Best Walther P99 Sights of 2024

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September 3, 2023

Having been the official handgun for many law enforcement agencies in Europe, the P99 has earned its reputation as a reliable and effective firearm across the globe. It is still a very loved 9mm handgun on the civilian market and is carried by many people on a daily basis. Sights have a big role to play with the accuracy and efficacy of a weapon.

Whether you have an old pair of eyes, or want a more visible sight to stay ready for SHTF encounters during the dark. Getting a new set of sights for your P99 is undoubtedly a good decision.

Here we’ll review the best available aftermarket sights for the Walther P99. Each of these has been handpicked after deliberate analysis of technical edge and social acceptance. 

Comparison of the Best Walther P99 Sights

  • Orange with white outline tritium paint metal front sight
  • Green with black outline rear metal sight is angled & serrated
  • Works perfectly in day/night and covered by 12 year warranty
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  • Brightest night sights available on the market
  • Green with white outline sights are also perfect for daytime use
  • Easy to install and perfect for duty or tactical applications
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  • Combination of tritium and fiber optic technology for ideal performance
  • Vials/fibres encapsulated and concealed in strong case for durability
  • Low profile design to prevent snagging and resistant to solvents
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  • Bright red laser with remote touch sensor for automatic grip activation
  • Features adjustable laser, battery door and master switch for deactivation
  • Made from high grade polymer and installs easily on the pistol
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  • Fiber optic front sight available in red and green colors
  • Durable steel housing with resin overmold for a perfect and snug fit
  • Optimal sight height and works with several other handguns as well
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  • Fully and easily adjustable rear sight for Walther P99
  • Durable design with black finish and serrate back
  • Fits nice and snug on the pistol and works with factory front sight
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What Purpose Does a Sight Serve

A sight is a set of simple protruded pieces mounted on the top or side or a firearm to provide a point of reference for aiming over a target. Sights can be very simple as just molded pieces of metal (iron sights) or can be very complex (reflex sights).

As far as a Walther P99 is concerned, we’ll be sticking to iron sights which can have some extra features like illumination or adjustments. There are three basic and most important purposes a sight will serve:


Sights allow you to properly aim over a target by delivering a reference point. It allows you to create a sight picture (which looks like a W) by aligning the rear sight with the front sight and the target. Without a sight, the shooter won’t be able to aim at a target properly and will definitely miss for the most part. 


A good sight helps with maintaining the accuracy of the firearm. You can just point and fire the weapon towards any target, but your chances of accurately hitting the spot where you want is only made possible by sights. For example, the early muskets didn’t have sights. So the best show of accuracy was hitting a man-sized target at about 20 yards. 

Improved Acquisition

A good pair of sights will allow you to acquire and aim at a target very quickly. Sights that have illuminated dots or fiber optics will help the shooter to acquire targets easily in low light conditions. Going a step further, laser sights will even provide a POI without the need for looking at the sights. Additionally, these advanced sights are also a supportive accessory for older people with weak eyes or even beginners.

What to Look For When Buying a Walther P99 Sight

Durability and Life

A P99 sight must be durable enough to withstand the harshest shooting conditions and use. It should be strong enough to handle the rubbing against holsters, clothing, or even bare sweaty hands. Sights that have illumination features must have a long service life. Plus it should be backed by a good warranty. 

Ease of Installation

Make sure the aftermarket sights you choose are very easy to install and don’t require you to visit a gunsmith. Fortunately, all the sights reviewed here feature easy installation and can be mounted/dismounted using simple tools.

Holster Compatible 

Sights too-high can interfere with holstering and draw operations. Or even cause injuries while handling. Additionally, extra high sights aren’t very viable for improving or even maintaining accuracy. 

Improved Function - Illumination, Acquisition

Choosing just a simple pair of aftermarket sights isn’t a very wise decision. Spending those extra dollars on a new sight must prove beneficial. So keep an eye out for extra features in new sights like illumination (tritium or fiber optics), or improved acquisition (with lasers).


While this function is not very relevant for handguns. Having an adjustable rear sight is definitely a good extra feature. Since it will help the shooter adjust their aim in uncommon weather conditions or during high precision applications like in competitions. 

Review of the Best Walther P99 Sights

Check out this list of amazing Walther P99 sights that have proven to be very reliable and worthy in the long run. This list includes a variety of different sights to let you find and choose the best for yourself. 

Best Overall:
Trijicon Walther P99/PPQ/PPQ M2 Heavy Duty Night Sight Set


  • Perfect for competitive and tactical use
  • Fits Walther P99, PPQ, and PPQ M2 models
  • Durable metal body with ‘U-notch’ rear sight
  • Silicone rubber cushion base to withstand recoil
  • Warranted for 12 years from the date of manufacture
  • Tritium-phosphor lamp with sapphire jewel and reflective paint for perfect visibility


  • A bit expensive than other sights
  • May need professional installation

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers report a drastic improvement in both day and low-light use of the P99. The sights have tritium filled vials which last for at least 12 years to come. Plus the serrated and angled surface of the rear sight reduces glare, and the reflective paint improves acquisition. The price was a bit high though, but not a problem given its quality.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is the best example of an illuminated sight for a handgun. It doesn’t show any reduction in brightness for years to come and does not need batteries to operate. The front orange dot is highly visible and the sights deliver a perfect picture. The sights have a cushioned bottom to handle impact and work perfectly well in all conditions.

Who Will Use This Most

The sight is perfect for competitive shooters and active-duty officers. Anybody wanting a reliable, durable, and flawless sight for their P99 should definitely choose these sights. Additionally, elderly shooters with weak eyes should also give it a go.

Bottom Line

The tritium based sights are very durable and will last for a long time, without any degradation in function. These sights deliver perfect illumination under all lighting conditions and can be switched among different Walther P models as mentioned by the manufacturer. It is also covered by a 12-year warranty.

Meprolight Tru-Dot Night Sight


  • Bright tritium illumination 
  • Maintenance-free and will work for 15 years
  • Covered by a 12-year warranty for illumination
  • Green color provides perfect picture both day and night
  • Claimed to be the brightest night sights available on the market


  • Takes some time to get accustomed
  • Front sight may require fitting adjustments

What Recent Buyers Report

The sight delivers as advertised and offers perfect illumination in both day and low light conditions. Installation of the front sight may require some minor adjustments, which isn’t a big or common issue. There have been mixed reviews from users regarding POI and POA, as some report the gun to shoot high due to the high rear sight. But it can be adjusted to with time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The sights have been illuminated using tritium, which works flawlessly for at least 12 years to come. These sights are full steel and very easy to install on the handgun. This is a pair, which eventually saves time on searching compatible sights. Additionally, the price also seems apt. 

Who Will Use This Most

These are perfect for defensive carry and range use. We won’t recommend the sights for competitions given the mixed reviews on POI/POA. These sights are also suitable for people who want to experience the efficacy of tritium sights but have a tight budget. 

Bottom Line

These sights cost far less than other common tritium sights and will cover your purchase for years to come. The construction is durable and the green dots are visible easily even during daylight. The white rings over the tritium dots help with the quick acquisition as well. An affordable choice for EDC and range use.

Best for the Money:
TruGlo Brite-Site TFX Tritium Night Sight


  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
  • Unique Tritium Fiber Optic (TFO) technology 
  • Snag-resistant design. Fits standard holsters
  • Impervious to oils, chemicals, cleaning solvents
  • Durable construction with contents secured in vials


  • May require some custom fitting (rare, but happens)
  • Delivers ‘combat sight picture’ rather than normal picture

What Recent Buyers Report

The sight glows well in the dark and is very bright in daylight. Although, low light usage also had some mixed feedback. These sights are very easy to install and extremely tough to tamper with. These sights use a ‘combat picture’ so you have to aim at the target, rather than below it. The machining and fit are just great. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is by far the most secure sight on our list. By secure, it means that the fiber or vials are never going to fall out, even under pressure or tampering. The sights serve their purpose really well and also glow perfectly well in daylight. 

Who Will Use This Most

These sights are perfect for IDPA competitions, EDC (since they don’t snag with the holster), and range use. Elderly people with weak eyes will find it the most comforting. As will youngsters. These sights may feel a bit expensive to budget buyers. But the price sits justified against quality. 

Bottom Line

The TruGlo TFO technology is unique and quite useful. These sights were designed mostly for competitions and tactical use. Their construction is very durable and they perform as expected. Although some people pointed to the different sight picture style. It is still a very good product for your money. 

Best Walther P99 Laser Sight:
ArmaLaser GTO/FLX Finger Touch Red Laser Sight


  • Steady and pulse beam options
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Includes weaver and Picatinny adapters
  • Easy and intuitive aiming under low light
  • Grip touch activation using FLX. Plus a master on/off switch


  • Rendered useless if the battery dies out
  • Laser is not very noticeable in broad daylight

What Recent Buyers Report

Users regarded it as one of the best lasers on this price point. The laser is very small and lightweight, plus installs on the handgun within seconds. The grip activation feature along with a master on/off switch is an amazing feat for users. The FLX mounting strips are a very clever design and can accommodate with any handgun. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The package is very compact and lightweight, so it doesn’t interfere with the gun. The FLX grip activation feature is both intuitive and optional. Which helps conserve battery and turns on only when needed. It can mount both Picatinny and weaver rails and is adjustable for windage/elevation. The strobe mode is also a plus for emergencies. 

Who Will Use This Most

This laser sight is perfect for use in absolute dark, where illuminated sights are almost useless. It is a perfect choice for apprehensive and anxious people who want a more reliable and easy-to-aim alternative for self-defense. Additionally, the sight is also good for survival uses and even practice. 

Bottom Line

The ArmaLaser red laser sight is a small but effective, fully adjustable upgrade for your P99. The grip activated sight conserves power, and can also be used in strobe mode. It is very easy to install, affordable, and covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Best Walther P99 Front Sight:
HiViz Fiber Optic Light-Pipe


  • Also fits Walther PPQ and SW99
  • High visibility fiber optic front sight
  • Available in hi-viz green or red colors
  • Holster friendly design. Resin mold shell 


  • Overmold is not metal. But still quite durable

What Recent Buyers Report

This sight is simple, easy-to-mount, and works as expected. Although some users favored the green variant due to its better visibility during daylight. The front sight is lightweight and the cover on the fiber keeps it highly visible. Some users found it somewhat tall, but that’s because they didn’t read the product description which mentioned is comparable to #4 factory sight. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

This fiber optic front sight is the simplest and most affordable aftermarket sight upgrade you can find for your Walther P99. The visibility with these sights is just amazing and installation is a breeze. 

Who Will Use This Most

This front sight is ideal for people who are looking for an inexpensive front sight replacement. It can be used for EDC, competitions, and indoor range use where lighting conditions are somewhat dim. It is also a suitable option for casual shooters who just want to improve their accuracy. 

Bottom Line

The hi-viz fiber optic front sight is a simple and useful replacement for your factory sights. It will improve target acquisition in both good and low light conditions. While being an inexpensive and reliable option for both dedicated and casual shooters.

Best Walther P99 Rear Sight:
LPA Fully Adjustable Black Serrated Sight


  • Low profile. Doesn’t snag
  • Fits dovetail very nice and snug
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Fully adjustable for windage and elevation


  • Sight channel could be narrower
  • Works only with original front sight height

What Recent Buyers Report

The sight is very durable and the fit and finish are just perfect. It fits the dovetail nice and snug while having a low profile to prevent snagging with the holster. The sight is fully adjustable, which is definitely a plus. The margin was mentioned to be a tad bit wider, but that’s an individual preference. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The feature of this rear sight being fully adjustable is its unique and most impressive proposition. This allows even the most advanced shooter to adjust the pointing metrics as per his/her taste. Even with all this, this sight is extremely affordable.

Who Will Use This Most

This sight is perfect for users who like making adjustments to their windage/elevation calibrations, even on a handgun. Which makes it suitable for competitive shooters and tactical operators. This sight is slightly too advanced for beginners though. 

Bottom Line

The LPA sight features a full metal body and is adjustable for windage and elevation. The sight has a low profile and only works with front sights of original factory height. This is a sight suitable for advanced or overly tactical applications. 

Advantages of Investing in a Quality Sight

Improve Overall Performance

Having a quality sight on your handgun helps you improve your overall performance by improving accuracy. This will be beneficial for competitions, day or night use, training, or even self-defense applications. Laser sights can be overly useful for people in a self-defense situation.

Application-Specific Customization

Different types of sights will be suitable for different applications. For example, a tritium sight is good for light, whereas a laser sight is useful for use in the night. Fiber optics in green are suitable for full-day use, whereas an adjustable sight is good for competitions and tactical applications. 

Suit Weak Eyes

For people who have weak eyesight, night sights or fiber optic sights prove to be an amazing upgrade. These sights allow the shooter to acquire and focus on the target with ease. 

How to Install Sight on a Walther P99

Installing sights on a Walther P99 is quite easy. You don’t even need to remove the slide if the rear sight has to be replaced. However, we’ll follow the normal routine in a step by step process:

Tools you’ll Need: Flat head screwdriver, 3/16" hex screw removal tool. 

  1. Make sure the gun is vacant from ammunition by removing the magazine and checking the chamber.

  2. Push the slide retention tab and remove the slide from the handgun. Keep the barrel and recoil spring aside and focus only on the slide. 

  3. Use the hex tool and unscrew the front sight from the bottom. Take care of this screw as it is very tiny and can be lost easily.

  4. Put on the new front sight and screw it back in place. 

  5. Now moving towards the rear sight. Use the flat head screwdriver to depress the plunger located on the right side of the rear sight. 

  6. While the plunger is depressed, push out the rear sight from the left. Handle the plunger pin with care as it is very small. You can also refer to the video below for detailed instructions.

  7. Slide on the new rear sight and move it until you hear a click from the plunger pin. 

  8. Put the recoil spring and barrel back into place and mount the slide over the frame.

Aim the handgun and check the alignment of the sights. Make any necessary adjustments as needed. 


The Walther P99 is an amazing handgun that is widely used by law enforcement and civilians for self-defense. Adding an upgraded pair of sights to the P99 will help with improving the overall performance of the handgun as well as the shooter. 

People Also Ask

Let’s get answers to some common and important questions associated with buying aftermarket Walther P99 sights. So your money is spent in the right direction. 

How to Adjust Night Sights on a Walther P99?

Adjusting a rear night sight on a Walther P99 will require you to adjust the retention screw that depresses the plunger. Adjust the sight right or left and keep the screw aligned with the plunger to keep the sights in place. The front sights are available in different heights, but you can also get custom shims to get a better fit. 

What Size Front Sight For Walther P99?

Walther P99 handguns come with four front sights marked #3, #4, #5, #6. Where each of them has different heights. You have to consider factors as sight radius, distance from the target, and POI to calculate the right height for your front sight. You can also use an online sight calculator, or you can call their customer support for better assistance. 

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