The Best 10/22 Bolt Upgrades For Your Ruger

Looking to upgrade your Ruger 10/22?

Well, you're in the right place because we are going to talk about the best bolt upgrades you can have from the market. You'll get to know whether 10/22 bolt upgrades are worth your money or not.

We'll also help you to choose the best bolt upgrades by defining their pros and cons.

Best 10/22 Bolt Upgrades Comparison Chart


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Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Competition Bolt Assembly

volquartsent competition bolt assembly

Power Custom Ruger 1022 Match Bolt

Power Custom Ruger 10-22 Match Bolt

Ruger 10-22 Bolt (replacement)

Is Upgrading your Ruger 10/22 Bolt Worth it?

Bolt upgrades are of prime importance to improve the accuracy of your rifle. Many people are quite skeptical about whether bolt upgrades improve accuracy or not.

Well, they do.

Modified bolts reduce the group size of your rifle, thus providing improved accuracy for repeat shots. The modified bolt arrangement is properly radiused and polished which improves cycling. This ensures that the rifle doesn't get much of a jerk while loading new rounds into the barrel.

tighten up your shot with a bolt upgrade

When a cartridge is fired the metal to metal clank is also reduced a bit.

This may not make any considerable difference unless you are aiming for distant targets. These upgrades are for making small gains in consistency and performance, thus affecting the accuracy if your rifle.

The upgraded bolts also have proper head spacing which allows the bullet to feed properly, thus reducing the group size. This also helps in a smoother bolt action while mobilizing the aim of the barrel from the target.

The proper firing pin protrusion ensures optimum firing pin contact with the rim of the case.

The staked area on the top of the 10/22 bolt is there to prevent the firing pin from rising up. But it doesn't work really well in most rifles, and is a big reason for most upgrades.

The upgraded bolts fix this by placing a cross-pin through the bolt and over the top of the firing pin. This prevents the firing pin from rising up.

Upgrading the bolt of the 10/22 provides durability to your rifle in the ways mentioned above. The word 'upgraded' is appropriate, as it does provide an improvement. The new polished bolt adds to the beauty of your rifle as well.

Quick Take - The Best 10/22 Bolt Upgrades

These are our recommendations for the best bolt upgrades for the 10/22:

  1. Kidd Bolt (ebay)
  2. Volquartsen Ruger 1022 Competition Bolt
  3. Power Custom Ruger 1022 Match Bolt

Best Bolt Upgrades For 10/22 Rifles

Now that you've read some of the advantages to upgrading your 1022's bolt, we'd like to present you some of the options.

1. KIDD Bolt Upgrade (Ebay)

This is by far the most loved 1022 upgraded bolt in the market. The bolt screams about its quality and precision because of its CNC machined design.


  • It has proper head spacing which provides a better and flawless feed mechanism.
  • The pinned firing pin provides consistent ignition and prevents the pin from rising up.
  • Radiused and polished for improved cycling of rounds.
  • The package includes a firing pin and an extractor.


  • Price. This upgraded bolt is almost one-third the price of a new Ruger 10/22 rifle.
volquartsent competition bolt assembly

This right handed 1022 ruger bolt upgrade assembly is ready to be assembled with the rifle. The bolt has been designed for right handed users, and carries a shiny blued finish.


  • The case has been hardened to prevent cracking.
  • Round titanium firing pin to prevent misfires.
  • Hardened extractor ensures positive extraction.
  • Includes recoil spring and rod for easier installation.


  • Some issues have been faced
Power Custom Ruger 10-22 Match Bolt

The Power custom Ruger 10/22 match bolt has been manufactured using modern CNC and heat treatment processes. The precision in design reflects in the appearance of this upgraded bolt. It also features a second generation auto bolt stop of improved performance. The bolt is for right handed users and comes in a stainless steel finish.


  •     Highly durable because of the heat treatment manufacturing process.
  •     Weighs less than the original factory made bolt.
  •     Allows the use of both standard velocity and high velocity ammo.


  • Overpriced, compared to its quality.
  • The company name engraved on the bolt doesn’t look cool sometimes.
Replace your Ruger 10-22 bolt

This is a complete bolt assembly for the ruger 10/22 rifle. The assembly includes the bolt body, firing pin, firing pin spring, extractor, extractor spring and plunger. It works with all models of Ruger 10/22 rifle. This bolt assembly can be seen more as a replacement than an upgrade to your Ruger 10/22 bolt.


  • Works with all models of Ruger 10/22
  • Drop in assembly so doesn’t require gunsmith fitting.
  • Works with 10/22 takedown versions as well.
  • Low price.


  • Not an ‘upgraded’ version. You’ll face the issues same as of a standard ruger 10/22 bolt.


Bolt upgrades are eventually useful to improve the accuracy of your 10/22 ruger. If you are more into hunting and precision shooting sports, you should consider upgrading your bolt assembly. If you are happy with the present performance of your rifle, you don't have to bother about spending money on upgrading bolts.

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  1. I WISH the kid bolt was 1/3rd the price… Might need to change that. A Kid bolt that costs 1/3rd the price would be a pro, not a con. I think you mean 3x the price 😀

    • Hi Michael,
      I’m not reading it the same way you are, I guess! It’s 1/3 the price of a new Ruger 10-22, just to switch out the bolt. KIDD has the bolt listed at $99 and Ruger lists the 10-22 carbine at just over $300.

      Did you understand it to mean it’s 1/3 the price of a new bolt from Ruger? There, yeah, it’s 3x.

      Let me know if I just have a mental block on it – I guess I’m not reading it the way you are, but of course I wrote it so I know what I meant to say and maybe can’t see it the way the reader does.

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