Best Taurus G2C Accessories and Upgrades – A 2022 Guide

| Last Updated: March 18, 2022

The Taurus G2C is a compact and affordable handgun designed from the ground up for concealed carry.

It is a great option for both new shooters and seasoned pros looking for something new.

Adding the right accessories to this gun can really help elevate both its performance and its usefulness.

Comparison of the Best Taurus G2C Accessories and Upgrades

  • Made in the USA from high-quality materials
  • Precisely molded to fit Taurus G2C pistols
  • Adjustable retention pressure for a custom feel
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  • Available in either red or green
  • Constructed from durable Dupont Zytel polymer
  • Grip-touch activation for seamless use
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  • Combat veteran-owned company
  • Magnetic charging port makes charging easy
  • 220 lumens of lighting power
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  • Low-cost upgrade for improved grip
  • Available in several grip types and colors
  • Single piece design for maximum coverage
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  • High-impact contrast increases sight visibility
  • Machined and assembled in the USA
  • Adds a truly custom feel to your G2C pistol
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Factors to Consider Before Buying G2C Mods

When you are shopping for Taurus G2C accessories, there are several important factors to consider. Choosing accessories that will enhance the pistol for your needs is vital.

Personal Needs

With a new gun purchase under your belt, it can be extremely tempting to rush into buying a bunch of different accessories for it. However, it is important to step back, take a deep breath, and evaluate your own needs before clicking Buy Now on a cartful of pistol mods. Where will you typically be carrying the pistol? How often will it be unholstered? Will you target shoot for fun on weekends? 

Zeroing on what exactly you need the gun to do well will help you choose a selection of mods that will enhance performance instead of feeling buyer’s remorse on a box filled with unneeded items.

Practical Function

The practicality and function of pistol mods should essentially always take precedence over aesthetics. This is especially true for self-defense weapons. It won’t matter what your gun looks like if it doesn’t function reliably and comfortably. There are some accessories and mods that focus on looking “cool” instead of on working well and these should generally be avoided.

Build Quality

A common trap for new pistol owners is to opt for cheaper mod options. This trap is easy to fall into after spending a hefty chunk of change on the new pistol itself. However, it is a much better idea to include the cost of accessories in the budget for a new weapon so you aren’t spending more than intended or desired.

Buying cheaper accessories or mods typically winds up costing more in the long run due to replacement costs. It only takes having an accessory break or fail under responsible use once before you’ll learn this lesson permanently. Learn it now and save yourself that experience and a ruined day at the range!

Ranking Importance of Your Needs

This factor really ties into both evaluating your needs and build quality. Not all pistol mods are created equally and they certainly are not all just as important to any given shooter.

Taking the time to consider all the factors and creating a list of mods in order of their importance to your own needs and budget is an excellent way to approach the shopping process. Considering the fact that obtaining the best quality of each accessory as possible, this list will become your guiding manifest of sorts as you work your way through selecting and buying mods.

Review of the Best Taurus G2C Accessories and Upgrades

Now that you’ve read over the important factors to consider, let’s dive into the reviews of some of the best Taurus G2C accessories on the market today.

Best Holster for Taurus G2C:
Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster

Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster: fits Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT745 G2c G3c


  • Precision crafted from durable 0.8” Kydex
  • Reinforced belt clip adds a layer of security
  • Full-length sweat guard for all-day comfort
  • Adjustable cant angle for personalized draw style
  • Posi-click retention system offers audible confirmation of proper seating


  • Retention screws can loosen over time
  • Does not accommodate other pistol accessories such as a laser sight


The IWB Kydex Holster from Concealment Express is a great option for any Taurus G2C owner who is looking for an inner waistband holster. Utilizing CAD design and 0.8” Kydex poured over aluminum molds, these holsters are specifically made to securely and comfortably hold the G2C.

It also features an excellent degree of adjustability with both retention strength and cant angle able to be tuned to your specifications. A fiber-reinforced belt clip keeps this holster solidly in place all day.

You will want to look elsewhere if you plan on carrying your sidearm outside the waistband as this one is not designed for OWB carry.

Bottom Line

With features including a full-length sweat guard, adjustable retention and cant angle, a rear sight guard, and an audible retention system, this holster is made in the USA. It can be utilized in an appendix, hip, side, cross draw, palm out back, or palm in back carry configuration which offers shooters a choice in carry position.

Best Laser Sight for Taurus G2C
ArmaLaser TR23 Laser Sight

ArmaLaser TR23 Designed to fit Taurus PT111 PT140 Millennium G2 G2C G2S G3 G3C Red Laser Sight with Grip Activation


  • Convenient battery access door
  • Grip-touch activation; no clumsy buttons
  • Adjustable for both elevation and windage
  • Able to be set to either steady or pulsing mode
  • Master on/off switch for uninterrupted iron sights practice


  • Incompatible with some holsters
  • Point of impact may shift over time


Owners of a Taurus G2C would benefit greatly by adding the ArmaLaser TR23 Laser Sight to their pistol. Vaunted for its brightness, this grip-touch activated laser sight functions well as both a self-defense accessory and a target shooting accessory. Shooters can adjust the laser sight for both elevation and windage to zero in at their desired distance.

Available in either red or green and constructed from durable Dupont polymer material, the TR23 attaches seamlessly to the G2C pistol. Limited holster compatibility and potential for point of impact shift may deter some shooters from this sight.

Bottom Line

The ArmaLaser TR23 attaches seamlessly to Taurus G2C pistols and is available in either red or green. Windage and elevation adjustable, the TR23 can be set to either a steady burn or a strobing effect. The grip-touch activation won’t affect your grip. Make sure your holster is compatible or you may need to invest in a new one.

Best for the Money:
Tacticon Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight

Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight | Strobe Function | Combat Veteran Owned Company | Pistols | Rifles | 220 Lumens | Magnetic Charging | Laser Flashlight Combo for Handgun Pistol Hand Gun | Gun Light


  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Compact size doesn’t diminish power
  • Six settings for situational effectiveness 
  • Magnetic charging port to keep unit powered up
  • Offers flashlight, strobe, and laser in one package


  • Might not stand up to everyday carry
  • Battery life struggles with extended use
  • Point of impact adjustments require Allen wrench


The Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight is a good option for Taurus G2C owners who are looking for versatility in a compact package. Offering a flashlight, a strobing light function, and a laser sight, this adjustable and rechargeable sight can mount on any pistol with a Picatinny or Weaver rail.

With a total of six different setting combinations, the Firefly V2 allows for situational customization. Some shooters may find the requirement of an Allen wrench for adjustments tedious and holster compatibility can also be an issue. The durability for everyday carry may also be lacking.

Bottom Line

The Firefly V2 Flashlight Laser Sight offers plenty of features and is a solid entry-level flashlight for Taurus G2C owners. Compact in size, this flashlight, and laser sight combo is rechargeable via magnetic charger and is equipped with easy to access buttons. The durability of this unit may not stand up to rugged everyday use.

4. Talon Grips

TALON GRIPS for Taurus Millennium Pro PT111/ PT140/G2C


  • Cut-out for Taurus emblem
  • Adds grip without adding bulk
  • Designed specifically for the Taurus G2C
  • Offered in both granulate and rubber textures
  • Made to maintain manufacturer ergonomics and warranty


  • Potential to interfere with weapon draw
  • May leave sticky residue upon removal


For shooters looking for a low-cost upgrade to make to their Taurus G2C pistol, Talon Grips are a great option. Available in either a granulated texture or a rubber texture, these grips are designed specifically for the G2C and offer maximum coverage for a comfortable and secure grip.

The thumb rest area, the area below the trigger guard, and the backstrap are all covered by these grips. Shooters enjoy increased control and reduced muzzle flip when utilizing these grips. Left behind glue residue and possible weapon draw interference are two potential drawbacks.

Bottom Line

These Taurus G2C aftermarket grips are an affordable and easy way to quickly upgrade your pistol for a custom feel. Added grip comfort and control are just two of the benefits that these 0.5mm thick grips offer shooters. Prone to leaving behind a residue if removed, these grips may also interfere with your draw.

5. TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights

TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights for Taurus Millenium G2, 709 Slim, 740 Slim, Black, One Size


  • Compatible with standard holsters
  • Made from high-quality Swiss tritium
  • Fiber optics offer maximum brightness
  • High contrast orange sight ring draws focus
  • U-Notch rear sight for optimum sight picture
  • Protective coating impervious to oils, solvents, and cleaners


  • Requires additional tools to install properly
  • Possibly challenging to install for beginners


The addition of aftermarket iron sights, such as these TRUGLO TFX Pro sights, to a Taurus G2C pistol, gives shooters a custom feel and improved sight picture. Machined and assembled in the USA using Swiss tritium, these aftermarket sights offer maximum brightness. The innovative orange focus ring helps shooters to quickly obtain an accurate sight picture for quick shooting scenarios.

The protective coating on the TFX Pro sights makes them impervious to oils, solvents, and cleaners. Installing these sights can be intimidating to shooters who haven’t done it before. Additional tools help a lot but add an extra cost for shooters to incur.

Bottom Line

Aftermarket iron sights offer shooters one of the largest sources of improvement to their pistol’s ability to perform. The brightness of the TRUGLO TFX Pro sights helps with rapid sight acquisition. Combining high contrast and a U-notch rear sight, the TFX Pros can be a bit of a challenge to install, but the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

Top Brands in the G2C Mods Space

In today’s world of countless online brands and product options, it has become more important than ever to understand the top brands with the best reputations.


The Taurus G2C is a compact pistol meant primarily for concealed carry and self-defense. Having the ability to quickly obtain your target is very important for that type of pistol. Laser sights are one of the best ways to improve target acquisition and ArmaLaser is at the front of the pack.

Their touch-activated laser sights turn on seamlessly when the gun is drawn and offer an intense and bright 635nm laser that is up to five times brighter than 650nm industry-standard lasers. ArmaLaser also offers an impressive five-year warranty on their laser sights to offer shooters peace of mind.

Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear Holsters has built a reputation as being one of the best holster brands on the market today. Not only do they make high-quality products for a huge variety of gun models, but they also offer several benefits to the customer that make their products stand out. These include a forever warranty where Alien Gear will repair or replace any item that breaks at no cost to the customer.

They also offer free gun shell replacements so if you get a new gun model, you can trade-in your old shell for a new one to fit the new gun. The 30-day “test drive” period also allows customers to try out Alien Gear products with no risk. Not up to your standards after 30 days of use? Alien Gear will buy it back with no questions asked.


The TRUGLO brand is known for creating a variety of weapon sights and other optics. Utilizing tritium and fiber optics, their handgun sights offer shooters improved visibility and rapid target acquisition.

Available at an affordable price for most shooters, TRUGLO aftermarket sights are machined and assembled in the United States and are custom designed to fit a wide variety of pistol brands and models. Their low profile design also makes them compatible with standard holsters.

Price Points of Taurus G2C Upgrades

Upgrades and accessories for the Taurus G2C are available in a range of price points that make them obtainable for almost any shooter’s budget.

$25 and Below

Not all Taurus G2C mods need to put a strain on your wallet. There are plenty of worthwhile upgrades that come in at $25 or below. Some of the accessories in this price range include replacement grips, magazine speedloaders, grip extensions, and custom slide cover plates. While they are quite affordable, these mods can still add a custom feel and some improved performance.

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$25 to $100

Some of the best available Taurus G2C mods are found in this price range. Owners of G2C pistols can find high-quality accessories for their guns by spending in this range. These accessories include items such as holsters, laser sights, flashlights, and lock boxes. Having the ability to upgrade your pistol significantly in a reasonable price range is ideal.


For the exceptionally discerning shooter who wants to spend on the highest quality G2C mods available, the $100+ price range offers many options. High-end holsters, extremely durable laser sights, intensely bright flashlights, and aftermarket iron sights are just some of the accessories available in this price range.


The sheer amount of different Taurus G2C mods and accessories can make the buying process overwhelming. However, with a little guidance, the right choices for your shooting needs become more clear. As long as you do your research and planning before making any purchases, you will wind up with an upgraded and highly performing pistol.

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