use This Most 

This will likely be a stock that will benefit hunters most. But it will definitely have its uses for those who want to shoot clay pigeons or paper targets, as well. No matter the purpose, you’ll get a good amount of recoil reduction, plus the opportunity to give yourself total control over your shotgun. If stability and durability are a must, this stock will be your best possible option.

Bottom Line

The Mesa Tactical Urbino Tactical Stock is a standout favorite on the market. Its design is perhaps one of the major features that makes it popular for new users. And since it’s made from synthetic materials, it has the potential to last you quite a while. Consider this a stock that you’ll probably keep around for the long-term.

Recommended for those who typically wear body armor or are looking for added comfort, this high-quality butt stock offers outstanding weapon control, maneuverability, and a good cheek weld.

 LEO Recoil Reducing Buttstock Kit, Rem 870


  • Fits excellent
  • Classic AR design
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable length-of-pull
  • Recoil reducing version available


  • None

What Recent Buyers Report  

Many new buyers had something to be happy about with this stock. They managed to adjust this to their preferred length-of-pull so they can easily operate their shotguns. Installation was a breeze and took minutes for most users. New buyers have reported an immediate reduction in recoil after installation and as a result, better control and accuracy for them. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

One of the things that stood out was the stock’s ability to adjust. It has a telescoping feature, making it adjustable for a better reach. A shotgun’s fixed length-of the-pull may make it difficult for most users. So making the stock adjustable so it’s better fitting for most users is the goal here. If you have long struggled with using your Remington 870 due to the length-of-pull, suffer no longer. You have a stock that will get rid of the problem in a matter of minutes.

This model comes with a telescoping, five-position butt stock and aluminum receiver adapter bolts.  

A great feature built into this stock is the Hogue-overmold rubber pistol grip with palm swells, which gives users better control by reducing recoil shock. The stock comes in two options:

Basic Law Enforcement

This model uses a lowered butt stock and can be used with the original shotgun bead or iron sights. With this, while a four-position stock allows adjustment of length-of-pull from 10½" to 13½".

Recoil Reducing Model

This model uses a hydraulic energy absorber to reduce recoil by as much as 70%, making it very comfortable to use. The length-of-pull adjusts from 11½ to 14½-inches and five locking positions.

Both models include one push-button swivel that fits sockets on either side of the receiver adapter.

Who Will Use This Most 

This is a great general-purpose stock. So if you hunt, target shoot, or use your Remington 870 for the purpose of self-defense, this stock will work hard to make sure you get more control, less recoil, and better usability. Once you’ve installed this and put it to the test, you probably won’t regret purchasing this stock.

Bottom Line

The Mesa Tactical Telescoping Buttstock Kit is one such buttstock that will have its uses. It’s certainly a godsend for those who have struggled with using a shotgun due to a not-so-great length-of-pull. The struggle ends here with a stock you can easily adjust. High in quality and resistant to all kinds of bad weather and damaging elements, this stock is built for long-term reliable service.

All-in-all, this product is a a solid stock for your Remington 870 as it offers a firm grip and extra control when shooting. The reduced recoil model is great for tactical and hunting, overall reducing recoil by nearly 70%.

Best for the Money: 
Magpul MAG460-BLK SGA Buttstock, Remington 870, Black


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable length-of-pull
  • Easy removal and replacement


  • A bit expensive

What Recent Buyers Report 

Right out of the gate, this stock received so many high remarks from new buyers. A lot of them said this stock literally shortened their length-of-pull, thus making their shotguns a lot more user-friendly. On top of that, they said it was much more comfortable than their old stocks in terms of recoil resistance and overall handling. One user said he isn’t in much pain using this stock compared to the old one he had, which would consistently beat on his shoulder.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This stock has a simple design and that alone is enough to make the installation process a breeze. It’s also adjustable to fit your needs so you can be able to better handle your shotgun without having to struggle. This stock is useful in many applications, so if you want instant recoil reduction and better control, this might be what you need.

Who Will Use This Most 

This stock will certainly be a great choice for many hunters and target shooters that love their Remington 870. This is also for those who don’t care much for fancy and complicated designs. They want something that is simple and adjustable on the fly. If that’s what you want in a stock (other than the benefits you’ll get out of it), this might be the model you’ll end up choosing.

Bottom Line

The Magpul once again comes through in the clutch, providing users with a reliable and easy to use stock for the Remington 870 shotgun. Don’t be surprised that you get a ton of benefits the minute you install this. Better control, less recoil, and a better length-of-pull is what you’ll get. If that’s what you want, get this Magpul stock.

4. Hogue Remington 870 Stock/Forend Set, 12-Ga. Overmolded Shotgun Set


  • Recoil cushioning
  • Ambidextrous palm swell
  • Weatherproof and non-slip


  • Recoil pad does not completely marry with the stock

What Recent Buyers Report  

A lot of new buyers were impressed with the simple design. Because of that, they said the installation was a cinch. After the installation, they said they noticed an instant change in recoil. Most of the recoil was reduced by 60 percent on average. One user even said he was impressed with the buttstock allowing him as much total control as he originally expected.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This has a rubberized overmold designed for one thing: to absorb the shock associated with recoil. Rubber is an excellent shock absorber, so you’ll have plenty of it so you can have the best control and comfort possible. If you want a stock where felt recoil and shock are minimal or even non-existent, then you’d be insane to pass up the opportunity to give this puppy a closer look. You’d be quite satisfied with what you’ll get out of it.

This fiberglass-reinforced, polymer shotgun stock is both durable and designed for a sure grip.

It includes a recoil-cushioning butt pad, an integral, sling-swivel stud, and complete comfort.

The stock is available in standard or with a 12" length-of-pull for use with body armor or smaller shooters.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be an excellent stock to upgrade to if you are just starting out with the Remington 870. The factory default stocks will probably be a bit too much for the newbie user on account of the shock and recoil it might fail to absorb. So if you are planning on using a Remington 870 for the first time and want to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, you’ll want a stock like this to add on.

Bottom Line

The Hogue Overmolded Shotgun Stock and Forend Set is the real-deal for newbie users. Its over-molded design will certainly be a relief to a lot of them. Even if you’ve used your Remington 870 for years, you can still use it if you want something different. If you hate shock and recoil as much as the next person, this stock will certainly be a standout option for you.

This product ensures a sure grip and is great for use in less forgiving conditions. The recoil reduction and built-in sling-swivel make it convenient and comfortable to use for both tactical and home defense purposes.

5. BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stock, w/Recoil Suppression Technology


  • Comfortable
  • Easy installation
  • Eliminates flinch from recoil


  • Cheap feeling forend

What Recent Buyers Report  

A lot of buyers were impressed with the overall design of this stock. They managed to install this within ten minutes. Once it was placed on their Remington 870 shotguns, they tested it out at the range. One user said the adjustments were easy as pie and the pistol grip allowed him to get an even better handle on the shotgun despite the insanely reduced amounts of recoil.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This stock is perfect for those that want to keep recoil to a minimum. And as a result, it will allow users to keep a good steady handle on their shotguns. Even better, it’s designed to customize the length of pull and make your Remington 870 a lot more useful. The stock is resistant to all kinds of bad weather and damaging elements like oil and solvents. So it’s an accessory that’s built to last and is a major convenience for any user that is tired of the factory default stock that delivers nothing but misery.

The Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps Gen III Stock model incorporates dual-recoil compensation systems and has six adjustment positions. With this, it's compatible with receiver mounted shell carriers.

It reduces recoil felt by up to 80%, reduces muzzle rise, and eliminates cheek-slap.

The improved ergonomics and six adjustment positions allow a shooter of any stature to enjoy their Remington 870 with comfort.

This stock is easy to install and comes with a perfectly molded pistol grip, an integral hand stop in the forend, and a Picatinny-style accessory mount. It offers several sling mounting locations too, for easy carry.

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be an excellent stock for those who want less recoil, easy adjustments, and overall a shotgun that has a customizable length-of-pull to make any Remington 870 frustration-free. This stock will never steer you wrong in terms of quality and reliability. So it’s the perfect stock for anyone that holds those two characteristics to a higher standard.

Bottom Line

The BlackHawk Knoxx Specops Gen 3 Shotgun Stock will certainly be one of the favorites for Remington 870 users in search of a new stock. The features and benefits that come along with this should not be overlooked. It’s the complete package if you want something to keep recoil at bay and make using your Remington 870 shotgun a lot more comfortable.

Overall, this is one of the best models available if you want to minimize recoil. It also boasts reduced cheek slap thanks to the straight cheek weld and adjustable length-of-pull.

6. Shockwave Technologies Raptor Grip for Remington 870


  • Great looks
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces recoil
  • Comfortable grip


  • Awkward to aim with
  • Length of pull slightly long

This polymer pistol grip is suitable for home defense and perfectly fits the Remington 870.

The design of the raptor grip is new and unique, reducing recoil while being comfortable and sleek.

Sling swivel studs can be inserted by drilling a small hole at any point in the grip. It has an ergonomic, no-slip grip, and is made of durable material.

Bottom Line

This product comes highly recommended and is versatile. While the stock is well liked by those who've used it firsthand, it can be awkward to use at times.

Since there's no shoulder support, some users may find it difficult to adsorb recoil properly. Though, its high-quality construction and unique design has it favored by many. 

7. Interstate Arms Corp Remington Realtree Hardwood APG 870

No products found.


  • Pretty much indestructible
  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Reduces recoil almost instantly
  • Resistant to scratches and abuse
  • Installs in about 10 to 15 minutes tops


  • Some say it can use a bit of trimming
  • May take some milling and additional fitting
  • Some have complained about gaps in between the stock and the shotgun after installation

What Recent Buyers Report  

Most of the new buyers were budget shoppers that hit the jackpot. A high-quality buttstock at an affordable price? Indeed it is according to these new buyers. They managed to install this in minutes. At the same time, they instantly noticed reduced recoil and lightness in weight. One user said for a “budget” stock, he got a lot more than what he paid for. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The material of this stock is a polymer made from reinforced fiberglass. It’s probably the reasons why it’s considered one of the most durable (if not indestructible) Remington 870 buttstocks on the market. So if you are looking for a stock that will literally last you a long time, this might be a worthy candidate. And for the price that it’s going for, you’re literally looking at a brand new sports car being sold at a ridiculous price. So it’s a steal for the ages. 

This product features a length-of-pull adjustment, recoil-reducing butt pad, and a variety of other great aspects.

One of the best advantages of this stock is its ease when it comes time to install. This is a high-quality stock and is sure to help you have more control over your shotgun, perfect for hunting or shooting at the range.

Due to its economical deign, this model reduces fatigue and minimize the risk for wrist pain. With this, all the required tools for installation are included with your purchase. 

Who Will Use This Most 

This will likely be used for multiple purposes. But it can handle a good amount of high-stress situations like home defense and tactical applications. Simply put, if you want a stock for your Remington 870 that will probably last you a lifetime, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything else quite like this on the market. 

Bottom Line

The Remington Realtree Hardwood stock from Interstate Arms will certainly stand out as one of the best stocks in terms of quality. It’s pretty durable and easy to install. Once you tack that sucker onto your shotgun, you’ve turned it into a beast that cannot be beaten. If you are upgrading your Remington 870, you should choose this stock, in particular, if you want something to last you quite a long time.

Although cheaper alternatives are available, this product is worth the price. It brings users immense control while shooting. With its sleek design, recent buyers also report that it looks great when compared against OEM models. 

Types of Shotgun Stocks

There are tons of shotgun stock options, but for the sake of maintaining brevity, we will be focusing on just the following four:


As the one of the most common styles, traditional stocks feature a curved semi-pistol grip and feel natural. It points naturally and tends to keep the firing hand positioned along the line of the bore. Keep in mind, this configuration is ideal for most applications.

One issue with traditional stocks is that they tend to be towards the longer side and are rarely adjustable.

Pistol Grip

Usually found on tactical style shotguns, the nearly vertical grip of this stock allows for better leverage than the traditional stock.

Single-handed control is good, which makes reloading the rifle easier and there are many configuration options available. Compared to standard stocks however, the fit of the pistol grip may not be eye-level.

Pistol Grip Only (PGO)

PGO shotguns are manufactured with non-existent or extremely short stocks, which allows for better use during close quarters and provides ease of use when storing.

However, the trade-off is often related to accuracy and speed. Reloading can be difficult, due to its weight.

Magpul SGA

A cross between traditional and pistol grip stocks are SGA stocks. Their grip is sharply angled to feel like a pistol grip, but they are positioned closer to the line of the bore.

This grants extra leverage to the user. The SGA stock is also adjustable for comb height and length-of-pull to accommodate different-sized shooters.


We hope you're able to choose a stock accessory to best fit your shooting needs and hence, provide you with an enhanced shooting experience.

One thing to keep in mind is that you should become consistent in your gun mount before making any alterations to your gun and then practice with temporary adjustments for a few months before making permanent changes.

We wish you the best of luck shooting with your Remington 870!

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