Best Shooting Bags For 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

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December 30, 2021

Sometimes it's a good idea to use some kind of shooting aid to help steady your shot, whether at the range or out in the field. Shooting bags are one great way of accomplishing this.

Welcome to our guide examining the very best shooting bags available today.

Comparison Chart of the Best Shooting Bags

  • Made of tough 600 denier polyester that will last.
  • Comes with a quick connect feature for easy carry.
  • Available in both filled and unfilled options for easy shipping.
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  • The two bag system clips together for easy transportation.
  • Suede surfaces grip your firearm and help reduce felt recoil.
  • Comes in four styles to match your unique shooting conditions.
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  • The multi-layered donut base ensures a stable shooting position.
  • The quality is covered by Edgewood's unlimited lifetime warranty.
  • Comes with a large handle for easier transportation and positioning.
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  • The base of the bag is both water resistant and anti-slip.
  • Heavy duty stitching guarantees that these bags will not leak.
  • Made with 100% top grain bison leather that will last forever.
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  • Made with 1000 denier nylon that will last forever.
  • Sealed with zippers making it easy to top up the filler.
  • Has a great old school design with updated materials.
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  • Has a surface that will grip your firearm for stable shooting.
  • Comes either filled or unfilled to make shipping more efficient.
  • The unique polyester will last forever without stretching or snagging.
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How to Choose a Shooting Bag

It's always best to go with a well-known, established, and reputable brand when choosing any firearms accessory. A proven and well-reviewed model is also what you want to look for. Some shooting bags that are made in China, for example, are made with low-quality nylon or other materials.

The best bags are made in the USA by veteran-owned companies and are designed by avid shooters who know what you need. To some degree, the design of the best shooting bag for you will depend on the type of shooting you do. Nevertheless, your top priority should be to find an option constructed of quality materials.

Some come filled with sand or a more advanced, lighter weight filling material. Great shooting bags will have an effective shape, a stable base, and a grippy surface to hold your gun in place. Water resistance is also a key feature.

Review of the Best Shooting Bags

Not all shooting bags are created equal. With so many products on the market, choosing the best one can be confusing. Luckily, we've got you covered; follow our guide below to the best options available.

Best Overall:
Caldwell DeadShot Front and Rear Shooting Bags


  • Constructed of rugged 600 denier polyester that will last forever.
  • Ships with a quick connect feature for easy carry and transportation.
  • Available in both filled and unfilled options for easy shipping and customized fill.


  • Not the cheapest option on the market.

Caldwell is a Missouri company that makes some great firearms accessories. They are part of the American Outdoor group owned by Smith & Wesson. With the shared expertise of one of America's greatest firearms makers and its family of accessories brands, Caldwell definitely knows what it's doing.

Their Deadshot line of shooting bags is incredibly practical for steadying your shots in practically any conditions. They are both functional and affordable. They are made of rugged and water resistant 600 denier polyester that will last a lifetime.

Given their resilience, they perform well on nearly any shooting surface. The front shooting bag is the largest in the industry at about eight pounds. These come with a quick connect feature that makes transportation easy.

Even if you just have a few seconds to set up your shot, these will do the job exceptionally well. You can select between both filled and unfilled versions. These features are what make the Caldwell Deadshot shooting bags the best option on the market. Extremely durable and quick to deploy, you can't beat this option for setting up a stable shot.

Bottom Line

This is a truly exemplary product. The top features of these shooting bags are the tough polyester and the quick connect feature. The unfilled option is also great for shipping. This is one purchase you won't regret.

Champion Steady Bags Large Bench Rest Shooting Bag, Filled


  • Two bag system clips together for easy portability.
  • Available in four styles to work best with your unique shooting conditions.
  • The suede surfaces grip your firearm and contribute to reducing the felt recoil.


  • Not the cheapest option on the market today.

Champion is a Minnesota company that is part of the Vista Outdoor group, which includes such great companies as Bushnell and Federal Premium. These shooting bags are a modern-day reworking of a classic design. They have an extra hardy construction with suede surfaces for the best possible grip on your firearm.

Inside, these shooting bags feature an innovative lightweight filler that makes them much easier to pack around than your classic sand. Not only are they very functional and effective, but they also look cool with a fetching two-tone design. The bags come in matched rear and front pairs that clip together for easy portability.

These come in four styles to match any kind of shooting conditions you may experience. If you need a really durable, long lasting set of shooting bags that are light to carry around and aesthetically pleasing, this is an excellent option. The lightness makes this an easy item to ship, especially if you want to send a great gift to any special shooter in your life. Champion has done a fabulous job here.

Bottom Line

This is another fantastic option at a good price. The top features of these shooting bags are the grippy suede surface, the variety of styles, and the clippable two bag system. These are attractive bags that any shooter will love.

Best for the Money:
Edgewood Shooting Bags - Edgewood Grab Handle Bags


  • Ships with a large handle for effective transportation and positioning.
  • Multi-layered donut base guarantees that you get a stable shooting position.
  • High quality of these bags is backed up by Edgewood's unlimited lifetime warranty.


  • Stitching may start to fray after five years of heavy use.

Edgewood is run by Jack Snyder from Albuquerque, New Mexico. These are great bags for bench rest shooters. These come unfilled, so you will have to fill them with sand yourself. Once filled, they weigh between ten and fourteen pounds. They take up about six by ten inches of table space.

These shooting bags are made of reinforced leather sides with a beefy nylon top and ears. The multi-layered donut base sits firmly on the table and prevents any rocking or other movement. These are great quality products designed to last a lifetime.

The handles were designed specifically for F-class shooters. These are great for varmint shooters because the handle helps you move to different firing locations quickly and easily. Edgewood guarantees their bags forever.

The great looks, portability, and rugged construction make these a great choice for any shooter. The quality simply can't be beaten and the sizing options let you choose the ideal setup for your shooting conditions. The great unlimited guarantee is a testament to the quality and satisfaction you will experience.

Bottom Line

The top features of these shooting bags are the handle, the tough construction and the stable base. The outstanding warranty also takes the worry out of pulling the trigger.

4. BenchMaster Rifle Rest Bison Leather Shooting Bag


  • Heavy-duty stitching ensures that these bags will never leak.
  • Constructed with 100% top grain bison leather that will last a lifetime.
  • Base of the shooting bag has both water resistant and anti-slip features.


  • Occasional quality control issues.

Benchmaster has been around since 1988 and is based in Pennsylvania. This is a veteran-owned company that makes all of their products here in the USA and backs them up with a one year warranty. These top quality shooting bags are made of soft 100% top grain bison leather for a classic all-American touch.

The leather is supple and will never wear down, no matter how much punishment you put it through. The stitching is rock solid to prevent leaking its filling in the long term. These come with a special spout that makes them very easy to fill.

One of the benefits of an unfilled shooting bag is that you can customize which fill you use for your own weight and stability preferences. The bottom of this product is water resistant and anti-skid for the most stable shooting position.

These are luxuriant shooting bags that feel high quality to the touch and perform more than admirably. Whatever conditions you face, this is a top-quality and rewarding option to use. It is sure to attract looks at the range.

Bottom Line

These are very stylish and effective shooting bags that anyone would be proud to take to the range. Their top features are the top grain bison leather, the great stitching, and the solid base.

5. Crosstac Shooters Kneeling Roll Shooting Rest Bag


  • Constructed with 1000 denier nylon that will last for a lifetime.
  • Features a classic and stylish old-school design with updated materials.
  • Sealed with zippers, making it easy to top up the fill material.


  • Not the cheapest option out there.

Crosstac is a great little company out of Colorado. As the name implies, their Kneeling roll is specifically designed for shooting from the kneeling position. It is made to go under the top of your ankle and above your foot for outstanding support.

It also works great as an all purpose rough and ready shooting bag. This is an affordable option that is easy to grab and deploy in any situation. This is a great option if you like old-school sandbags but want something that doesn't weigh as much.

The versatility of using it as either a kneeling roll or a standard shooting bag is outstanding. The 1000 denier Cordura is a light and rugged material. It will stand up to whatever shooting surfaces and punishment you subject them to.

These seal with zippers, making it easy for you to adjust the fill to your liking. All seams have been double stitched for durability. The build quality is backed up by a lifetime warranty. All Crosstac products are completely made and assembled in the USA.

Bottom Line

These are very cool bags that really do the job. The top features of this product are the very reliable 1000 denier nylon, the zipper fill openings and the great classic design. You will get dozens of years of satisfying use out of these bags.

6. Caldwell TackDriver Shooting Bags


  • Available in either filled or unfilled versions to make shipping more efficient.
  • Special polyester will last for a lifetime without ever stretching or snagging.
  • Features a special surface that will grip your firearm for the most steady shooting.


  • Less stable than a two bag system.

Caldwell is a great company ultimately owned by Smith & Wesson. Their TackDriver line of shooting bags is exceptionally easy to use and functional. These single piece units perform as well as, if not better than, an old-school pair of bags.

They are exceptionally portable and great both for shooting from the bench or marksmanship in the field. The surface grips tightly to your firearm and helps to reduce felt recoil. The surface is also completely harmless on your rifle's finish.

The material used is a special polyester that does not stretch or sag. The non-slip bottom gives you great stability in any shooting position. These come either filled or unfilled and work with nearly any long gun out there.

For sheer versatility, this single bag setup is hard to beat. The unfilled option is ideal if you have access to your own sand or other fill, or if you want to order this item as a gift for someone else. This is a great affordable option that works with any long gun and practically any shooting surface.

Bottom Line

These are fantastic shooting bags. Their top features are the unique, grippy surface, the effective polyester construction, and the fill options. Whether you want to choose your own fill material or just want to get straight to firing your gun at the range, these are an outstanding choice.


No matter what you need or prefer, we're sure that you will find the best option for you on our list. A good shooting bag will keep you shooting steady in any environment and will last a lifetime. Whatever model you choose, remember to shoot safe and have fun.

People Also Ask

There are no dumb questions, and if you are new to shooting you probably have many of them. Shooting bags are a pretty straightforward accessory, but there are still a few things you should know. Knowledge is power!

Do All The Bags Come Filled?

Many manufacturers offer their shooting bags in either filled or unfilled versions. Some only offer one or the other. If you are ordering online, unfilled bags are probably a lot cheaper to ship. Unfilled bags also give you the option of choosing your fill material.

What Materials Are the Best Fit Inside The Shooting Bags?

The most common material for this purpose is sand. It is easy to come by and does the job very well. However, sand is prone to leaking. Grains like rice are sometimes used, but may attract pests. Aquarium gravel is a great option but is slightly lighter than sand. Lead shot also works, but it is a lot heavier.

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